He maintains that you should not use supplements because they do not do you any good, and that working out hard enough to feel the burn is just a waste of time

No Nonsense Muscle Building Review

No Nonsense Muscle Building Review

Product name: No Nonsense Muscle Building

Product Author: Vince Delmonte

Product Salespage: www.vincedelmontefitness.com


Vince Delmonte's approach to muscle building is different from the mainstream bodybuilding and nutrition approach. He admonishes that champion bodybuilders give useless advice - basically only explaining what they did.

So, if your fed up with your results, you might want to give up on conventional muscle building, quit the supplements and expensive gym equipment, and listen to what Vince Delmonte has to say.

In his eBook, "No Nonsense Muscle Building" Delmonte explains the path to his body transformation. He started out a scrawny 149 pounds with basically no muscle mass. After trying many different methods, with little results, he fine-tuned what he had learned, and knew from personal experience, and came up with his own program.

And he ended up as a Canadian Fitness Model Champion and a regular writer for Men's Fitness, Maximum Fitness, and Men's Health magazines.

So what are Delmonte's theories? He maintains that you should not use supplements because they don't do you any good, and that working out hard enough to "feel the burn" is just a waste of time.

He also reminds us that most of the bodybuilding magazines are owned by the supplement suppliers so it's only natural for these magazines to push the purchase of supplements onto their readers.

Delmonte also says that exercise equipment, such as the BowFlex, don't help your body build muscle mass or tone your muscles.

Delmonte's program teaches you the following:

* the most important muscle building ingredient you can't grow muscles without;
* which foods build slabs of muscles naturally;
* 20 ways you can screw up at your fitness culb;
* how to maximine the top, little-known anabolic secrets for hyper-driven muscle gain;
* how to optimize seven of your own powerful muscle growth and fat burning hormones; and much more.

Delmonte's program, "No Nonsense Muscle Building" is targeted towards men and women with no bodybuilding experience.

If you feel like you're too skinny and you want to learn how to "bulk up" from a reputable source, then this program will be well worth your time and money.

Conclusion: NOT recommended, due to a ridiculous-looking salespage!


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