Although I love Article Post Robot, I am getting hammered by viruses throughout the article submission process. At the end of the day, my computer is at the receiving end of these virus attacks!

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Article Post Robot

Product name: Article Post Robot

Product SalesPage:


Article Post Robot is an article submission software tool that submits your articles to a selected number of article directories, filtered by different categories! If you use this tool for your article marketing needs, it is recommended NOT to use it for creating your author accounts; you should create your author accounts manually!


* One-click submission. All you need do is to Click ONE Button ONCE to submit the article to all the article sites you choose.

* For each article site which needs login account, users manage the account by themselves. Article Post Robot only uses the login id and password. Users can use their where readers can find the author's contact information, etc..

* Currently, Article Post Robot has more than 451 article sites and 54 mail lists , which covers a wide range of high Page Rank article sites. The list of the article sites is at here.

* Our development team maintains the list of the article sites and keeps updating the article list. Here is the Article Post Robot Release History. So that users can always maximize the return of their effort.

* Rotate Title, Summary, Article Body and Author Resource. So that, users do not need worry about Duplicate Content Problem any more.

* Add article sites to the software. So that, the actual number of sites that article post robot works for can be many more than 451 (depends on how many sites you add);

* Notification about latest software update--users will always have the latest version.

* Full-time technical support tech who will be glad to answer all your questions.

Recommended for:

Intermediate and Advanced Article Marketers Who Are Willing to Spend Some Money.


Windows Vista, XP Home Edition or Professional Version, Windows 2000 (SP3);.NET Framework 2.0


Below is a summary of the feedback we gathered from the product's ACTUAL customers:


* Given the amount of time it saves you, I think that Article Post Robot is worth every penny, IF you can afford to invest in it, that is! Make sure you have a good antivirus installed on your computer while running this software!

* The backlinks created by submitting articles via Article Post Robot counts more with Bing and Yahoo than with Google, but even that can offer you a minor boost in SERP results. More importantly, I love the fact that using the software is quick and easy!

* I test any new thing before recommending it and I must say that Article Post Robot is the most superior article submission tool I have ever used! To me it is worth the price tag!

* As far as I am concerned, the time Article Post Robot saves me as well as the fact that I can add my own custom niche article directories to its database, make it worth the money!

* Article Post Robot is a very good program that saves me a lot of time. All I have to do is to spend a couple of minutes entering my article, selecting the directories I want to publish my article to, and click to start the submission process! The good thing is that my article gets submitted to numerous directories without any additional work on my part!

* This is one great piece of software if you want to get your articles noticed. I use it whenever I want my articles to get published all over the web. Don't worry about the price: the revenue it has helped me generate has more than recouped my investment on the software!

* The program is expensive no doubt, but at the same time it is a huge time saver! I am quite satisfied with the results!

* I have purchased a lot of automated article submitters but Article Post Robot proved to be the best of the bunch - in that compared to others, it has helped me get higher search engine rankings and more users!

* This article submitter simply rocks! It has helped me generate a daily traffic of 300-400 unique visitors, which in turn has boosted my affiliate income!

* Article Post Robot does exactly what it says! I have been using it for the past two years and am still amazed at how easy it is to use this software!

* This is one of the best automation tools available out there. It is great for you even if you want to submit your article to several of your own blogs. Bottom line, if you want targeted traffic, then I would highly recommended Article Post Robot!


* Using Article Post Robot is a bit tedious. Given that it has hundreds of article directories in its database and you have to manually create each account means quite a lot of work for you in the beginning! But even all that effort is useless because a lot of the article submissions I do never actually make to the publishing stage!

* Although I love Article Post Robot, I am getting hammered by viruses throughout the article submission process. At the end of the day, my computer is at the receiving end of these virus attacks!

* The performance of this software is nowhere near what was promised on the salespage. Out of the 60 article directories I submitted to, half of the submissions did not even get completed! Ultimately, after getting frustrated, I asked for a refund but am yet to get it even after 5 days! Bottom line, it is backed by poor support and a refund guarantee that you cannot rely on.

* There is no doubt that this is good product that works and saves you time, but you can get much better products for as little as $47!

* Even though I have not used Article Post Robot, I can tell you right away that it just SUCKS! How do I know? Because it is a software program and thus, the article submissions lack human intelligence. Have you ever looked at their salespage? If these guys cannot even be bothered to hire a decent copywriter to get their salespage written, just imagine what their product is going to be like! I would say: don't bother!

* The one task at which Article Post Robot fails critically is in matching the categories found on the article directories with your chosen categories. That is why I have to go the manual submission route, which is still faster than submitting articles without the help of any article submission software at all! I am sure many people would agree that if the developer fixes this one thing, it would alone justify the price tag!


If money is not an issue for you then this looks like a product you can try out. The software seems to work for some and not others, so testing is the only way to find out if it would work for you or not. Then again, I don't know how good the seller is on his refund guarantee, so try it only at your risk, and make sure that you have a good antivirus and malware-protection software installed (I recommend MBAM) on your PC so that it does not get infected with viruses! Good luck!

Having said that, I must also add I don't like to submit my article to hundreds of article directories. No, I don't believe in any kind of "Google penalty" (face it, Google won't even index most of these "low quality article directories" anyway, and the high quality ones that Google actually favor have long tightened up their socks enough to make the article submission bots useless); it is because I believe that such mass submission is just useless. On one hand, it generates lots of duplicate content, which in itself is not a penalty, but Google would index only ONE of those 1000s of submissions; so your entire effort just proves to be a waste of time!

Is there a better way? Yep. Submit your articles only to the top article directories, such as:

etc. As a matter of fact, genuine article marketers don't submit content to article directories for backlinks; they do it for EXPOSURE: they do it in the hope that content publishers, big and small, would like their articles enough to reprint them on their respective websites, which in turn would get those article writers tons of backlinks!


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Email: help@articlepostrobot dot com

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