JaguarPC used to be a great company, but now it has just become a shadow of its former self. From rude tech support people who cannot answer even simple questions, to servers going up and down, live chat where you are refused any help outright, to the owner who does not care about his customers at all!

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Company Name: JaguarPC

Official Home Page:


JaguarPC offers several web hosting services such as web hosting, reseller hosting, co-location hosting, VPS (virtual private server) hosting, hybrid servers, dedicated servers, etc. In addition, they also offer domain registration and backup services! According to their domain's WHOIS info, they have been in business since 1998, and they are based in Colorado (80920)!


* 24 / 7 Professional Support

* Daily Backups

* 100% Network and Uptime

* Free Domain Transfer

* Affordable Web Hosting

* Moneyback Guarantee


30 day money back guarantee


Below is a summary of the feedback we gathered from the company's ACTUAL customers:


* After my bad experience with both Godaddy and Grid hosting, I must say that that I am extremely pleased with the level of server performance, customer care and technical expertise I got from JaguarPC!


* What can I say? The only 'smooth' experience I had with JaguarPC was the smooth transfer of my website from my old host to the JaguarPC server. From then on, my bumpy ride with JaguarPC began: email forwarding problems, server downtimes (so much that you cannot even open a support ticket because their support server is down as well), unsubstantiated claims that my server has hit the KMemSize and inode limits when it was not so in reality (heck, I was not even using more than 1 GB out of the 4 GB of RAM available to me), poor and slow tech support response time (the only 'quick' response you get from them is 'Let us move this ticket for you to Level 2'), etc.! Because of these problems we will have to move our website soon to another web hosting company!

* I had such a bad experience with JaguarPC that I cancelled my VPS account the very next day after my signup! In fact, my problems started as soon as they begun transferring my website to their server - that was when I hit their inode limit, which of course was set extremely low (compared to other web hosts). So I asked them to raise the limit and then did so, bit by bit!

Then when I asked them to enable SSL for my account, they took an hour and 49 minutes to reply! Thankfully, I am now on a better web host where I can get a response to my ticket within 15 minutes or less!

* JaguarPC offers solid hosting, no doubt, but the same cannot be said about their tech support. Their average response time is 30 minutes, but only IF your question is such that it can be answered with a canned response, failing which, they would move your ticket to another department which means that you would have to wait an hour or so to get a response.

If your problem is really complicated, chances are that they would ask you even more questions and/or move the ticket to Level 3 support. Now, of course, at the time of opening a ticket, you could directly ask them to move the ticket to Level 3 support, but then, you would still have to wait 2 hours or so before you get any response from them!

* My experience with JaguarPC was totally positive at the beginning: be it server uptime, load performance or tech support. The ending would have been happy as well had they not moved me to the Tiger server, which was where all my problems started: from slow load/performance, RAID failures resulting in server downtimes for entire days, etc.!

I still have some websites on JaguarPC and would recommend them to others, but my primary presence there has ended! If I experience any more downtimes like that, I would certainly bid farewell to JaguarPC!

* I have recently signed up for a semi-dedicated hosting plan costing of unlimited bandwidth and disk space! My website went down today for almost half an hour. My server so slow that it often takes almost 10 seconds just to connect to my site, forget about the loading time; I have severe connection issues and outage problems with JaguarPC. The tech support seems to be very friendly but cannot solve my problems. I am wondering whether to switch to another host!

* Years ago, when I chose JaguarPC, their tech support used to be great. However, the level of their service has deteriorated steadily over the years. I recently had an email flood attack on my server and asked them to help me! But, their response was to take my website offline! This is my 5th ticket with them, and there is still no sign of help!

* If you are looking for a Windows VPS hosting, stay away from JaguarPC! I am not usually one to post bad reviews; however, the negative experiences I had with JaguarPC have forced me to do otherwise! Right from the day of my signup, my websites have suffered downtime on almost every other week!

