One of the keys to dieting success is to have a good, sincere support group you can turn to when you have a question, need motivation, or are facing a

Anne Collins Weight Loss Program Review

Anne Collins Weight Loss Program Review

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One of the keys to dieting success is to have a good, sincere support group you can turn to when you have a question, need motivation, or are facing a chocolate covered donut and it's calling your name. The success or failure of our endeavors can sometimes hinge on just having someone to talk to.

An additional factor in your success can be having a mentor. So many people don't even know what a mentor is,let alone how to find one. But several recent studies have proven that if you find and work with a mentor, or coach, you will have a much greater probability of success than those people who think they can do everything themselves.

Irish Nutritionist Anne Collins will become your best friend and mentor throughout this program. Her website features a very active and supportive forum. Everything I read there - from old-timers to newbies - was very positive. You will find success stories, stories of encouragement and support, and just plain good cameraderie as these men and womena march towards their goal of weight loss and optimum health.

The forum is personally moderated by Anne Collins and she answers your questions and guides you through this journey. She maintains that motivation is the key factor to success and this is one of the key features of her program.

She believes in diversity and offers nine diet plans. She doesn't believe that "one plan fits all." You can chose whichever diet plan fits you and you can change your plan and pick one of the others. It's all up to you.

Here is a short synopsis of the plans currently available:

* Glycemic Index Diet - she explains what the GI is and how you can use it. This diet, which helps you control carbs, is especially great for diabetics or anyone else who needs to control their carbohydrate intake.

* Balanced Diet - a traditional plan that stresses the recognized Food Pyramid.

* Low Calorie "Booster" Diet - this plan is a "quick start" plan to be used for just two weeks.

* Cholesterol-lowering Diet - if you have a cholesterol problem, this high fiber plan is perfect.

* Low Carbohydrate Diet - this low-carb, high-protein plan will help you lose weight fast.

* 10-Minute Meals Diet - if you are busy and don't have a lot of time to cook - or you don't especially like to cook - this is a great plan with delicious meals that only take 10 minutes.

* Vegetarian Quick Start Diet - formulated to give vegetarians a jump start on their weight loss goals.

* Diet for Life - a plan you can stay on forever.

* Vegetarian Diet for Life - a lifetime plan for vegetarians.

There are a suite of tools to help you learn your body mass index (BMI), the optimum weight for your body type, and the amount of calories you should consume each day.

Now for the best part: access to all of the information on this extensive site, including the forum, for a whole year, costs just a nominal one-time fee. You can't beat that.

Here's what you get:

* The nine diet plans, downloadable as ebooks

* If Anne Collins develops any new diet plans, you have access to them, as well as updates to the plans now in place

* Shopping lists you can print out and take with you shopping. They are very comprehensive and you can just grab them and head off to the market

* Access to the exclusive members-only area for a full year

* Access to the private members-only community forum

* Anne Collins is available to help you practically every day of the year

* Motivational tips and advice to help you stay on track - from Anne Collins and the whole community

* You will find fitness/exercise information and advice in several of the plans

* Calories and the principles of nutrition are well explained

Anne Collins gives you a 60-day risk-free money back guarantee; however, if you cancel during that period you must pay a $5 retention fee. This is to prevent abuse.

I can't emphasize enough the amazing amounts of information Anne Collins provides, as well as the excellent community forum and direct access to Anne Collins herself. It was a pleasure for me to find this program for you and write this Anne Collins Diet Review.

Conclusion: NOT recommended, due to a ridiculous-looking salespage!


None available!

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