American Gigolo is a treat to watch. The movie has everything needed to make it an American icon: Richard Gere, Lauren Hutton, expensive Armani suits, sex, soundtrack featuring Blondie, and Mercedes Benz!

American Gigolo Review

American Gigolo (2013 Edition)

Product name: American Gigolo (2013 Edition)


A slick Los Angeles callboy finds love and redemption in Paul Schrader's ultra-stylish drama. High-living prostitute Julian Kay (Richard Gere stepping in for John Travolta) has it all: the Mercedes the clothes access to Beverly Hills' swankiest establishments and a stable of rich older female clients. But it all falls apart after he does a favor for his former pimp (Bill Duke) and the trick turns up dead a short while later; Julian's actual client won't give him an alibi and police detective Sunday (Hector Elizondo) doesn't believe the gigolo's denials. The one person who can help him is frustrated politician's wife (and sole non-paying bedmate) Michelle (Lauren Hutton) if only Julian could let down his defenses and accept her gesture of love.

Mixing his admiration for European art cinema with a voyeuristic view of the seamier side of sex and affluence Schrader renders Julian an inscrutable emotionally disengaged purveyor of pleasure decked out in Giorgio Armani clothes coordinated with Ferdinando Scarfiotti's meticulous production design. Amid critical doubts about its artiness and distanced eroticism American Gigolo surprised everyone by not dying on the box office vine. With some audiences reportedly showing up for repeat viewings of Gere's seductive charms it became a moderate hit turning Gere into a star and Armani into the new fashion sensation.

Whatever reservations one may have about the movie it provided two indelible images of 1980s decadence to come: Gere's perusing his artist's palette of shirts ties and jackets and Gere's cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway in his convertible to the New Wave strains of Blondie's Call Me. Click here for more information!


Special features of this edition:

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Recommended age:

18 and Above (due to the nudity present in the movie)

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* This is a great, classic movie. Richard Gere is one of my favorite actors and Lauren Hutton looks incredibly beautiful in this movie!

* Gere plays the consummate, professional escort in American Gigolo. Which woman wouldn't want to be in his arms? The expensive suits Julian Kaye wears throughout the movie are alone worth the price of admission! And as always, Hector Elizondo owns the role!

* I love Richard's work! This movie is worth watching over and over. I am quite happy with my purchase. Richard Gere can 'Gigolo' me anytime he wants!

* American Gigolo is a treat to watch. The movie has everything needed to make it an American icon: Richard Gere, Lauren Hutton, expensive Armani suits, sex, soundtrack featuring Blondie, and Mercedes Benz!

* I had watched this movie many moons ago and decided to watch it again. It has definitely lived up to its hype!

* This movie may have become a bit dated but I enjoy watching it now as much as I did when it first came out! Richard Gere displayed great talent even at a very young age. Additionally, both the supporting cast and the music are wonderful as well!

* It is the movie that launched the career of Richard Gere. If you want to watch a movie featuring an actor who became famous later on, then this one would be it!

* I had a great experience watching it. It brings wonderful nostalgia with it to the viewer. This movie is like having the 80s culture into a capsule form! The DVD is a bit grainy but that didn't diminish my joy in any manner!

* This is the movie that brought male prostitution out of the closet into the consciousness of the mainstream public! It is also the movie in which a Hollywood actor had, for the first time, shown his frontal parts. I would suggest that you take a cold shower right after watching this movie!

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* This is no doubt a brilliant masterpiece which is ably and professionally directed; however, it doesn't feature Richard Gere's finest performance!

* While I like Richard Gere as an actor, I didn't like this movie. It is so vaguely homo-erotic as to look creepy. I would probably never watch it again!

* This is an okay movie. It got awkward toward the end. It is certainly not one of Richard Gere's finest performances.

* You can call me crazy if you want to but I wasn't all that impressed with this movie. While it is an entertaining movie with an intriguing storyline, it is not an iconic movie of the 80s that I was expecting it to be!

* This is the kind of movie which is bright on the surface but looks shallow and narcissist underneath! The murder mystery is weak at its very core, and Paul Schrader, although managed to generate plenty of suspense, is certainly no Hitchcock for sure! Like Bill Duke's character says, it is hard for anybody, even the audience, to connect with and care for the protagonist of the story!

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I think that Richard Gere is a much maligned actor for no good reason! Of the few Richard Gere movies I have watched so far, I can say that he can deliver the goods when he wants to and the script demands it. This movie showcases some of his brilliant acting talent. As for Lauren Hutton, she may not look beautiful but hey, she is one of those actresses who you watch for their acting talent rather than good looks!

On the minus side, I must say that the chemistry between Hutton and Gere is not all that great - and one of the reasons behind that is that Hutton looks way older than Gere in this movie! Still, this is one of my favorite movies, and if you watch it, it may become your favorite too! The two performances I really liked were that of Bill Duke and Hector Elizondo: it is like they, not the lead actors, own the movie!

Now that I have finished writing this review, I feel an irresistible urge to listen to 'Call Me' by Blondie again!

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The movie's soundtrack contains the following tracks:

1. Theme: Call Me - Blondie
2. Love And Passion - Cheryl Barnes
3. Night Drive
4. Hello Mr. W.A.M. (Finale)
5. The Apartment
6. Palm Springs Drive
7. Night Drive (Reprise)
8. The Seduction (Love Theme)

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Actors: Hector Elizondo, Richard Gere, Lauren Hutton
Directors: Paul Schrader
Format: Color, Dolby, NTSC
Language: English
Subtitles: English
Dubbed: French
Region: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only. Read more about DVD formats.)
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Number of discs: 1
Rated: R (Restricted)
Studio: Paramount Catalog
DVD Release Date: May 23, 2000
Run Time: 118 minutes


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