At $10, the VPS hosting offered by DFG hosting sounds too cheap to me, so I recommend you signup with their shared hosting space (the cheapest hosting plan) and

DFG Hosting Review

DFG Hosting

Company Name: DFG Hosting

Official Home Page:


DFG Hosting offers several web hosting services such as shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS (virtual private server) hosting, dedicated servers, etc. In addition, they also offer domain registration, domain reselling, as well as custom web development services! According to their domain's WHOIS info, they have been in business since 2007, and they are based in Kentucky (42702)! Click here for more information on this web hosting company!!


* No contracts or hidden fees

* SVN & TRAC space provided

* Premium bandwidth

* 24-hour customer service

* Reliable and secure web hosting

* Easy to use web tools

* 30 day money back guarantee

* 99.9% uptime network guarantee


30 day money back guarantee

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Below is a summary of the feedback we gathered from the company's ACTUAL customers:


* If you are not hosting with DFG hosting then I must ask you: why not? They are the best host I have ever found after trying many others! The customer support and service offered by DFG Hosting is amazing!

* DFG Hosting's servers are faster than those of the other web hosts I have tried so far, and the amount of dedication that this company puts into their services is unparalleled! I highly recommend it for your web hosting needs!

* I have been with them for just a week and loving every moment of it! Unlike with my old host whose support staff mostly replied with "I don't know" for every PHP question I would ask them, DFG hosting's support has been very fast and dedicated in answering my support questions!

* I made the move to DFG hosting and am totally floored with their customer service! In addition, their control panel rocks! I asked them to transfer my website from my old web host to their servers and they did it in a flash!

* I recently switched to DFG hosting and I must say it is the best decision I have ever made!

* I must say there is no better host than DFG hosting. After all, my entire web hosting network runs on their servers! I can offer the best to my customers only because I GET the best value for my money from DFG hosting, dollar for dollar!

* I have been fooled by the "unlimited" offers of a lot of hosting companies and as always, got disappointed time and again! The way your site operates in a shared web hosting environment depends a lot on who you are hosted with, and I must say I am quite happy with the level of service and support offered by DFG hosting. With them, you get EXACTLY what you pay for, no less! While with Godaddy my site would take 1.65 seconds to load, with DFG hosting the same site took only 0.5 seconds to load

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* (Allegedly) Posting fake reviews on forums!

* Claim of offering services since 2005 even though their domain was registered only in 2007!

Click here for more information on this web hosting company!!

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In spite of a few of the customer reviews looking "fishy" and some forum veterans alleging "fake reviews" being posted on forums, this looks like a web hosting company worth trying out! At $10, the VPS hosting offered by DFG hosting sounds too cheap to me! I am not recommending DFGHosting, but if you want to try them out, I suggest you signup with their shared hosting space (the cheapest hosting plan available) and give it a try for at least one year! If you have issues with their shared hosting (especially in terms of speed/uptime) then you can be rest assured they won't go away with an "upgrade" to a VPS or Dedicated hosting plan!

As for their customer support, I cannot say anything about the level of support they offer to their paid clients, but of the three times I submitted questions to them through their contact form, I am yet to get a reply to any of them from their staff!

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Our Background :

In 2005, a group of like-minded individuals including web designers, programmers, and information technology technicians got together to work on several projects and web solutions. Our focus was on web design and development, at that time we did not offer hosting services. Instead, we referred our clients to third-party hosting companies. After numerous requests and careful consideration we made the decision to offer hosting services to our clientele.

In 2006, with a mission of offering superior services we began DFG Hosting to offer a full range of hosting services. Support and reliability that is second to none has allowed us to grow in the competitive and growing web hosting and web services industry.

Why should you use DFG Hosting:

Most companies that offer hosting services are in reality middlemen. They purchase hosting services and resell them. They are generally difficult to contact and offer little in the way of service or support. Not so at DFG Hosting. We own our servers, they belong to us.

When comparing hosting plans you will notice that many other hosts offer “Unlimited space and Bandwidth”. In reality, nothing is “Unlimited” and we decided not to follow the crowd with the misleading offers that cannot be fulfilled. Every hosting company knows that the average website uses very little space and bandwidth. If you reach your limits on your “Unlimited” space, you will not receive a full range of services such as backups and image or file storage not directly related to the operation of your website.

Another common practice is overselling, or putting too many websites on one “box” in order to increase profits at your expense. In such situations, you could be sharing server space with literally hundreds of other websites. This practice puts your online presence at risk, jeopardizing security, performance and speed.

Our goal is to be honest with our offers and services and to give you what you pay for. If you order 10GB of space, you get 10GB of space. We do not limit your backups and we do not limit your ability to host unrelated files, images or applications. We also do not participate in the practice of overselling. If you have a problem, we are responsive, and we act quickly to rectify them as quickly as possible.

Our Network:

DFG Hosting’s footprint now includes the DuPont Fabros CH1 facility in Elk Grove Village, IL. The DF-CH1 data center provides DFG the flexibility to facilitate high-density private cabinets and cages. DFG Hosting’s diverse-path fiber ring provides reliable and redundant connections to our backbone network.

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Snail mail:

PO BOX 1954
Elizabethtown, KY 42702

Phone: 866-936-9995

Best Time to Call: Monday - Saturday 9 AM - 10 PM (EST)

Fax: None Available

Email: support [at] dfghosting [dot] com

Live Chat:

Community Support:


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Terms of Service:

Privacy Policy:

Service Cancellation Terms:

Cancellations must be done in writing via the cancellation form provided. Once we receive your cancellation and have confirmed all necessary information with you via support ticket, we will inform you in writing (typically email) that your account has been canceled. We require that cancellations of service are done through the online form to (a) confirm your identity, (b) confirm in writing you are prepared for all files/emails to be removed, and (c) document the request. This process reduces the likelihood of mistakes, fraudulent/malicious requests, and ensures you are aware that the files, emails, and account may be removed immediately after a cancellation request is processed.

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Most of the above information regarding this hosting company has been collected by us through various sources (apart from the information offered on company's website), such as:

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