Article Demon's site detector has got a serious issue. In short, its site detector is unable to detect some of the Wordpress article directories!

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Article Demon

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Product SalesPage:


Article Demon is an article submission software tool that submits your articles to a selected number of article directories, filtered by different categories! If you use this tool for your article marketing needs, it is recommended NOT to use it for creating your author accounts; you should create your author accounts manually!


* Create Accounts Automatically

* Seamless Submission From Start To End

* Add Your Own Article Directories

* Scraper

* Article Status Checker

* Ping Your Links

* Contextual Linking For WordPress

* Scheduler

* Article Spinning And Rewriter

* Spin Syntax Error Detection

* Spin Article Into Hundreds Of Unique Versions

* Niche Synonyms Classification

* Preview Spun Article

* Synonyms Harvester

* Accurate Category Selection

* Account and Project Management

* Anti-Bot With Human Simulation

* Faster Submission With MultiThreading

* Proxy Servers Rotation

* Visual Aid

* Seamless Upgrade

Recommended for:

Intermediate and Advanced Article Marketers Who Are Willing to Spend Some Money.


* 32/64bit OS
*Windows XP/Window Vista/Windows 7
*.Net Framework v3.5


Below is a summary of the feedback we gathered from the product's ACTUAL customers:


* I have purchased Article Demon and in my opinion it is the best thing I ever had. I had virtually no problems with it at all!

* Article Demon comes with a huge database of more than 600 article directories. The success rate of article submission is about 80-90%! For me, it is worth the price!

* Article Demon is like a sublime piece of software kit that would do almost everything you want, except for creating linkwheels! The actual publishing rate at present is about 25% but that is not the fault of Article Demon!

* With Article Demon, the management of article directories as well as the entire procedure of submitting articles is much easier compared to Article Marketing Robot!


* Article Demon is no doubt a killer product with a solid support team behind it, but I feel that it is overpriced compared to the similar products available in the market!

* I use Article Demon to submit my own articles. I had submitted my articles to 300 article directories but even after a few months have gone I see that only 9 of them have approved my articles at all, while most of the remaining directories have neither accepted nor rejected my submissions!

* Article Demon's site detector has got a serious issue. In short, its site detector is unable to detect some of the WordPress article directories!

* When Article Marketing Robot actually works it beats the hell out of Article Demon, but the big question is: WHEN? Both softwares are buggy and from what I have heard, Article Demon is not that great either!

* Although I would not say that Article Demon is buggy, it is without a doubt horribly slow!

* With Article Demon, I submitted my articles to 100 directories, out of which 60 submissions were successful, but eventually my articles went live at only 14 directories! I also found the whole article submission process quite slow and tedious. That is why I asked for a refund!

* We have used Article Demon for one year. At first our success rate with it was 70%, which steadily dropped to 50%, then 30%, and now it is virtually negligible! In short, whether we want to create new author accounts or submit new articles, the software has become virtually worthless! It is safe to say that Article Demon is dead, what with the team's dedication to Ultimate Demon that has led to the neglect of this once-powerful tool!


If money and speed are not issues for you then this looks like a product you can try out. The software seems to work for some but not for others, so testing is the only way to find out if it would work for you or not. If it does not work as expected, you can always get a refund! Good luck!

Having said that, I must also add I don't like to submit my article to hundreds of article directories. It's not that I believe in any kind of "Google penalty" (face it, Google won't even index most of these "low quality article directories" anyway, and the high quality ones that Google actually favor have long tightened up their socks enough to make the article submission bots useless); it is because I believe that such mass submission is just useless. On one hand, it generates lots of duplicate content, which in itself is not a penalty, but Google would index only ONE of those 1000s of submissions; so your entire effort just proves to be a waste of time!

Is there a better way? Yep. Submit your articles only to the top article directories, such as:

etc. As a matter of fact, genuine article marketers don't submit content to article directories for backlinks; they do it for EXPOSURE: they do it in the hope that content publishers, big and small, would like their articles enough to reprint them on their respective websites, which in turn would get those article writers tons of backlinks!


About EdwinSoft

We have being using web promotion software since 2004. Most of the software out there became outdated after a few months because the creators simply abandon their software. The 'gurus' created these software with no intention to use or update them.

Many software are rushed to the market and they lack quality and stability. They are either not updated, lack of customer support, or they disappear shortly after.

As a result, EdwinSoft is created in 2006. EdwinSoft = Edwin's Software. We aim to develop applications to help webmasters save time on web promotion.

EdwinSoft has been in business since 2006 and updates are still being provided to our pioneer software (BookmarkingDemon) and it is still the best bookmarking software in the market today.

Our team consists of only people who have a deep passion for creating the best SEO software. Our friendly support team are well known among our users in ensuring that their needs are always answered in a timely manner.

To Your Success!
Edwin Brian


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Refunding Your Purchase:

Open a support ticket with subject "Refund" for the product that you would like to refund, within 60 days of purchase. Input your Order number inside the body of the support ticket.


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