Review of The Suspension Revolution Program: Is It A Scam?


Hello dear reader and welcome to the official review site of the Dan Long’s Suspension revolution program. If you are someone that is full of anticipation to achieve a ripped and chiseled physique; then I think you are just about to discover some amazing information about the help and solution you have been looking for. The Suspension revolution program is a comprehensive and 20 weeks long program which guides you through a holistic, step by step process of getting your body rippled and chiseled to your very best taste.

Furthermore, the truth is that nobody is happy having to live with fats and excess weights all their life; and anybody Suspension Revolution Programwill do anything to look for a solution and way out; but the question is – have you been able to get the right and effective tool that will provide you this? You see, the truth is that there are several programs out there that promises to help you defeat fats and weight and help you build your muscle; but at the end of the day you get to see nothing. Now are you in that condition and you’re tired of being stagnant? I bring you good news.

The Suspension revolution program promises to help you rip your body off all the unwanted substances, fats, weights and chisel it to the very best taste you really desire. It claims to help you achieve your goal using natural means of nutrition and workout in the best and even faster way than any other fitness program. But I am sure you are thinking right now “Will this program work for me?”. You are probably doubting the effectiveness and efficiency of this program because of the disappointments you have met in the past with the numerous programs that also claimed to help you destroy fats overnight.

However, inside this in-depth review, I will be bringing you honest and unbiased information about the Suspension Revolution program; everything you need to know and have to know before you proceed to make your purchase. What is the program all about? Who is the author? How will it work for you? What are the benefits inside the program? These and many more are the questions I will be giving straight forward answers to. Remember, my aim is to ensure that you make the very best buying decision. Nevertheless, if you have already heard about the suspension revolution system and only looking for the link through to the official website, you can quickly use the link provided below you because special offers awaits you there.

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The Suspension revolution program is a complete system which is based on intensive workouts that will help you burn stubborn fats, destroy excess weights and also build great muscles for you. This program focuses on intensive and effective workouts that involve the use of ropes and webbing bodyweight. If you want to get the very best out of yourself and achieve your dream physique, the Suspension revolution program is the one program that takes you through a step by step holistic approach in helping you attain your dreams. And moreover, you will get to improve your balance, strength and flexibility all along the whole program.

Dan Long has proven that by making all your muscles work at the same time via suspension; you can sculpt and create Suspension Revolution Programlean & strong muscles which will help you burn more calories over a long period of time. This is why his Suspension Revolution program teaches you how to break through the barriers, stimulate and work your over 600 muscles so that you can sculpt them.

The Suspension revolution program empowers you by following a step by step approach that will help you save time and effort and yet, give you the very best results. This is a well structured program containing well-detailed and clearly explained steps and techniques which are focused on teaching you to work out in a way that steadily enhances fat loss, muscle gain as well as improvement of stamina.


The brain behind this program is no other person than Dan Long; a go-to-expert when it comes to suspension training, who has had several years of experiences in training many pro athletes and actors in his amazing powerhouse training facility. Dan Long is a professional suspension trainer, a fat loss motivational coach. He is the owner of the popular Kill Mode Training program which is based on the Kill Mode workouts.

Owing it to his expertise, capacity and prowess as a fitness trainer and coach, he has been featured on various national newspapers, programs as well as magazines. Ranging from NBC to ABC, The Health and Wellness Channel and even the Fox news channel. Dan is a much sought-after fitness mentor and coach to entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, professional athletes, body builders and even several ordinary people.


Product name: The Suspension Revolution systemSuspension Revolution Program

Creator: Dan Long

Product Website: www.suspensionrevolution.com

Program Category: Fat loss, weight loss, fitness program.

User Rating: 9/10

Editor’s rating: Excellent.

Money back guarantee: Yes, 60 days.

Refund policy: Yes.


The Suspension Revolution program consists of 3 major modules, alongside well-detailed video series that will assist you in comprehending the whole program and help you achieve your fitness goals. You will burn fats, get rid of weights, adapt a better lifestyle and also build your desired body within a short period of time using the modules inside. Below here are the 3 modules:

MODULE 1: THE 4 WEEKS BEGINNER SUSPENSION REVOLUTION – This is the first and the beginning section of the suspension module program. This module is designed to teach you how to activate the hidden muscles; unlike other programs that only addresses the obvious. This particular module teaches you what to do to lose fats and you will learn workouts that are at the beginner level such as the bicep curls, chest press, triceps press, hip press, hamstrings curls, etc. The module will last for four weeks before you cross over to the next module.

MODULE 2: THE 4 WEEKS LONG INTERMEDIATE SUSPENSION REVOLUTION- This is where you now Suspension Revolution Programget more familiar with new and progressive workouts. Inside this module is where Dan Long now introduces hard and slightly complicated workouts such as the oblique crunches, Jump lunges, Runners on hands, etc. In this second module, I must be honest, it will get a bit harder unlike the first module. But if you can be patient enough to adhere to all the strategies and instructions inside, you are sure to see evident results in no time.

MODULE 3: THE 12 WEEKS LONG ADVANCED SUSPENSION REVOLUTION – This is where your whole body has now gotten into full throttle fat loss mode. This module involves much advanced techniques and workouts that will break your fat loss record. Even your shoulders and arms will get popped with definition when your belly fat shrinks.


Interestingly, apart from the 3 major modules that the suspension revolution program revolves around; there are amazing bonuses that also comes along with its purchase.

  1. Core-Blasting Accelerators – These are four-minute accelerator exercises to maximize your energy and calorie burning benefits.
  2. Steel Pumping Power Sets – These workouts combine suspension with the use of weights.
  3. Strap Finishers – A collaboration with “Mr. Finisher”, Mike Whitfield, these are short, but effective finishing workouts that you can use during cardio, intervals or any other time.
  4. The Top Ten Suspension Exercises That No One Else Does – These are unique suspension exercises that you won’t see in other programs. These will target muscles you didn’t even realize you had which will equal a lot more fat burning for you.



  • The Suspension revolution program is an easy to follow, easy to implement program.Suspension Revolution Program
  • All information inside the suspension revolution system are all well detailed and clearly explained for your effective and efficient use.
  • The exercises and workouts inside the suspension revolution program are different and unique.
  • This program does not require any experience from you; it takes you through everything you need to get rid of fats fast! From beginner level to intermediate level before the advanced.
  • This is a natural approach to getting rid of fats fast with no use of drugs or risk of side effects.
  • The suspension revolution program is backed by the 60-day money back guarantee policy.


  • This program requires your hard work for it to be worthwhile. Achieving success with the suspension revolution won’t be a smooth ride. It will require your effort, patience and discipline.
  • The Suspension revolution program download is available only in digital format.

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