I made three PayPal sales using DigiResults and now PayPal has put all those transactions on hold. I am really worried about it! I hope my account does not get frozen due to this!

DigiResults Review


Product name: DigiResults

Product SalesPage: DigiResults.com


DigiResults offers an approach that gives vendors more freedom than ever before, - an approach that makes it easier for affiliates to quickly earn money than ever before.

Everyone gets paid immediately into their Paypal account. Unlike some "instant commission" products with "rotating commissions", our commissions are real time. Meaning if a vendor pays 50%, the vendor and affiliate both get 50% of the sale paid immediately into their Paypal accounts, right at the point of sale.

It costs nothing to get started!


* No More Cash Flow Issues

* No Refund Hassles

* No Setup Fees

* Sell Physical Or Digital Products

* Sell With Confidence

* Easy To Get Started

* Direct Commission Technology

* Dedicated Support

* No Complicated Scripts To Install.

Recommended for:

Intermediate and Advanced Internet Marketers.


A Web Browser


Below is a summary of the feedback we gathered from the product's ACTUAL customers:


* I love the fact that DigiResults uses the latest PayPal technologies and interface available - that alone has increased my OTOs ales. Plus, everything - ranging from affiliate payouts to refunds, locating customers' orders and re-activating download links for customers - is easy to do!

* I have been using DigiResults for a few weeks now and I would say that if you want to sell a new digital product then DigiResults is perfect for you! Unlike Clickbank™, listing a product with DigiResults is totally hassle-free!

* I prefer DigiResults over Clickbank because unlike the latter which has an awful refund policy, DigiResults allows you to define your own refund policy!

* DigiResults is extremely easy to setup and they also handle the affiliate payouts for me! The best part of the deal is that I get paid INSTANTLY!

* With DigiResults, everything works flawlessly! The only issue is that their help documentation is impossible to find but that does not matter as their helpdesk is responsive. I would highly recommend them!

* To anyone who asks me to promote their products, I tell them that I would promote them only if they add their products to DigiResults!

* As an affiliate marketer, I find DigiResults to be miles ahead of Clickbank because - while with the former I get paid instantly, with Clickbank I have to wait for weeks before getting paid - and that too, only IF my account meets all the 'requirements'!


* One DigiResults affiliate made over $2,000 worth of sales for me! To my surprise, within a week, each of these sales was refunded and I got inundated with multiple chargeback notifications from PayPal! Now my PayPal account has a negative balance of $600 and I can no longer purchase anything using PayPal. It sucks that I got screwed like this over by a dodgy affiliate!

* As a DigiResults vendor, I have been a victim of affiliate fraud as well. The way to get around this problem is to delay the affiliate payouts by at least 30 days. Any genuine affiliate would not mind the delay! I still love DigiResults due to its simplicity!

* One affiliate made $3,000 worth of sales for me and then after a month they were all charged back. PayPal as usual sided with the buyer. It seemed that this fraud affiliate was using multiple stolen credit cards. The end result was that this affiliate already got his commissions for the sales that were later refunded, and on top of that I also had to pay $10 additional fee on EACH chargeback. Now my PayPal account has a negative balance. Lesson learned: never use the instant payout model for affiliates you don't know very well!

* Be careful if you get an unusually large amount of affiliate requests from DigiResults! This is a kind of scam that I almost fell victim to! Almost immediately after the sales were made, all those sales were disputed! Since I had already paid out the commissions to the affiliates, I retaliated by disputing all those commissions and got my money back as a result! Bottom line, if you get a flood of affiliate requests with matching domain name (in my case, they were all from yahoo.com) and sequential email IDs (i.e. 6232, 6233, 6235, etc), DO NOT approve them and instead report the affiliates to DigiResults!

* I signed up as an affiliate with both DigiResults and WarriorPlus. I love the cool tools and ease of setup of DigiResults but compared to WarriorPlus, I am yet to make any sale with DigiResults! I am not sure what I am doing wrong!

* I made three PayPal sales using DigiResults and now PayPal has put all those transactions on hold. I am really worried about it! I hope my account does not get frozen due to this!

* I must say that DigiResults is something that you should worry about! I became a victim of a scam where an affiliate purchased my products using another PayPal account, got his commissions etc. then disputed the sales a little while later. As a result, PayPal refunded all those sales and now I am out with the money, the commission, as well as the DigiResults fees that I had already paid on each of these sales!

The total amount I lost was not much: maybe about $100 - but I lost a lot of time going back and forth with PayPal and DigiResults! I know that the guys at DigiResults suggest that you approve the affiliates only after verifying everything thoroughly but that does not help because these fraud affiliates have got all the right answers! Bottom line, I would advise you to stay away from DigiResults until they fix this loophole! I have since moved all my products to RAP which in my opinion is a much better system overall!


In theory, DigiResults seems to have a solid ecommerce system out there that apes the RAP system to an extent! However, in practice, DigiResults seems to be highly vulnerable to scammers-cum-affiliates. I would suggest that you use RAP instead, as you can customize its settings to suit your needs - so as to protect yourself from these scammers!

If for some reason you cannot use RAP and insist on using DigiResults, then you should NOT enable "instant commission" in your DigiResults account settings; in effect, you would have to pay your affiliates manually - as much as I hate to say it, that is the only option left for you, the vendor, unless you don't mind getting scammed left and right! Good luck!


About DigiResults.com:

DigiResults Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 07361979


Snail mail: None Available

Phone: None Available

Best Time to Call: None Available

Fax: None Available

Email: support [at] digiresults [dot] com

Community Support: None Available

Website: http://www.digiresults.com/


Terms of Service: http://www.digiresults.com/legal-stuff/terms-and-conditions

Privacy Policy: http://www.digiresults.com/legal-stuff/privacy-policy

Refunding Your Purchase:


In the event of a refund DigiResults will refund all the fees it has charged to facilitiate the transaction excluding fees charged by PayPal, which are refunded at PayPal’s discretion.


Customer refers to anyone that has bought a product through the DigiResults network/system, not to customers of the network itself who are defined as Vendors or Affiliate (see below).

As a customer you should consult with the vendor of any product to establish what your refund/guarantee rights are. We encourage all vendors to clearly list this on their sales page but it doesn’t always happen.

To claim your refund you should contact the support department of the company who sold you the product.


You are a Vendor if you sell any product through the DigiResults network/system.

In order to process refunds on your behalf you are required to provide DigiResults with “Refund” permissions on your PayPal account. This is taken care of automatically when you link a PayPal account with your DigiResults account. Removal of this permission will result in immediate suspension of your DigiResults account.

You are free to set and enforce any refund policy on your own products but must honour any legal obligations applicable to your own sales.

DigiResults treats fraud very seriously and prevents serial offenders from purchasing your products. If you suspect that someone has issued a fraudulent refund claim please bring it to our attention by emailing support [at] digiresults [dot] com


You are an Affiliate if you promote any product through the DigiResults network/system.

Any product that is sold through the DigiResults network/system has a refund policy set by the vendor. You must keep enough funds in your PayPal account to accomodate any refund requests that are made. Failure to do so will result in the suspension of your account.

In order to process refunds on your behalf you are required to provide DigiResults with “Refund” permissions on your PayPal account. This is taken care of automatically when you link a PayPal account with your DigiResults account. Removal of this permission will result in immediate suspension of your DigiResults account.


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