I would not recommend it to someone who is totally new to internet marketing and has not earned even a penny! Go and make those

Build My Rank Review

Build My Rank

Product name: Build My Rank

Product SalesPage: BuildMyRank.com


Once you signup with BuildMyRank, you can submit short, decent posts to their private blog network consisting of high pagerank blogs (: generally pagerank 1 to pagerank 4, though that is subject to change)! This way, you get quality, "contextual" backlinks from those blogs!

In short, it is not much different than getting backlinks by doing article submissions, except that, in case of BuildMyRank, you can get away with writing posts as short as 150-words! Please note that the monthly fee you pay is for using their service, NOT for content writing. If you use their content writing services, you pay separately for that!


* Link Promotion

* Evolving Network

* Site Monitoring

* Network Security

* Simple Administration

* Unrivaled Support!

Recommended for:

Intermediate and Advanced Internet Marketers, with Fair Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Below is a summary of the feedback we gathered from the product's ACTUAL customers:


* Unlike with most of the other private blog networks which don't tell you where your content is being posted, BuildMyRank is extremely transparent about these things. You can easily locate where your posts are located, as well as the pagerank of the sites your posts are on!

* All posts are manually verified before going live (heck, even your domain has to be manually approved by the BuildMyRank team before it can be added), so you really need to write decent content, or hire decent content writers. Spun or cruddy articles won't work here! Also, 300-word posts seem to rank better with Google compared to 150-word posts!

The key to writing posts that get reject less is to write in a conversational style. In other words, you write as you talk! Also, using Dragon Naturally Speaking could speed up your content output a bit as well!

* BuildMyRank is one of the better link building services available out there, but in order to benefit from it, you will have to consistently submit content to their system (either written by you or outsourced). Thus, the system is not fully automated, and no matter how hard you try, there is not a lot of stuff about BuildMyRank that you can really automate! If you are willing to work hard, then BuildMyRank is definitely quite effective in boosting your search engine rankings!

* I have been using BuildMyRank for a few months and I can say I am definitely seeing a positive movement in the search engine rankings of my keywords! Outsourcing is a little expensive for sure, but for the quality of links I am getting, I believe it is definitely worth it!

* I have been using BuildMyRank for two months now and it has become one of my favorite link building tools! Make sure you mix social media marketing along with BuildMyRank, in order to get better results!

* I have been using BuildMyRank for two months and I am seeing pretty good results with one of my sites! I am now using it for another site as well! I hope it keeps giving me good backlinks like this!

* BuildMyRank does not publish all of your posts at once, because if your site gets too many backlinks too soon, it may be penalized by Google™. Therefore, BuildMyRank schedules your posts to be published over several days or weeks, thus making the link building process look a lot more natural to Google! Also, you can make no more than 10 posts per day per site!

* I have been using it for eight months and I am surprised at the long term effects of BuildMyRank! Most private SEO networks become less and less effective over time, but BuildMyRank is just the opposite! In fact, right now, all of my niche sites are benefiting from BuildMyRank backlinks! One of my sites that was struggling to get even 300 page views per month is now getting as many a 6,000 pageviews per month!

* Your existing links will stay on even IF you cancel their monthly service!

* BuildMyRank posts only the first "excerpt" part of your post to the homepage of the high quality blogs in their network; therefore, it makes sense if you add your link within the first part (that is, the very first paragraph) of your post!


* You can link to only ONE domain per post!

* The lowest level of membership allows you to add no more than 5 domains to your account!

* BuildMyRank can ban your account if you use a writer who has a very low approval rate! In short, if you are going to outsource, you should hire decent writers and expect to spend quite a decent amount of money on them in order to get decent content!

* If the keyword you are targeting is highly competitive, you may not get results within just 15 days (aka, your trial period).

* You cannot talk about the specific results you have achieved by using BuildMyRank, or show off sites that got ranked as a result of BuildMyRank, because the first rule of BuildMyRank is "you don't talk about BuildMyRank."

* After using BuildMyRank, one of my websites which is 5 years old has suddenly plummeted as far as Google rankings are concerned! I hope it is just Google dance!

* If you stop using their service your rankings will eventually drop. To keep your rankings up, you must not only keep paying a monthly fee but also keep posting short, decent articles every day!

