App, short form video platform zynn looks exactly like tiktok and received a strategic investment from tencent as it takes on the. The nhs covid 19 alert app will be available nationwide in june it's voluntary so those of us with smartphones must decide:, the irs' tracking tool for seeing the status of your economic stimulus check isn't completely straightforward we'll show you. After a much hype debut the excitement around the uk's coronavirus contact tracing app has dipped what happened, the nation's tech community complained that the government was slow to fix glitches while some members of the public have.

Paris ap as france is easing most virus related restrictions next week the french government is confident its, an app is combining weather station data with the traditional knowledge of african farmers to predict droughts. Facebook says its new product experimentation division will launch the app and will be available on ios and android devices, only until recently were indian citizens forced into downloading aarogya setu under fear of arrest however without data. Founder and ceoandrew le talks about the app he made that is helping doctors and patients save time and office visits he, the stopcovid app will supplement work already being done by a french team of human contact tracers who are trying to.

Facebook's new product experimentation team has rolled out a new app called venue which aims to provide an interactive

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