I can vouch for DLGuard. Not only it is very easy to use even without any customizations, Sam provides amazing customer service!

DLGuard Review


Product name: DLGuard

Product SalesPage: DLGuard.com


DLGuard is a sales management system for selling your digital products (such as ebooks, softwares, scripts, etc.) and managing your affiliates. It comes complete with a membership system, secure download management system, shopping cart system, traffic analytics, and MORE! Click here for more information!


* DLGuard's Power:
-We Accept More Payment Processors
-DLGuard Creates Membership Sites
-DLGuard has a Built-In Shopping Cart
-Offer Bonus Products Securely and Automatically
-DLGuard Tracks Individual Customer Downloads
-DLGuard Tracks and Calculates Sales Conversion Rates
-Ban Problem Customers

* DLGuard's Ease Of Use and Support:
-DLGuard is Easy to Install and Use
-We Offer Quality Customer Support
-We create a streamlined, automated customer experience
-DLGuard is Updated Often
-DLGuard is Developed In-House, NOT Off-Shore

* DLGuard's Flexibility:
-DLGuard is Easy to Customise (using REAL templates)
-DLGuard is More Flexible for Your Individual Needs
-DLGuard can be Polled by Your Own Scripts
-DLGuard is Compatible With More Website Hosting Providers

There are MANY more features in DLGuard, these are just some of the ones that put us way ahead of our competition.

Recommended for:

Newbie and Intermediate Internet Marketers, with Fair Knowledge of HTML and PHP!


The hosting server requirements to use DLGuard are as follows:


-PHP version 5.x.x or newer (fully supports PHP v5!)
-A MySQL Database
-Ability to run IonCube Loaders (these are included in DLGuard)

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Below is a summary of the feedback we gathered from the product's ACTUAL customers:


* I can vouch for DLGuard. Not only it is very easy to use even without any customizations, Sam provides amazing customer service!

* I have been using DLGuard for a number of years and I can say that both the product and the support are outstanding!

* DLGuard is the best option out there for selling digital products. It is easy to create secure links and payment buttons with it! I cannot live without DLGuard!

* I use DLGuard to protect my digital products. Some may find it expensive but in my opinion it is worth the money. The one thing I like about DLGuard is that even when customers may forget to click the 'Return to merchant button" after paying through PayPal, they would still get their download link in an email!

* If your exact purpose is digital delivery, then DLGuard is the best software you will ever find! The good thing about this software is that it does exactly what it says and is constantly getting updated with new features and bug fixes!

* DLGuard is simply a brilliant product. Compared to other similar scripts that limit you to just one or two payment processors, DLGuard offers you ten different payment gateways! I also love the fact that it is very simple to use. The only thing I don't like about it is its price but I can assure you that in the long run you would find the product worth it!

* If you are new to digital delivery then I highly recommend DLGuard! It is worth buying even if just for the amazing support that Sam offers! To top it all, Clickbank offers integration support for DLGuard!

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* DLGuard is an okay product. How well it would perform depends on your web hosting company. I had trouble uploading it to my server, and even though I have read rave reviews about the customer service, I actually had to wait for 4 days before getting a reply from the support! The online tutorials are not very comprehensive either!

* DLGuard is a strange script but I quite like it. The customer support is great no doubt but after the first year you would have to PAY for it; else, you won't even be able to re-download the software you have purchased! Since I am paying for support I would expect it to be decent anyway!

* There is no doubt that DLGuard is frequently getting updated but you get free product upgrades only for the first year of your purchase. After that, you won't get any further updates unless you pay for product support and updates for another year!

* The biggest disadvantage to DLGuard is its price. You may not be able to invest $150 in a product like this unless you have sold at least $100 worth of products! So, for newbies who are just starting out, DLGuard is not the way to go. But if you have money to invest then DLGuard is surely worth the price!

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DLGuard was landmark product when it was first released by Sam Stephens! Even among the myriad of ecommerce options available today, it has carved a niche of its own due to its ease of use, Sam's legendary customer support and Clickbank's stamp of approval - those three things are more than enough reasons to try out DLGuard. Plus, it is constantly being improved, so I am sure you won't regret your purchase even one bit!

The downsides? No in-built affiliate program (you have to shell out another $100 on a separate 3rd party script) option, a considerable amount of upfront investment (which maybe a bit difficult for a newbie), its membership management system which is too basic and somewhat limited, and the fact that you have to keep paying annually for license renewal/product support after the first year of your purchase (I know that is quite justifiable, given the costs of customer support and software development, but some people may not agree with me)!

I no longer pay for product support (that may or may not change tomorrow; there are so many more options available now than there was when I had purchased this software) because I don't use DLGuard anymore, but that won't diminish my respect for this awesome product and its creator!

It may not offer you everything you need and that's the beauty of it: by not trying to be everything, it succeeds in being something that is worth more than anything else - ease of use! Moreover, DLGuard offers a number of free add-ons you can use to integrate it with other 3rd party scripts - thus being able to extend the power of DLGuard even further!

Plus it is backed by decent customer support - Sam usually replies to emails every day except Saturday on which he takes a break from his online business! So, if anyone has to wait for 4 days before getting a reply from Sam then chances are that Sam's reply might have been filtered into the Junk Mail/Spam box (which is a possibility as Sam uses a no-reply address as the "From" address of his helpdesk emails - and spammers too use no-reply addresses to spam)!

As an aside, Sam has a good sense of humor which I like…just in case you want to chat with him through his helpdesk …now don't tell him I told you that, okay?! :-)

Overall, DLGuard gets my vote of recommendation!

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About DLGuard:

DLGuard is a website software product designed to secure and automate the online sales process for internet businesses.

DLGuard's reputation is built on eight years of constant development, making sure the product you buy today will solve your needs for tomorrow. We pride ourselves on offering top quality customer support, even after purchase.

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Snail mail: None Available

Phone: None Available

Best Time to Call: None Available

Fax: None Available

Email: None Available

Community Support: http://www.dlguard.com/forum/

Website: http://www.dlguard.com/support/

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Terms of Service: None Available

Privacy Policy: None Available

Refunding Your Purchase:

You have a full 60 days to try this program, and, if you are not completely satisfied, you can email the author and get a full refund.

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