I would have no problem in recommending HostMantis had they not ignored and deleted my pre-sales ticket without a single response (NOT once but TWICE!)

HostMantis Review


Company Name: HostMantis

Official Home Page: HostMantis.com


HostMantis offers several web hosting services such as web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS (virtual private server) hosting, dedicated servers, etc. In addition, they also offer domain registration services and ssl certificates! According to their domain's WHOIS info, they have been in business since 2010, and they are based in Colorado (80206)! Click here for more information on this web hosting company!!


* 24/7 Technical Support

* 99.9% Network Uptime

* Instant Activation

* 30-Day Guarantee

* CloudLinux Stability

* IMAP, FTP, Statistics

* CGI, Perl, PHP 5.3, MySQL

* Trendy Sitebuilder

* Softaculous

* Fantastico

* FFMpeg

And Much Much MORE!


30 day money back guarantee

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Below is a summary of the feedback we gathered from the company's ACTUAL customers:


* We have been using HostMantis for the past 1 year and are really pleased with their fast servers. There's absolutely no downtime at all! Plus, their affordable prices ensure that you can continue your business even in the face of recession.

* I have been with HostMantis for 6 months! I have 7 websites hosted with them. I have not experienced any downtime or problem with any of my sites. Plus, I love the fact that no matter how simple or complex my question is, the customer care team is always there to help me with prompt replies!

* HostMantis has been offering us fast servers and excellent support since Day 1; no wonder that we have been with them for 6 months already and plan to stay even longer! We hardly have to send them any support ticket but whenever we did, they responded in the most prompt and professional manner! To our knowledge, there has been no server downtime!

* I am one of the clients of HostMantis; I actually host several of my own clients on their servers. HostMantis has been extremely communicative with us since the very beginning, which is why I love them!

* I have been with HostMantis for 2+ years and my experience with them has been a happy one. Whenever I have submitted support tickets to them, they have offered me excellent and prompt responses.

* I have tried many other webhosts but been sorely disappointed with them all. I compared the server speed of HostMantis with that of the other hosts I have been with, and I can say that although HostMantis's speed is nothing exceptional, it is okay! Their uptime is great - I had only one short downtime since 2001; if they can maintain this level of service then I would definitely keep using them!

* I have been with HostMantis for the past 2 months and really love them. It is quite affordable. Only thing I don't like about them is the low amount of bandwidth transfer they offer me per month!

* I highly recommend HostMantis. You get a very reliable hosting provider at a very cheap price. I have two accounts with them and I get fast connection on both of them. Downtime has been ZERO, and their technical support team has always helped me with handy answers every time I asked a techy question.

* I have tried 50 cr*ppy web hosts before HostMantis, and from experience, I can say that HostMantis is simply an amazing hosting company! Downtime is non-existent, and their support team is very helpful!

* HostMantis is truly a great host. They offer you excellent web hosting packages at extremely affordable prices. Personally, I have gotten great service and uptime from them!

* I always recommend HostMantis. I host two websites with them and never had a single issue. Their support team has been extremely honest and caring as well!

* I get immediate answers to my support tickets from HostMantis; this is the very reason why I continue to stick with them!

* I moved away from Hostgator because their server speed was becoming slower by the day. Ever since I moved to HostMantis, the speed of my website has changed from crawling at a snail's pace to lighting fast!

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* Back when they were Plexihost, they offered me everything - from unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and subdomains - without a single trouble. Of late though, they have been complaining about my CPU usage. This is very unbecoming of them; they never mentioned anything about CPU usage in any of their hosting plans. Still, we asked them to back up our files so we could move to another host but instead of doing that, HostMantis simply deleted our website files! All we have managed to backup is our MYSQL database. In short, HostMantis is an extremely unreliable host!

* HostMantis shut us down for overloading their CPU (which was not possible anyway, given our average visitor count and bandwidth usage) without offering any explanation or proof of the same. The only good things about them were that: they offered professional support throughout the period we were with them, and also gave us the backup of our website files when they shut down our account, so that we could move to another host. Still, this kind of behavior is hard to forgive because it caused us 3 days' of shutdown and a lot of our clients backed out as a result!

* HostMantis's support is so slow that it takes more than 5 hours before you get any reply from them. I cannot even add my domain to their server; HostMantis says that my domain registrar is not ICANN-certified and therefore, invalid!

* HostMantis is the worst web hosting provider, if you ask me! No matter how many times you buy hosting space from them with all the correct details, they would always label you as a fraud. If they really don't want any clients at all, then why not shut down the company!

Click here for more information on this web hosting company!!

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I would have no problem in recommending HostMantis had they not ignored and deleted my pre-sales ticket without a single response (NOT once but TWICE!); but since they did that, I would only say that you can check them out if you want to!