Support response time is about 12 hours on an average. The "Level 1, 2, 3" support are all B.S., and so are their phone numbers, because the most you can get from them as a quick response is 'We are forwarding your ticket to…'. If you want any REAL help from them, be ready to WAIT!

Word has it that JaguarPC is slowly phasing out their Windows hosting so as to force Windows customers to try out their Linux hosting; yet, how can they make claims like "JaguarPC uses industry-leading software and the most powerful hardware nodes to provide the industry's best VPS hosting for Windows..." is beyond me. I have made several posts on this matter on their forum but all my posts have been deleted!

* Both the service and support of JaguarPC are totally horrible! I have a co-location server with them and they made me wait for an entire day before responding to my support tickets. On top of that, they have now cancelled my server by mistake! Now I would have to work with them in order to get it restored!

* We had two websites with JaguarPC and our experience with them has only been negative! Our first website had issues with email management; even though we were using a different company for managing our emails, they would still get blocked by JaguarPC's spam filters! Then they suspended one of our websites with any explanations; note that it can take days before your website can be un-suspended.

Their Level 1 tech support is a joke; ask them anything that is a bit out of the ordinary and you would have to wait for hours to get a response from Level 2 or Level 3 support. Their phone numbers are also B.S. because you cannot get hold of anyone through phone! Our other website got suspended due to 'server overload', and they even refused to un-suspend that website! If you read around, you'd find that JaguarPC's servers are horribly slow; so, if you plan to signup with them, be prepared to have a very slow loading website!

* I run a message board and have plenty of problems with JaguarPC hosting. I have a VPD with them and it has suffered one-hour long downtimes on more than one occasion! However, I have no complaints against their tech support, which is by far the most responsive and intelligent that I have ever dealt with; they are not perfect but at least they offer you intelligent answers and don't always blame you for everything!

* Their servers are overloaded to the brim, so much so that if you buy a hosting plan from them and try to upload some files to your web server, you are inundated with a '533' error stating that the hard disk is full! LOL! WTF?

* I don't want to sound preachy, but I don't think any of those web hosts that sell 'unlimited' hosting plans are very reliable. They are literally overselling their servers, putting you and your business at the risk of suffering huge losses!

* JaguarPC used to be a great company, but now it has just become a shadow of its former self. From rude tech support people who cannot answer even simple questions, to servers going up and down, live chat where you are refused any help outright, to the owner who does not care about his customers at all!

So, after spending $3,430.80 with JaguarPC, I am leaving them, which is really sad (btw, when I told them that I would leave JaguarPC if things go on like this, they did not even seem to care)! Bottom line, JaguarPC does not care about its customers and their complaints! I have lost all respect for this hosting company and its owner!

* Over the years, I have been on many hosts and nowhere did I have to encounter so many errors (resulting out of poor server configuration) as I got from JaguarPC - from the very day my VPS was setup! Support staff seems to be indifferent and of the belief that issues like these are normal! Get your act together JaguarPC or I would leave you fast!

* I have a VPS plan with JaguarPC and I pay for my WHMCS license. As a matter of fact, I could not download WHMCS or get it installed (because the ioncube version on my server is outdated, and also because I have not been provided with a license by this company)! I wonder how hard it is to provide me with a WHMCS license upon signup. And don't even get me started on their live support which is outsourced to India!


15 bad reviews and 1 good review. Do your math. Think with your head and then answer my question: do you really want to put your business in the hands of an irresponsible company like JaguarPC!

As to JaguarPC, I have only one thing to say "Godaddy sucks for sure but guess what? You suck even MORE, JaguarPC!" Nuff said!

