My advice: please do NOT go anywhere near this hosting company called UnlimitedGB, or you would get duped! It has been 3 weeks and my website is still not active!

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Company Name: UnlimitedGB

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UnlimitedGB offers several web hosting services such as web hosting, reseller hosting, java hosting, cloud hosting, VPS (virtual private server) hosting, dedicated servers, etc. In addition, they also offer domain registration services, bulk email services and file hosting solutions (SFTP)! According to their domain's WHOIS info, they have been in business since 2009, and they are based in India (Tamil Nadu 641012)!


* Delivering 100% Server Uptime

* 72 Hours Free Trial Account

* High Speed Grid Hosting

* 9953 Mbps Internet Backbone

* LIVE 24/7 Customer Support

* Flash Video Tutorials

* Knowledge Base Articles

* Fast Support Ticket Response

And Much Much MORE!


100 day money back guarantee


Below is a summary of the feedback we gathered from the company's ACTUAL customers:


None found!


* UnlimitedGB chose to spam my blog in order to get customers; I believe that spamming is an illegal practice, and since it chose to engage in one illegal activity, what other illegal activities would it not engage in? I declare it a scam because it cannot bring in customers using valid forms of advertising! Would you entrust your business to such a scammy company? Nope! It is the kind of company you must avoid at all costs!

* They lie when they claim to offer 99.99% uptime. On top of that, UnlimitedGB debited my bank account twice for the same transaction. In other words, UnlimitedGB is all about using an unlimited amount of your hard earned money!

* Think twice before joining UnlimitedGB! Their '100K free templates' offer is a lie just to lure customers. Everytime I asked them to activate my free web templates account, they provided me with a temporary password that expired after two days; this went on for several times, after which I got fed up and switched hosts! I do NOT recommend UnlimitedGB!

* Their demo is fine but once you start hosting with them for real, it becomes a nightmare experience for you! I have had a lot of errors such as trouble uploading files, problem getting email accounts to work, and more! Chasing down the support guys and getting any resolution from them is a fruitless exercise!

* UnlimitedGB is a useless company; it does not offer any quality customer service at all! These people don't know what to do to prevent their server from getting hacked, and when I got hacked twice, they refused to give me my website backup! Then one day, without intimating me at all, they suspended my account for 'server overload'! Bottom line, UnlimitedGB is the worst hosting provider ever!

* Their claim about "Live chat' is almost a lie; most of the time, there is no one to handle the chat, and even when you get someone to chat with, they do not have a clue about what to do! I asked for my money back but am yet to hear back from them. What do I do? Will I ever get my money back?

* My advice: please do NOT go anywhere near this hosting company called UnlimitedGB, or you would get duped! It has been 3 weeks and my website is still not active! The support staff is either clueless or ignorant about what is going one. I have no idea if I would ever get my money back!

* UnlimitedGB is a fraudster and scammer in reality. I opened a hosting account with them on November 29 and they suspended my account next year on January 24 without giving me a prior notice. The reason for the suspension, as they put it, was 'due to a violation of terms of service'. However, they refused to elaborate any further and simply said that they cannot 'UN-suspend' my account. I am planning on taking legal action against them!

* I was hosting a domain with them. One day, all of a sudden, they suspended my account due to 'excess server load'! I asked them why there was such an excessive server load during the past week when I did not change a thing in my domain account? I also asked them to UN-suspend my Cpanel so that I could investigate the matter. They gave me access to Cpanel only for a day and suspended my account again. The domain reports I got from Cpanel logs DO NOT corroborate with what the hosting company claims about server overload. My advice: DO NOT buy hosting space from UnlimitedGB, ever!

* NEVER do business with UnlimitedGB! I signed up for a hosting account with them but my website could not be accessed from a lot of IP addresses. When I contacted them, they refused to help me!

* UnlimitedGB is a pathetic hosting company and it is better that you stay away from them. First off, they claim 99.99% uptime guarantee but all I get is a server suffering from a long duration of downtime and several internal server errors, such as "Service Unavailable", "Internal Server Error", "URL could not be retrieved" etc. Secondly, their support is cr*p. Third, although they claim to offer 100-day money back guarantee, they refused to refund my money saying that it is the customer's responsibility to check out the product fully (their demo account) before making the purchase!

