Not only the owner of the software has been spamming a lot of well known forums with links to his software, even his support forum has become a haven for spammers!

Articles Rewrite Assistant Review

Articles Rewrite Assistant

Product name: Articles Rewrite Assistant

Product SalesPage:


Articles Rewrite Assistant is an article spinning tool. DO I need to tell you any more about it?


* One-click submission. All you need do is to Click ONE Button ONCE to submit the article to all the article sites you choose.

* For each article site which needs login account, users manage the account by themselves. Articles Rewrite Assistant only uses the login id and password. Users can use their where readers can find the author's contact information, etc..

* Currently, Articles Rewrite Assistant has more than 451 article sites and 54 mail lists , which covers a wide range of high Page Rank article sites. The list of the article sites is at here.

* Our development team maintains the list of the article sites and keeps updating the article list. Here is the Articles Rewrite Assistant Release History. So that users can always maximize the return of their effort.

* Rotate Title, Summary, Article Body and Author Resource. So that, users do not need worry about Duplicate Content Problem any more.

* Add article sites to the software. So that, the actual number of sites that article post robot works for can be many more than 451 (depends on how many sites you add);

* Notification about latest software update--users will always have the latest version.

* Full-time technical support tech who will be glad to answer all your questions.

Recommended for:

Intermediate and Advanced Article Marketers Who Are Willing to Spend Some Money.


Windows Vista, XP Home Edition or Professional Version, Windows 2000 (SP3);.NET Framework 2.0


Below is a summary of the feedback we gathered from the product's ACTUAL customers:


None found!


* Most of the time, the output that Articles Rewrite Assistant generates is hardly readable. I think that Google simply hates such low-quality garbage!

* It is not an article rewriter at all! All it does is to replace synonyms and then spin the result of the replacement! This is exactly the content that is being thrashed by the recent Google slaps!

* When I loaded my article in Articles Rewrite Assistant and clicked on 'Identify Synonyms' I got an error: 'Look up synonyms failed'. Due to that, I am unable to rewrite my article!


Avoid this trash! Even The Best Spinner, which I also bashed on this site, is still better than this junk! Worse, not only the owner of the software has been spamming a lot of well known forums with links to his software, even his support forum has become a haven for spammers. I guess that tells something about how much (in)active he really is as far as supporting this software is concerned!

Having said that, I must also add that I don't like article spinners anyway; I believe that it is much better to invest in quality content writers than article spinning softwares because let us face it:

a) No matter how smart they are, softwares can NEVER replace the human brain!

b) It is only a matter of time before Google updates its algorithm enough to detect and reject spun content (after all, if EzineArticles can upgrade their system to detect such content, can't Google? Even now Google is smart enough not to give high rankings to websites that thrive on plr and spun content)! What would you do then? Buy another content spinner that apparently helps you get around the new algorithm, then another and another?

The cycle will never end, and your income will never be consistent. On the other hand, no matter how many changes Google makes to its search algorithm, quality content written by humans will always be ranked higher and appreciated more than software-generated, spammy-looking content!

So, do I recommend it? Nope. Regardless of whether the software is able to create human readable content or junk, the fact remains that article spinning is just a waste of time (and money). A cheaper option for you would be to buy me a small beer can (just kidding)! Thanks for reading!



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Email: rewriteassistant [at] gmail [dot] com

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