I just bought the lifetime membership to Directory of Ezines and to my dismay I noticed that their list of ezines is quite small. In fact, I could not find a single ezine related to my hobby niche!

Directory of Ezines Review

Directory of Ezines

Product name: Directory of Ezines

Product SalesPage: DirectoryofEzines.com


Directory of Ezines is: Directory of Ezines is, as the name implies, an ezine directory! From the salespage:

"Drive highly interested PROSPECTS to ANY website you promote using the power of ezine marketing!"


* Hundreds of ezines in highly profitable niches

* Traditional ezines that sell many types of ads

* Ezines from huge companies and small publishers too!

* Ad swaps lists to build your list quickly

* Guaranteed visitor lists - You WILL get visitors!

* Get even more lists!

* Get even more advertising resources - not just ezines!

* Learning Center covering important marketing topics

* Member only private webinars - your questions answered!


Recommended for:

Newbie Internet Marketers.


A Web Browser


Below is a summary of the feedback we gathered from the product's ACTUAL customers:


* If you are in the internet marketing niche then you should definitely take a look at Directory of Ezines! Charlie Page has been around for years and he's good to his members; therefore, Directory of Ezines is far from being a scam! One thing is for sure: a lot of ezine publishers don't bother to keep their contact details up-to-date, so you may find it a bit frustrating when contacting ezine owners through Directory of Ezines!

* I have been a member of Directory of Ezines ever since Charlie started it. He is very much legitimate! What you are buying here is convenience: sure you could find loads of ezine publishers in your niche even by yourself but that would be very time consuming, won't it?

* I am a member of Directory of Ezines and I can say that the phone consultancy and copywriting services offered by Charlie Page are alone worth the price of joining! Heck, I was a while ago talking to a manager of a top email services-related firm and the info he gave me in just 20 minutes is worth at least $97!

* Directory of Ezines is a very good membership site. We work across several niches and have found it to be extremely useful!

* I must say that Directory of Ezines is one of the best investments I have ever made! You get so many ways to promote your business, such as free article submissions, free banner ad listings, big discounts in solo ads, and a lot MORE! It also saves your time by offering you lists of ezine publishers in various niches!


* Charlie definitely offers a comprehensive list of ezine publishers, no doubt. That said, my experience with their advertising options were mixed: for example, I spent about $300 on top banner ads, solo ads etc, and it was a complete waste of money!

* I toyed with the idea of joining Directory of Ezines for several months but then passed on it as I could not justify the $197 expense in any way!

* I just bought the lifetime membership to Directory of Ezines and to my dismay I noticed that their list of ezines is quite small. In fact, I could not find a single ezine related to my hobby niche!

* After reading heaps of praises from a couple of big time marketers, I joined for $197. However, I was disappointed to find out that even though mine was a big niche, the directory did not have a single matching ezine for it!

* To be honest, I was rather underwhelmed with what I found on Directory of Ezines! A lot of the websites in their directory either no longer exists, redirect to some other sites, or have become junk sites! Charging 200 bucks and then promising that they are going to make it a 'great website' in the future is not very reassuring IMO!

* I bought into Directory of Ezines mainly because I could get cheap solo ads - like, you could send your ad to 1, 00,000 subscribers for less than 50 bucks! However, even though my squeeze page's conversions rate is between 10-25%, I got just 2 subscribers through my solo ad campaign! That was when I realized that it was a scam and asked for a refund!

* I had joined Directory of Ezines a couple of years back and even as far as the IM niche is concerned, I found it to be pretty much garbage. If you have a good offer, you could as well spend that $197 money instead on solo ad campaigns and get a few buyers!

* I advertised my offers both through the classified ads and the solo ads of Directory of Ezines and to be honest, it was a mixed experience for me - sometimes I would get a boost in traffic but at other times I would get nothing out of my campaigns at all! In short, Directory of Ezines is not a very effective membership site!

* Directory of Ezines is okay but I would suggest that you save your money and don't join it. I tried several of the ezines and solo ad offers and while some were winners, others were complete losers! I have since learned that investing in revenue-sharing sites is much better than wasting it on expensive solo ads, especially when results are not guaranteed!

* I targeted about 25-25 ezines on SEO/SEM niches from Directory of Ezines. When I joined them, they spammed the sh*t out of me by bombarding me with ads and offers day after day, while offering very little or no valuable content at all! When I approached these ezine owners with an offer, only 1 responded at all! That seemed like a poor return on investment for me! In short, Directory of Ezines is not worth the money anymore and instead, networks such as LinkedIn are much more effective for building connections!


Directory of Ezines used to be good once upon a time but now this directory is too old to be useful anymore, especially with the speed at which ezines in that directory are getting defunct and the relatively slower speed at which the directory is being 'cleaned up' (of which I read no evidence however; I am only quoting what its owner says). To sum up, I would rather invest that money in Adwords™ or Facebook Ads or Solo Ads than Directory of Ezines. In short, don't bother!

BTW, I believe that they operate a 'whitelisted' affiliate program, meaning that you won't get credited as an affiliate until you have been specifically approved by them, which is not possible unless you are their customer as well! In other words, only their customers can be their affiliates! Just a FYI!


About DirectoryofEzines.com:

No Information Available


Snail mail: None Available

Phone: 800-691-1103 (toll free in the U.S. and Canada)

Best Time to Call: 24/7

Fax: None Available

Email: None Available

Community Support: None Available

Website: http://charliepagesupport.com/


Terms of Service: http://www.doemembers.com/disclaimers/1610

Privacy Policy: http://www.doemembers.com/disclaimers/1611

Refunding Your Purchase:

60-Day Money back Guarantee via Clickbank!


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