*Please stay away from UnlimitedGB! From day 1, my emails services were dysfunctional! Since my business relies a lot on emails, I lost hundreds of dollars per day for being unable to either send or receive emails properly. Support guys are all illiterate and do not have a clue about what to do!

* UnlimitedGB is made up of a bunch of cheaters. I lost my money on them. Instead of focusing on solving their customers' problems, they sit back and watch Tamil movies during their work hours! If you ask for help, they make you wait for hours and then ask you to mail (SNAIL mail) their support staff because they don't have any clue! They claim to offer 99.99% percent of server uptime but do not even offer 80%; they also lie about their server speed - in reality, they have really slow servers which crawl at a snail's space. Plus, even the customer testimonials on their website are also false!

* UnlimitedGB is a scam and fraud company. Stay away from UnlimitedGB! Their chat support sucks - it is not owned by UnlimitedGB; the chat support handles support of a lot of companies including UnlimitedGB, and every time you have a problem, all they tell you is to open a support ticket! But even those handling support tickets suck; they make you wait for 2 days before responding to your problem, and to say what? 'Please elaborate on your problem a bit further'!!

In the first month everything was fine except that my server suffered several downtimes. Later on, the downtimes became even more frequent and longer! Then one day, they suddenly suspended my account for 'overusing' their services! WTF? I ran only a non-profit site, using just 82 MB of disk space and 2.5 GB of bandwidth, while they claim to offer unlimited GB of bandwidth and disk space! Needless to say, I could hardly believe their statement!

When I asked them to UN-suspend my account, they did that but warned me that if it happens again they will not UN-suspend my account at all. I knew that my account would get suspended again so I immediately asked for a refund in another ticket; however, they refused to give me any refund citing this issue as an excuse. As expected, they suspended my account again and I got no help either from email tickets or phone call! In the end, I moved to another hosting company!


Cr*p company. NOT recommended. F*ckers such as these give the honest Indian entrepreneurs a bad name!



Since 1995, Interweb iTech (India) Private Limited ( has been providing affordable, reliable solutions to Individuals and Small to Medium Sized companies and businesses. We place a lot of emphasis on customer satisfaction by providing the safest environment for your website and the highest server uptime possible which translates to a higher uptime for your website. We provide 100% network uptime guarantee on all our hosting packages. Keeping this in view we have servers in the world's safest and best Data Centers so that your website stays up at all times.

As a web hosting company and service provider it is our commitment to make our services affordable for everyone and therefore have kept our prices at an all time low so that our services are within reach of everyone. We also provide generous amount of resources with all our packages. The web hosting services we provide includes, 2.0, 3.5, PHP support, full web hosting control panel, website statistics, sql2000 server database and much more. We are available 24x7 through online chat support, support tickets, email and telephone support (telephone support is available during working hours IST only.) We also provide domain name booking and domain registration services. We are a leading web hosting company and domain registration service provider offering a complete private labeled website to our Domain Resellers to kick start their Domain Reseller Program.

As a leading Indian Web Hosting Company we provide great server uptime which is further backed by a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with our services we will refund your money, within the first 30 days.


Snail mail:

Interweb iTech (India) Pvt. Ltd.
No.371 Cross Cut Road
Coimbatore - 641012
Tamil Nadu, INDIA (South)


Support & Sales Number: +91-7667666855 / 866 / 877
Management Number: +91-9994169999 / 7777

Best Time to Call: None Available

Fax: None Available

Email: None Available

Live Chat:

Community Support: None Available



Terms of Service:

Privacy Policy:

Shared Web Hosting Details (as gotten from Ticket 631023):

1. Restriction on cron usage?: We will not provide services to run cron entries with intervals of less than 15 minutes

2. Email Sending Restrictions: You can able to send 100 mail in a hour but the mail should not be the bulk mail; we provide SMTP configuration settings!

