It gives you a quick nutrition education and personal training. You will learn

Lean Hybrid Muscle Building Review

Lean Hybrid Muscle Building Review

Product name: Lean Hybrid Muscle Building

Product Author: Mike Westerdal and Elliot Hulse

Product Salespage:


Elliot Hulse and Mike Westerdal are accomplished bodybuilders who successfully gained muscle mass as they pumped up their physiques. However, gaining weight to increase muscle mass can cause other problems. They both found that they were also gaining too much fat.

Elliot Hulse is a certified conditioning and strength trainer. His "moment of truth" came when one of his clients told him that he was too "out of shape" to be training other people. He did some serious thinking about this comment and then decided that he needed to discover a way to combine gaining muscle mass with losing fat.

Hulse's friend, Mike Westerdal, had the same problem. Together they began to research different methods from both schools of thought - gaining muscle mass and losing fat - and made an enlightening discovery.

They discovered that there are three types of "muscle" fiber. The new type, called "Type III" is like a combination of Type I/Type II, and could help burn fat by using metabolic resistance cardio. They found that the Type III muscle fibers can grow leaner, larger, and burn fat all at the same time.

Their research culminated in their comprehensive eBook, "Lean Hybrid Muscle Building." It gives you a quick nutrition education and personal training.

You will learn:

1. How to quickly gain muscle mass

2. Fat Burning Cycle - how the Type III fiber works and the science behind it

3. Innovative Combination Training Approach - Resistance Hybrid Cardio

You will also receive the following FREE bonuses:

#1: Online Tutorial DVD entitled "Hybrid Strongman:

#2: Audio mp3 Of "The Lean Hybrid Muscle" ebook audio MP3

#3: Online DVD called "Feminine Hybrid Physique"

#4: Lifetime updates

#5: APT Pro Gear discount of 10%

Additional bonuses for quick action are:

Quick Action Bonus #1: Online DVD "Home Gym Warrior"

Quick Action Bonus #2: Online DVD "Hybrid Strength Building"

Quick Action Bonus #3: MP3 "Hybrid Muscle Growth"

This program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Everything is instantly available as digital downloads.

Bodybuilders everywhere will be glad to hear about this new discovery. It will not be necessary any longer to choose between training to gain muscle mass or training to reduce body fat. Using resistance hydro cardio, they will have both benefits in the same workout.

Conclusion: NOT recommended, due to a ridiculous-looking salespage!


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