I had a website added to their network and from what I saw, the whole ArticleRanks network is pure garbage!

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Product name: ArticleRanks

Product SalesPage: ArticleRanks.com


ArticleRanks is an article submission service that submits your articles tothousands of article directories, web 2.0 and social properties, filtered by different categories!


* The newest and most powerful form of article marketing.

* Increase rankings within a month.

* Submit unique articles to a huge network of user submitted sites and increase your search positions with "on topic" powerful backlinks.

* Earn credits to submit articles and gain links by adding sites to the system or pay a small monthly fee.

* Spin your articles manually or with our content assister.

* Rank your YouTube videos.

* Compatible with any site that has XML-RPC.

* Choose to target a specific geographic search engine.

* Get links on a huge range of different IP classes

* Safe and Secure system, your links will be on users sites the most powerful form of link building the natural way that search engines love. Users want your unique content and in exchange give you backlinks that are "on topic".

* Network is heavily regulated and ever growing and spam sites not allowed.


Recommended for:

Intermediate and Advanced Article Marketers Who Are Willing to Spend Some Money.


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Below is a summary of the feedback we gathered from the product's ACTUAL customers:


* The absence of PayPal as a payment option is surely worrying, however, on the positive side ArticleRanks still works even after the infamous Google™ Panda update!

* I love ArticleRanks! It seems to be improving in areas where the other article distribution services are sorely lacking!

* The more I use it, the more it gets better! In my opinion, ArticleRanks is really a quality service!

* I recently upgraded my account to the 'unlimited article distribution' option and I must say that it is worthy every penny. If you want to get tons of backlinks and visitors fast, then ArticleRanks is for you!

* ArticleRanks is a quality blog network with quality content. I am quite impressed with the service!

* Although ArticleRanks is a fairly new service, I am surprised to see that it has quality, high PR blogs within a diverse IP range - in its network! I highly recommend it!

* I have been using ArticleRanks for more than a year now and I find it a very effective service! The great thing about ArticleRanks is that I can submit articles for free!


* I am using ArticleRanks for a year now. The good thing is: they use diverse content syndication platforms. The bad thing: the speed at which the articles are dripped is very slow!

* ArticleRanks can be best described as 'pure garbage'. The articles are badly spun and posted on blogs which have little to do with the content! I think that if I had left my domain in their system it would have gotten de-indexed soon! I would stay away from ArticleRanks!

* I mainly use ArticleRanks to backlink my backlinks. After all, the blogs which ArticleRanks posts your content to are mostly PR0 blogs which by themselves have little value! On another note, the job of rewriting the content sentence by sentence - is very boring indeed!

* My friend signed up for ArticleRanks but did not even use their service, yet, ArticleRanks refused to refund the $39 quoting their 'no refund policy'. I would advise you to stay away from these people: they have no scruples at all!

* ArticleRanks is not worth the money at all. All you get are: poorly spun content that does not even support spintax properly, unreliable price guarantees, lousy interface, low quality blog network, and a condescending attitude from the support team!

* I was thinking of signing up for their service until I heard this cr*p that the spun content has to be of excellent quality and that the first few spun articles will be reviewed manually by the team! I figured that if the spun content has to be really that good then why I should waste time on a poor network like ArticleRanks when I can take advantage of bigger and better blog networks like Build My Rank or Linkvana! Their strange spintax was another thing that pissed me off!

* It's been two weeks since I have published two articles through ArticleRanks and am yet to notice any backlinks for them - either in Yahoo or Google! The blogs they post your content to are not of that great quality, but to top that, they also didn't categorize my articles properly at all!

* I had added two blogs into the ArticleRanks network, neither of which had any PR yet, so I couldn't earn free credits. What really ticked me off was that within just a few days I noticed over 100 posts in my blog - which is not good - and that I was unable to login to my blog - until I removed ArticleRanks's access from my site, that is! I believe this would work well for you if you can earn free credits as a member and are able to control the number of posts you want to accept on your blog on a given day!

* I got proof that ArticleRanks is not doing a good job at backlinking when I noticed that in spite of the fact that my EzineArticles article was published for more than 5 months, another article was outranking mine! I later noticed that there were ZERO backlinks to my article, which was the reason why I wasn't getting good rankings! Very disappointing!

* ArticleRanks works no doubt but I don't like their content spinning requirements and the fact that they don't tell you about the websites they post your articles on! To make matters worse, writing articles for them is getting harder as they now want 200% unique content!

* I'd think twice before signing up for ArticleRanks! A lot of their customers' articles appear on de-indexed websites and the company is not even transparent about it! One thing us for sure: if you use ArticleRanks, your rankings would only get worse!

* I had a website added to their network and from what I saw, the whole ArticleRanks network is pure garbage!

* With ArticleRanks, everything is perfect on paper, but in practice, the search engine rankings of most of my articles either stayed the same or got even worse! I believe that joining ArticleRanks is a way to waste perfectly well-written content!

* After the recent Google penguin update, I believe that ArticleRanks is no longer as effective as it used to be. I would instead prefer building backlinks through guest blogging!


I will sum up the ArticleRanks service in just one phrase: don't bother!


About DigitalConnectedMedia Group:

DigtalConnectedMedia is a company that was created from the minds of search specialists. The company mainly focuses on Search and social related businesses, but also invests and builds sites with great potential. DCM over the past few years has become a worldwide leader in supplying unbeatable services.

(Source: Digitalconnectedmedia.com/


Snail mail:

Digital Connected Media Ltd,
Company Reg No. 7067187
VAT no. 998529734
Unit 8 The Oak Trees Business Park,
Orbital Park,
TN24 0SY

Phone: +441233 502884

Best Time to Call: None Available

Fax: None Available

Email: help@articlepostrobot dot com

Community Support: None Available

Website: http://support.articleranks.com/


Terms of Service: http://www.articleranks.com/pg/terms

Privacy Policy: http://www.articleranks.com/pg/privacy

Service Cancellation Terms:

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, within 30 days from the purchase date, we will fully refund the cost of your order if you have not used the system or the system is faulty.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

It is convenient. All you have to do is log into your Skrill (Moneybookers) account, locate the transaction where the subscription is involved and cancel it from there.

What Will Happen To The Published Articles On Blogs When Subscription Is Cancelled?

Nothing will happen to the articles that are already published. Our system is unable to remove these from the respective sites.


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