3. Allow_url_include, allow_url_fopen and SSI enabled?: Not answered

4. Passthru(),system(), and exec() enabled?: No

5. Ioncube and zend allowed?: Yes

6. 777 chmod allowed?: We are using suphp so you have give permission 755

7. Grace period allowed in case of payment failure: When the country of a billing address mismatches the country of an IP address, an order causes the max mind error,All Refunds are subject to verification process by our billing department

8. Backup policy for shared hosting accounts?: We will enable the backup mangager during the account setup and your not to scheduled backups If we find any any schedule backups that are being run on any of your accounts then we would need to again disable the Backup Manager permanently.there is no charege for backup,We will not provide services to use the server as a Backup/Storage device

9. Clustered hosting offered?: Kindly visit the below link for clustered hosting:

10. Perl 5.6 or later,mod_rewrite, Crypt::SSLeay,DBI module, etc enabled?: Sorry we are not providing support for PERL

Service Cancellation Terms:

Service Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation and Refund Policy
As we explain in this paragraph, we offer you a money-back guarantee on all shared hosting plans if you cancel with us during the first 100 days after signup. For all reseller hosting plans we offer you a money-back guarantee within the first 30 days after signup. The only way to cancel your account is by submitting a ticket at with a valid detailed reason as to why you are cancelling your service. We are the sole arbiter as to if your reason is a valid reason and if all possible steps were taken on your side and on ours to correct the situation causing the interest to cancel. Please Note that you cannot request andor receive a refund in case if you have misunderstood a feature that is displayed on our website. It is your sole responsibility to clarify and confirm with us before you make a purchase. All Refunds are subject to verification process by our billing department and will take up to 30 days for return of payment.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE THERE IS NO MONEY BACK GUARANTEE FOR: Any Setup Fees, Any Bank Transfer Charges, Domain Name Renewal/Registration/Transfer, Shared Hosting Renewals, Reseller Hosting Renewals, Upgrades to Hosting Service, SSL Certificates, Email Newsletter Marketing Plans, Dedicated Servers and VPS plans.

If we register a domain name for you as part of your hosting package with us, and you decide that you want to cancel your account during the first 100 days, then we will deduct the cost of the domain name from the money we refund you. The charge for domain name renewal/registration/transfer is non-refundable as you own the domain name for the paid term. Please understand that this is not simply because we refuse to issue a refund. Domain name renewal/registration/transfer is irreversible, making any money paid for the domain name non-refundable.

If you cancel your account after the money-back period, or after your account is renewed then unfortunately we will not be able to issue any refunds. UnlimitedGB also reserves the right to cancel your account any time with no-money-back, should an event occur in which proper evidence exists that a customer was exceptionally arrogant, rude or vulgar in communications with our staff.

Automatic Renewal
When you sign up, your UnlimitedGB account will be enabled with autorenewal, which means that when your renewal date arrives, your hosting plan and domain will be renewed. When it is time for renewal, the credit card you have on file with us will also be charged. If you wish to not have this happen, and you would not like to renew your account, you must cancel 14 days prior to your renewal date. If you fail to cancel 14 days prior to renewal, your account will be renewed for a new term, so please be sure to inform us at support [at] unlimitedgb [dot] com if you do not want to renew. The renewal fee will become non-refundable as soon as it is charged.

If more than 14 days pass from the date on which any invoice for the hosting services is issued to you and we have not received payment in full, we will suspend your account, which means that your data and website will not be available. If in the following 100 days you pay all amounts due, bringing your account up to date, we will take your account out of suspension and the data will be available again. If, however, 100 days pass from the date on which your account is suspended and you have not made payment in full, UnlimitedGB shall have the right to delete all data you have uploaded to the servers.You hereby acknowledge that this is UnlimitedGB's policy when it comes to data retention, and waive all rights in and to your data in these situations.


Most of the above information regarding this hosting company has been collected by us through various sources (apart from the information offered on company's website), such as:

Source #1 | Screenshot 1

Source #2 – A Scam to Avoid!! | Screenshot

Source #3-Unlimited GB-Scam Company with False claims | Screenshot

Source SCAM !!!! Fraud company !!!! Stay away from | Screenshot

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