If you prefer to meet the women you want to date online, you will love this program. Derek Lamont teaches you the best approaches to meet women using

The Online Game Review

The Online Game Review

Product name: The Online Game

Product Author: Derek Lamont

Product Salespage: www.onlinepickupsecrets.com


If you prefer to meet the women you want to date online, you will love this program. Derek Lamont teaches you the best approaches to meet women using Facebook, Twitter, or any other method with which you are comfortable.

Benefits of the Program:

Here are some of the things you'll learn:

* The definitive system for attracting beautiful women

* The secret tip that makes it easier to attract a woman online than in person

* 10 vital mistakes most men make that ruin their chances when they talk to a woman online

* 5 psychological strategies you can use in your messages that will immediately attract a woman to you

* A fool-proof way to stop rejection, both online and in person

* How to create a profile picture that will be much more effective than what most men use

* How to write mysterious and attractive profiles that will keep women guessing and wanting to know more

* How to make a woman laugh

* How to pass any "test" a woman may throw at you

* How to be yourself without appearing weak

* 7 key techniques to attract a women with instant messaging

* How to create sexual tension before you even meet in person

* And much, much more. . .

There is also a plan where you can buy the program for $1 now and be billed for the balance in 21 days.

There is also a free 8-part online eCourse entitled "The Online Game 8-Part e-course" by Derek Lamont, which you can sign up for even before buying the main product. This will help you get an idea of the approach of Derek Lamont and his writing style.


The author states, "Your Purchase Is Fully Backed By My 100%, 8-Week, Iron-Clad, Money Back Guarantee!"


#1 "101 Romantic Ideas" by Michael Webb

#2 "Three Keys to Seducing Any Woman" by Mike Pilinski

#3 "The Secret to Getting Her Back" by John Alexander

#4 "7 Simple Steps to a Better Body" by Sean Nalewanyj

#5 Many other free gifts and free online updates for life

Mr. Lamont has taken information collected from a variety of "relationship gurus" and created a system that he says will psychologically attract women to you using proven scientific methods. His approach, using the internet, makes this program a cut above all the other seduction programs available.

Conclusion: NOT recommended, due to a ridiculous-looking salespage!


About the Author:

No information is available, but, according to the author, "A few of the top and elite online attraction gurus and I have put the finishing touches on a new and revolutionary program that teaches any guy how to attract and meet beautiful, quality women on dating sites, social-networking sites, instant messengers, on the phone, and more!"

This program, then, is a compilation of what's been said and done before

Email: derek [at] onlinepickupsecrets [dot] com

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