However, I want to clarify one thing: some people criticize them for outsourcing their support (I am not 100% sure on this) to India. Now, I don't think outsourcing to India, or for that matter, any other third world country is in itself a bad idea, if you choose your employees wisely. I mean, not everyone in India suck in English language; as a matter of fact, I am also from India (not that I am being biased; in fact, I had both good and bad experiences from Indian freelancers, and my bad experiences outnumber the good ones)! 😉

Even if their lousy support was wholly US-based, I would still not recommend them; to me, it does not even matter whether their support guys are based in USA, India or Russia; what really matters is how support is being handled


About hosting provides & high-quality Internet hosting solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, overnment agencies, prominent individuals and non-profit organizations worldwide. We have been in the hosting business since 1998 where our brand " JaguarPC " was created., the world's most trusted and experienced hosting company, delivers superior service to clients through its cost-effective, high-value services model. JaguarPC's core portfolio comprises information technology and business hosting services, as well as programming services. JaguarPC's three complementary, subsidiary businesses are Aletia Hosting, one of the world's leading high-value low-cost hosting companies, Devpond software, a web software company, and, a innovative new brand to expand the JaguarPC line of services.

We support the business and personal clients from across the globe. World leading companies and governments in many countries.

- Employees: Onsite and Offsite staffing
- Over 10 yrs in the hosting industry!
- Nearly 95% annual growth rate
- Ranked in the top of many hosting review sites
- Featured by Inetinteractive as leading hosting provider

Our History:

JaguarPC prides itself on providing a strong foundation for businesses to thrive. Our strategy is simple, maintain focus on our clients at all time. We believe the main reason JaguarPC thrives in a market where others are failing is our ability to maintain focus. We focus on the clients needs and establish a strong foundation based on those needs for a client to reach their goals. What we do best is provide a means to a focused goal through a solid foundation by using high value low cost solutions.

Our Strategy:

JaguarPC was established in 1998 by Greg Landis. While its corporate structure has changed to adapt to the growing business size the idealogy and ownership remains consitant with its founding principles. Over the years JaguarPC grew from a 2 server operation to a massive operation with thousands of servers while almost doubling its client base year after year. Today JaguarPC is among the most well respected and well known web hosting providers in the world. Our expanding offices, in varous cities such as Houston, Atlanta, and Las Vegas have been a key ingredient to our success. Houston is among one of the fastest growing IT industries which provides a great deal of diversity for recruitment.

JaguarPC today now provides web services to hundreds of thousands of businesses, private parties, and governments. Many of the clients served by us today are starting just as we did in 1998. Our experience and well reputation speak for themselves and shine in everything we do.

"We believe we will continue to expand and absorb the competition through our value added services and personal attention. No matter what our size one thing remains true, our dedication to the clients, be it 1 or 1,000,000." - CTO, .


Snail mail:

3578 Hartsel Dr, Unit E #361
Colorado Springs, CO 80920


Technical Support: Toll Free : (888) 551-3050

Sales: Toll Free (US) : (888) 338-5261

Best Time to Call: 24/7

Fax: 1.888.636.9451


Sales: sales [at] jaguarpc [dot] com
Technical Support: abuse [at] jaguarpc [dot] com

Live Chat:

Community Support:



Terms of Service:

Privacy Policy:

Shared Web Hosting Details (as gotten from Ticket 13591307):

1. Restriction on cron usage?: You can create the required number of cron jobs. If you are running high resource intensive queries in the cron, it is advised to run them at night and run the queries after specific interval. Running them all together can effect the server performance.

2. Email Sending Restrictions: On shared server, you are allowed to send 200-300 emails per hour, from a given domain. Yes SMTP is allowed.

3. Allow_url_include, allow_url_fopen and SSI enabled?: Yes, can be enabled through custom php.ini in your account.

4. Passthru(),system(), and exec() enabled?: The functions system() and exec () are disabled on shared servers due to security reasons. If you wish to use them, you'll have to go for a VPS plan where such restrictions will not be there.

5. Ioncube and zend allowed?: Yes, it is by default installed on the shared servers.

6. 777 chmod allowed?: If you require full permission (777) on any folder/files, this can be done from FTP/cPanel or we can do it for you

7. Grace period allowed in case of payment failure: If the payment fails, the account is suspended and re-activated once the payment is received.