As a general rule, if you wish to host a WordPress-based website, I would suggest that you order a VPS instead of a sharing hosting plan, because that WP demon can suck in a lot of CPU and RAM! I also agree with the reviewer who moved away from Hostgator: there's no doubt that Hostgator sucks and I have written a really bad review of them on this website!

BTW, HostMantis was previously known as Plexihost.

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About HostMantis.com:

HostMantis entered the hosting industry as Plexihost (plexihost.com). We changed our name/brand to HostMantis in September of 2010 to position ourselves to become a major presence in the web hosting industry.

HostMantis may not be a huge corporation, but we are big on customer satisfaction. For HostMantis, our clients are our highest priority and we can assure you, your HostMantis account is not treated as "just another account". All HostMantis clients receive the high priority, personal service that we feel each and every client deserves.

We provide the best web hosting rates, features and support in the industry and promise to do so for the life of your account. To prove this to you, you can order HostMantis services, risk-free with our 30-day money back guarantee!

Our Data Center and Network

HostMantis houses servers in SingleHop's Chicago, Illinois and Phoenix, Arizona datacenters. SingleHop's network is powered by high-speed Cisco cores, with built-in redundancy and an emphasis on stability and performance.

SingleHop's datacenter features redundant power, HVAC, and fire detection systems, and are monitored 24/7 by both HostMantis and The SingleHop's Network Operation Centers.

Our Servers

All of our servers use multiple core Intel processors with plenty of RAM and disk space to power our customers websites with ease. All HostMantis servers are constantly monitored by experienced administrators 24/7/365.

Our servers use the latest stable versions of all the software we provide and are updated frequently to ensure maximum operability and security.

Server Apps

We frequently add new features, so if you do not see a feature you require, please contact us as it may already be available!

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Snail mail:

P.O. Box 6197

Phone: None Available

Best Time to Call: None Available

Fax: None Available

Email: None Available

Live Chat: None Available

Community Support: http://community.hostmantis.com/

Website: https://my.hostmantis.com/contact.php

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Terms of Service: http://www.hostmantis.com/tos.php

Privacy Policy: https://privacy.truste.com/reseller/privacy-policy/HostMantis/certified/44b870a4-e809-48aa-9ad4-63ea696e7ce8

Service Cancellation Terms:


Hosting plans will automatically renew until a plan is cancelled. In order to cancel service, you must fill out our online cancellation form. Please be aware that there are no pro-rated refunds after the first 30 days of service.

Cancellation requests must be received by HostMantis a minimum of ten (10) days prior to the end of your Billing Cycle. Cancellations submitted later than this time may result in automatic renewal of your hosting plan. Cancellations become effective on the day processed by HostMantis. HostMantis is unable to cancel your account effective for a future date. HostMantis will confirm the cancellation request when it is processed. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact HostMantis as soon as possible.

HostMantis does not monitor, and will not automatically cancel, plans for problems related to domain name transfers, non-usage, Internic, your ISP, or any other secondary issues not directly related to HostMantis services. Cancellation of services does not relieve the customer from paying any outstanding balance owed on the account. HostMantis reserves the right to cancel any account, at any time, without notice, for any reason HostMantis considers appropriate.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Each of HostMantis hosting plans carries a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our services or support within the first 30 days, you will be given a full refund. Refunds will not be issued for the sole purpose of using our services in a "Free Trial" manner or for "buyers remorse". The following services and conditions do not qualify and/or can render the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee void: (a) Dedicated Server plans, Domain name registration, SSL certificates, domains transfers, any addon services, and setup is not included in the 30 day money back guarantee. (b) If administration time was used during your account such as server configuration (that is more advanced that regular troubleshooting) this guarantee is void. (c) Illegal activity was conducted or intended on our servers will also void this agreement. (d) This request must be sent in 5 business days (excluding holidays) before the first 30 days to be processed, and eligible. (e) If you ordered multiple hosting packages this guarantee will only apply to one hosting package, the first one you cancel. Cancellations of domain name registrations and transfers must be requested within 3 days of registration and there is a cancellation fee a $1.49 per domain name. After 3 days, no refunds will be given for domain name registration or domain transfers.

Refund Policy

Refunds are only available in accordance with the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Refunds will be provided in the same payment method of the original payment. There are no refunds offered or promised after 30 days. Please note, we also have full power in judgement of providing refunds for our promotional offers.

Credit Card Disputes/Chargebacks

HostMantis has a zero tolerance policy for chargebacks. Any customer who disputes a credit card payment is subject to a fine, suspension and account termination at HostMantis discretion. A charge of $50.00 per chargeback will be assessed to all accounts that receive a chargeback.

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