* I have found that most of the content writers who work for BuildMyRank are non-native English speakers!

* If BuildMyRank gets slapped by Google someday then all of my sites get slapped too and there goes all my investments: down the drain! In short, BuildMyRank is a little about "taking risks with your money"!

* BuildMyRank works this way: if you submit 100+ posts targeting the same keyword, you get a great initial boost for that keyword in Google! However this great boost is short-lived; when your post slides down from the high-pagerank homepage of the blog and goes into one of the inner pages which have no pagerank at all, your rankings will drop eventually!

Deep in your mind, you know that if you start submitting posts again you will get that great boost once more! Good for the BuildMyRank team because this makes you keep your membership active, but bad for you!

* In spite of my logging into my PayPal account and canceling my subscription, I was still billed by them! I asked for a refund (since I did not use their service in this interval) but they didn't even reply to my emails! I would never make another purchase from BuildMyRank! Stay away from them: they are overpriced and they do not care about their customers!


Well, it seems that BuildMyRank can be quite effective if:

a) You consistently keep submitting decent posts to them

b) You don't make BuildMyRank your one and only source of backlinks! It pays to mix and match it with other link build techniques. Let us not forget the good old article marketing, forum marketing, RSS feed submissions, and so on and so forth!

While it is true that your existing backlinks won't get removed even if you stop using their service at some point of time, it is equally true that you really cannot afford to get rid of their service until the time when you become an authority figure in Google's eyes! Why? When you stop posting articles through BuildMyRank, your Google rankings would start dropping, bit by bit. It is probably true for any link building strategy out there such as article marketing, but at least it doesn't cost 60 bucks a month!

Good for those who are using BuildMyRank and getting good results. But, let me ask you a question: if it all comes down to writing and submitting content, why not write decent, full-length 500-word articles and submit them to the article directories which seem to have higher pagerank and authority in Google, compared to the blogs of BuildMyRank?

Don't tell me that article writing is "hard": if you can write 10 150-word posts per day and submit them to BuildMyRank team for approval, why can't you submit 3 500-word articles per day to article directories? What is the difference? The advantage of submitting content to article directories is that you get backlinks not just from the directories themselves but also from all the sites which syndicate their content!

Better yet, how about guest blogging for only high pagerank (PR6 - PR7, and even higher) blogs where you submit only 1 1000-word article to a blog per day? Most bloggers these days allow 1- 2 anchor text links per post (some even allow up to 3 links!)! Okay, I know you would be submitting your article to an "unranked" page of the blog, but if your content is good enough you will start getting traffic soon, and here we are talking about PR6 or PR7 blogs, so your chances of receiving traffic is higher than on a PR3 blog!

That is the way I see it! What do ya think?

Do I recommend BuildMyRank? Nope! That it got banned by Google™ and was shutdown as a result of that, says it all! I would not touch these kinds of services even with a 10-foot pole, because more often than not, Google also bans the sites which use services such as BuildMyRank to manipulate their search engine rankings! I am sure nothing would change in the internet marketing community though, because people here never learn their lessons; someone else would come up with a clone of BMR and the herd would follow it readily and make some quick cash, eventually gnashing their teeth as Google shuts them down too!

As far as ROI is concerned, you should be earning at least $59 per month (the monthly cost of BuildMyRank service) just to break even, and a little more if you want to profit from it!

I would not recommend it to someone who is totally new to internet marketing and has not earned even a penny! Go and make those sixty bucks for a few months using the free methods available; after that, when your going gets steady, invest in BuildMyRank to make even bigger profits!


None Available


Snail mail: None Available

Phone: None Available

Best Time to Call: None Available

Fax: None Available

Email: admin [at] buildmyrank [dot] com

Website: http://www.buildmyrank.com/contact


Terms of Service: http://www.buildmyrank.com/terms-conditions

Privacy Policy: http://www.buildmyrank.com/privacy-policy

Service Cancellation Terms:

You may cancel your BuildMyRank membership at any time. WE DO NOT PROVIDE REFUNDS OR CREDITS FOR ANY PARTIAL-MONTH MEMBERSHIP PERIODS. To cancel, log into your account and click on “Unsubscribe” on the “My Account” page.


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