I had joined the membership about two months ago! I entered 3-4 articles into ContentBoss software and each time, I got horrendous output!

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Product name: ContentBoss

Product SalesPage: ContentBoss.com


ContentBoss is an article rewriting tool. DO I need to tell you any more about it?


* Automatically rewrites any piece of text you give it in order to make it unique, including any PLR content you want to re-use

* What if you don't even have any text to wrangle? Easy. Just give the Content Assistant a couple of words (e.g. credit cards) and the system will find something suitable, bringing it back and wrangling it for you automatically in order to create a totally new and unique article.

* Included in your ContentBoss membership is the 'PLR Warehouse'. This is hundreds of thousands of full PLR articles on almost every subject ready for you to use.

* ContentBoss articles can pass human editing standards, not just for article directories, but also for adsense-style programs that require a reference site in order to admit you. Blogs created with ContentBoss look just like real human-edited blogs, and pass any tests put to them.

* ContentBoss comes with 'How to make money with Articles' section. This masterclass was written by a pro blogger who pulls 5 figs a month, just from blogs. And we're giving it to you FREE!

* ContentBoss can be used to generate jet spinner syntax AUTOMATICALLY using an easy one page screen!

* ContentBoss has a WordPress plugin that can make your blog posts unique automatically, WITHOUT attracting the 'wrath of the Google Panda'!!!

Recommended for:

Intermediate and Advanced Internet Marketers, with Fair Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), etc.


A Web Browser


Below is a summary of the feedback we gathered from the product's ACTUAL customers:


* ContentBoss is not perfect but it is a huge time saver for me. I don't know what I would do without it!

* I would definitely vote for ContentBoss. It is the most advanced article-rewriter software available today!

* I use it to rewrite my PLR articles and I have found it to be way better than other content spinners - in that its output makes sense.

* The autoblogging tool you get as part of the membership is definitely a plus - it posts unique content on WordPress and blogger blogs, based on the keywords you specify!

* I find that ContentBoss does a nice job overall. It beats the hell out of my other article spinner. Thanks to ContentBoss, I am able to save at least 45 minutes per blog post or article!

* While ContentBoss is not a magic bullet that would reduce your article re-writing time to mere seconds, it is definitely much faster than doing a manual rewrite or writing an article from scratch!

* The best part of the ContentBoss membership is its ability to spin your article. The way it spins you articles is truly the best output I have ever seen!

* There is no doubt that ContentBoss is a smart article re-writer software, but for me, the best part of the membership is its autoblogging feature: in just 3 months I have thousands of articles, queued to be drip-fed to my blogs automatically, without having to lift a finger!


* ContentBoss is a good value for money if you have at least 300-500 articles per month to spin! Otherwise, the membership is just a waste of money!

* If you just want to change around 70% or 80% of your original content, then ContentBoss is just fine, but that content is not guaranteed to pass copyscape. Out of the 4 articles I had spun through ContentBoss, only ONE passed copyscape without any further editing!

* What I don't like about ContentBoss is that sometimes, when "wrangling" an article, it takes out some of the key sentences of my original article before wrangling it, so that the wrangled article does not make any sense. To wrangle that article again, it would cost you another credit. Ideally, I would prefer a system which allows me to keep wrangling an article until I am happy with the result, upon which I would be charged just ONE credit!

* ContentBoss is definitely the best article wrangler service out there but the output depends on how good your input is. Since they charge credits every time you want to further wrangle an already wrangled article, your credits would dry up pretty fast. Contrast that with SENUKE which offered me 17 retries for the 160 articles I spun through it. Plus, the customer service of ContentBoss can be best described as 'invisible'!

* I recently canceled my ContentBoss membership because its 'wrangled' output was not good enough for me - eventually I had to re-write almost 80% of the 'wrangled' article for it to make any sense! Only use ContentBoss if you don't mind getting incoherent garbage full of grammatical mistakes that doesn't make sense!

* All ContentBoss does is to create more junk for Google to filter out! None of the articles produced by it are good enough to be submitted to EzineArticles! I just canceled my membership and would definitely suggest that you too stay away from it and save your money!

* I had hoped that ContentBoss would be a decent program to help speed up my article-rewrites. Instead, when I tested its output with both copyscape and dupefreepro, one of them had 60% of duplicate content while the other contained 70% duplicate content! I would suggest that you stay away from this cr*p!

* If you ask me, I am gonna say that ContentBoss is absolute garbage! Don't be fooled by the 'reviews' telling you how great this program is, because they are being posted by spammers!

* I joined ContentBoss and canceled after a month. While the service itself was not that bad, it was just not suitable for my needs!

* I had joined the membership about two months ago! I entered 3-4 articles into ContentBoss software and each time, I got horrendous output!

* DO NOT ever use ContentBoss! Save your time, money and effort from getting wasted on this piece of sh*t!

* I joined ContentBoss only yesterday and found it so bad that today I canceled my subscription! Too bad I can't get my money back!

* I joined ContentBoss after reading all the glorious reviews! I entered two high quality articles into ContentBoss for spinning and the output it generated was so bad that I had to re-write each article extensively! THAT took me more time than it would if I had written two original articles from scratch! I immediately canceled my subscription!

* I am another sucker who threw my money down this rabbit-hole! Wish I had known that the output it generates would be totally insensible garbage! Whether or not Google hates such content, which sensible webmaster would want to clog up his website with such cr*p!


Well folks, you have read the reviews from actual users, and - you know who you are, right? So… avoid this trash (if you still insist on joining then here is the link)! Even The Best Spinner, which I also bashed on this site, is still better than this junk! Moreover the developer does not provide any contact information or refunds. That should tell you something about the product itself!

Having said that, I must also add that I don't like article spinners anyway; I believe that it is much better to invest in quality content writers than article spinning softwares because let us face it:

a) No matter how smart they are, softwares can NEVER replace the human brain!

b) It is only a matter of time before Google updates its algorithm enough to detect and reject spun content (after all, if EzineArticles can upgrade their system to detect such content, can't Google? Even now Google is smart enough not to give high rankings to websites that thrive on plr and spun content)! What would you do then? Buy another content spinner that apparently helps you get around the new algorithm, then another and another?

The cycle will never end, and your income will never be consistent. On the other hand, no matter how many changes Google makes to its search algorithm, quality content written by humans will always be ranked higher and appreciated more than software-generated, spammy-looking content!

So, do I recommend it? Nope. Regardless of whether the software is able to create human readable content or junk, the fact remains that article spinning is just a waste of time (and money). A cheaper option for you would be to buy me a small beer can - at least that would be a nice way of supporting this site (just kidding)! Thanks for reading!


About ContentBoss.com:

No Information Available


Snail mail: None Available

Phone: None Available

Best Time to Call: None Available

Fax: None Available

Email: None Available

Community Support: None Available

Website: http://www.contentboss.com/


Terms of Service: None Available

Privacy Policy: None Available

Refunding Your Purchase:

See our T&Cs. To cut a long story short, no refunds. If you think a few bucks is too much to risk to find out how good ContentBoss is, you'd better get back behind the till at McDonalds. In reality, we do refund on occassion - we're not ogres. If you have exceptional family circumstances, for example, we'll probably refund you. We don't refund 'because you forgot to cancel', or because the wrangler made one mistake in a 500 word article. If you do find mistakes in the wrangler output (it DOES happen!!!) and it's not because you fed garbage in, just alert support, and if they agree with you, you'll get credited TWO wrangles to replace the one you used. This doesn't happen much, of course, but it's there as a safeguard for you.


Most of the above information regarding this product has been collected by us through various sources (apart from the information offered on company's website), such as:

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