8. Backup policy for shared hosting accounts?: We perform daily backups on all of our servers to ensure critical files are never lost. There are 2 daily backups and 1weekly. The backups are overwritten as the new ones are taken.

9. Clustered hosting offered?: Regarding cluster, we do not provide cluster hosting

10. Perl 5.6 or later,mod_rewrite, Crypt::SSLeay,DBI module, etc enabled?: Perl5.8, mod_rewrite is enabled and other perl modules as requires can be checked and installed.

Service Cancellation Terms:


All cancellations must be sent using the cancellation form in the support center/dashboard. Cancellations are effective the date the form is submitted unless otherwise request. While there are no cancellation fees, you must cancel prior to your next billing cycle. Payments made up to your cancellation date are not refundable unless you're canceling within the 30 money back guarantee period less any setup provisioning fees. Any due or past-due balance on your account must be paid in full to cancel. This does not include any added support or service fees you have contracted us to provide.

Until an account is officially canceled via cancellation form you are obligated to pay for your account even if you do not use it. It costs us on an ongoing basis to provision space, power, and bandwidth for services of our clients. We continue to provision those services for your use until you cancel with us therefore we can not know if you are not using the space after we have provisioned it. Because we have provisioned services and provided you with details you have the ability to use your account. An unused account still uses system resources that could be used for other customers.

If our internal collection efforts fail, JaguarPC reserve the right to turn the account over to a 3rd-party (either collections agency or attorney) for further action at clients expense. We reserve the right to report your unpaid balance to credit reporting agencies. Unpaid invoices may affect your credit rating. We place our highest priority on current clients as such cancellations are the lowest priority and may take up to 30 days to process. Cancellations will however be effective as per the effective date of the cancellation form as entered by the client. Our system will prevent future billings.

Refunds :

Only first-time accounts are eligible for a refund. Refunds only apply to the money back guarantee. There are no refunds on domain name registrations, dedicated servers, colocation services, service addons, software licenses, administrative fees, support or install fees. Account renewals and recurring payments after the money back guarantee are non-refundable. We will not refund accounts that do not cancel before their next due date. Meaning, while canceling, your last payment made prior to canceling will not be refunded. Client may request a cancellation date that matches the service end date.

Back-ups and Data Loss:

Clients use our services at their own risk. Our server software does create daily backups for users’ sites that you may download on your own. We do not store this file and it is for your own use should you choose to use it. We perform daily backups on all of our servers to ensure critical files are never lost. We provide this costly service free with no warranty and only as a courtesy. Any site using more than 25GB space will be removed from the backup service. You may opt to purchase backup service for an additional fee. We will not restore a file any user has accidentally deleted or modified. The back-up restoration is for emergency procedures only. You are advised to backup all of your own files to your local drive or additional backup service. If we do have backups available for your files that you need restored, and if we have the ability and time to restore the file(s), there will be a $15 fee for restoring the files. We are not responsible for lost data, time, income or any other resource due to faulty backups or non-existent back-ups. Backup restoration is NOT a fast process. Due to the volume of data being stored, compression, and network file transfers, decompression, restoration, integrity checks, and other variables, the restoration process of large nodes can sometimes take several days. We highly encourage everyone to purchase their own separate managed backups from one of our backup plans if your site or data is critical to your business or livelihood.

Money Back Guarantee:

All shared clients are entitled to an unconditional 30day money back guarantee. This guarantee begins the day we send out your accounts login details. If you wish to cancel your account and receive a full refund within 30 days of the date you signed up, please use the cancellation form in the support center prior to your 30th day of service. This guarantee includes the hosting plan only and does not include extra services or setup fees such as add-ons, name servers, programming work, administrative fees, software licenses, or web designing.

Colocation and Dedicated servers are not entitled to this guarantee due to time and expenses we incur on each order.


Most of the above information regarding this hosting company has been collected by us through various sources (apart from the information offered on company's website), such as:

Source #1 -Is JaguarPC beyond excellence or just a mirage | Screenshot

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