Digital Access Pass's customer support is a huge scam! Beware of this software and its makers. Read the user reviews posted all over the web!

Digital Access Pass Review

Digital Access Pass

Product name: Digital Access Pass

Product SalesPage:


Digital Access Pass is: A Premium WordPress Membership Plugin To Create A Fully Automated, "Buyers Only" Site With One-Time Payments, Recurring Subscriptions Or No Payments At All (free members)!


* Built-in ContentResponder (to drip content)

* Email Autoresponder and Broadcast System

* Shopping Cart with Coupons, Dime-Sales and 1-Click Upsells

* An Affiliate Program That Instantly Turns Your Members Into Your Own Private Salesforce!

Recommended for:

Intermediate and Advanced Internet Marketers.


WordPress (hosted version)


Below is a summary of the feedback we gathered from the product's ACTUAL customers:


* As far as the 'ecommerce' part is concerned - including the payment button and the affiliate tracking software - our experience with Digital Access Pass has been largely positive. However, I would suggest using a 3rd party service for your email marketing needs, rather than Digital Access Pass's internal mailing system!

* I have been using Digital Access Pass for the last 2 years now and I manage thousands of paying members with it! I constantly keep getting compliments from my customers about how much they love the one-click access to the entire portal from where they can access all their purchased products! In short, Digital Access Pass has saved me huge amount of time!

* I wanted a membership software that would let me redirect a user to a custom login form instead of the typical WordPress login page and found that Digital Access Pass was the only one that could do it for me! On top of that, its 'drip feeding content' feature works fantastic! I commend the developer team for being quick enough to fix any and all the software bugs as soon as they crop up. I think the software is worth much more than they charge for it!

* I have been using Digital Access Pass for almost two years now without any major issue hitting me. Even if I had any kind of trouble at anytime the support team has been very quick to help me out!

* Digital Access Pass is indeed a great software. It has all the features I need, plus they recently sent out an email informing their customers that they would be adding more features in a future upgrade. The six months of free upgrade you get with your purchase is definitely a plus!

* I have three websites running on Digital Access Pass so far and I plan to add more in the near future. I love how easy it is to setup! It also integrates well with Clickbank. I use it even when I am selling products that don't require a monthly membership fee! The frequent upgrades they roll out are definitely a plus. The support is good too: a couple of times the support team even helped me on Skype over a script configuration issue!

* I purchased Digital Access Pass over six months ago and never had a problem with the customer support team which has been always quick to help me with whatever problem I had. The only downside is that after 1 year you have to purchase support, though obviously that is much less than the cost of Digital Access Pass itself!

* Digital Access Pass is a robust software that comes with a lot of bells and whistles such as autoresponder, affiliate program software, etc. However, it is very expensive!

Digital Access Pass offers the right combination of all the essential tools you need to build a successful ecommerce website. At the very first sight I was much impressed with how it works. Moreover, everything is explained step-by-step in their help documentation so that you won't have to worry too much about setting it up!

* Digital Access Pass is no doubt an excellent script. I managed to install and configure it easily, but its help tutorials suck in that they are not comprehensive enough for me. The last thing I want is to submit support tickets because it eats up my time like crazy. I wish the help tutorials they provided were much better: it would have surely saved the owner a lot of the time he spends in answering support tickets!


* Digital Access Pass's support sucks! They reply only once every 24 hours, gave me unnecessary tasks to do when I reported a problem with their software, asked me the same question again and again that I had already answered, and when I complained that I was not quite impressed with their service, they called me 'nasty and rude'!

* I find Digital Access Pass to be a difficult software to work with and to add insult to the injury, the customer support is horribly slow! I was surprised to find out that a customer had his membership access even after had I refunded him - when I posted about this goof in their forum there was no response at all! I was even more shocked to find out that Digital Access Pass stores customers' login credentials in plain text format in the database!

* I found some glaring omissions that one wouldn't normally expect from a decent software like Digital Access Pass - affiliates don't get any notification email when they make a sale, there is no way you can remove a commission from an affiliate (useful if the affiliate is referring himself), and there is also no provision for a 2-tier affiliate program!

* During the one month I had to use Digital Access Pass, I lost thousands of dollars in way of paying for customer support plus my wasted time and effort - thanks to the endless problems I faced! Nothing about this software works right: neither the payment buttons, the affiliate software nor the recurring payment system! But what is even worse is that instead of taking full responsibility for these problems, Digital Access Pass's staff likes to pass the blame to others! Since customer support is provided exclusively by Ravi and Veena, you are unfortunately out of luck if they refuse to help you at any time or send you on an errand!

* One of the biggest feature that is missing in Digital Access Pass is the support for Google's 'First Click free' feature. All the awesome SEO-rich content you are hiding behind your paid membership is useless because, if no one gets to see it, no one is gonna join!

* Digital Access Pass's customer support team does not seem to like the idea of customers requesting for specific features to be added to the software. When I asked about the many features that were missing from the core Digital Access Pass, my experience with their support was mixed: some of my questions were answered quickly and some were not answered until a long time, while at other times the answers given were highly confusing and incomplete! The most difficulty we had was in finding someone who knew the software inside out, was willing to return our phone calls and emails in a timely manner, and whose services we could afford!

* Digital Access Pass's customer support is a huge scam! Beware of this software and its makers. Read the user reviews posted all over the web! These guys are crooks inside out: first they make people pay for their software, and when customers fail to use it, then they ask for more money in order to help them out! I had it happen to me time and again!

* This script slowed down my WordPress blog to a crawl and required me to have some cr*p called PDO. Plus the owner was also secretly charging me an additional 20 bucks of which I was not aware of! In short, this software is a total rip-off! Stay away from it!

* Digital Access Pass can do a lot of stuff no doubt, but the software itself is rather confusing, and unfortunately, I did not know about it until I actually purchased it! Of course they promise to refund you if you aren't happy but for that you have to go the whole nine yards! I wish they had a demo of the software on their website!


Talk about mixed reviews heh? The product has tremendous potential no doubt, but the two main concerns people seem to have regarding the product are that: that it is complicated to setup and that the customer service is slow. Based on these two counts alone, I would recommend RAP over and above DAP! Besides, would you buy something that just makes loads and loads of promises of doing everything you want, or rather something that actually does what you want, comes with an easy setup process and decent customer service?

You decide. You can still check out DAP too if you like! Like I said, the product has tremendous potential!

BTW, I thought this was funny and so I should share it with you: it so happened that I logged into my DAP affiliate account to add my PayPal email to my profile; note that I was NOT trying to change my password (the instructions there said that I should type my password in the 'Repeat Password' box only if I am changing my password). So, I did not put my password in the 'Repeat Password' box as I only wanted to add my PayPal email. Nonetheless a popup kept popping up that 'Repeat Password' doesn't match and the software refused to update my profile until I typed my password in that box (even though I had no need for the same)! Queer, eh?

Another thing that is worth mentioning: their affiliate program is 'by invitation only' so I posted a support ticket asking for access to their program. Well they were kind enough to give me the access, though only after making me wait for 5 hours and 50 minutes! But that is okay: I didn't really mind it as I was in no special hurry => I was watching MOVIES => so in a sense, I was not really 'waiting'! I certainly hope that their paid customers get faster service, though!



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Refunding Your Purchase:

Go On And Take Our 30-Day "You Will Fall In Love with DAP" Challenge!

If you don't fall Absolutely CRAZILY in LOVE with DAP during this time, then we actually *demand* that you send us an email and get your money back!

All you need to do is to send us an email, that's it. No need for a phone call. No hoops to jump. Just one simple email, and we'll give you your money back. No questions asked!


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