According to the book's author, you can use the advice in this book regardless of your age! Below is a summary of the feedback we gathered from the product's ACTUAL customers

Dating For Dummies Review

Dating For Dummies (For Dummies (Psychology & Self Help))

Product name: Dating For Dummies (For Dummies (Psychology & Self Help))

Product Author: Joy Browne


Welcome to the dating world of the 21st century where people check out their potential dates on Google, Twitter and even Facebook in advance! This book describes how to get any information you want on your potential date using the power of social media. According to the book's author, you can use the advice in this book regardless of your age!

Bottom-line is: if you:

- Hate weird surprises and dud dates

- Would like to know every single detail about your potential date before the meeting

- Want to have a great time with your date

- Want to know how to transform a one-time date into a fruitful relationship

then this book is for you!

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Below is a summary of the feedback we gathered from the product's ACTUAL customers:


* This book offers a good basic introduction to dating and relationships

* Whether you are 15-year old or 90-year old, this book offers great information on the dating game. The only requirements are that you must be straight (heterosexual) and dating in America! In short, this book offers the best information on the topic of intimacy!

* This book focuses on the manners and etiquette one must have when dating someone. It also offers good information on when to do specific things and when not to!

* Interesting book, written from the perspective of a woman

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* The basic information offered in this book is good for youngsters but for people who are in their 30s and beyond, there are much better books on dating

* Although amusing and full of humor, this book did not offer me the information I was looking for!

* Organized and easy-to-read, but the advice is too simplistic and tedious. It does not explore the feelings that are involved in a dating scene.

* Buy this mediocre book if only you want to get some laughs out of it; otherwise, pass on this one!

* The book is interesting but I cannot say whether you will get any help out of it or not. For example, there are both stupid and intelligent dating tips in this book. Overall, this book is good for those who are new and not confident about dating.

* Buy this book only IF you are interested in dating average-looking women. On the whole, this book is of very limited use to men who are looking forward to dating attractive women!

* This book is OK but could have been much better. It seems to assume that dating is an exact science and discuses the subject as if you are going to make a business deal rather than meeting a date!

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I would say that this book is great for:

- People who have never been on a date before

- People who lack the confidence to meet a date

- People who would like to research every single thing about a potential date meticulously before meeting him or her, in order to avoid wacky surprises!

- People who simply want some good basic advice on dating as a starter.

If you have already dated enough people, you probably know more than this book offers!

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About the Author:

Joy Browne (born 24 October 1944) also named Dr. Joy, is an American radio psychologist.

A graduate of Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, with a M.A. and Ph.D. in psychology, she is a licensed clinical psychologist who was first on the air in Boston at station WITS, where she did a program called Up Close and Personal in the late 1970s.[1]

Today, her syndicated show is one of the longest-running call-in therapy show in the United States. It originates from radio station WOR (New York City). Browne has a reputation for being straightforward but gentle, and not adversarial toward her callers.[citation needed] Browne does, however, take a no-nonsense approach to callers, trying to home in on a problem without getting caught up in a caller's long stories or digressions. Browne is also known for her "one-year rule", which states that people who have lost a spouse or partner due to break-up, death or divorce should wait at a minimum one year before resuming romantic relationships. Dr. Joy is known for her phrase "stupid and cheerful" for dealing with difficult people. Browne also half-humorously suggests that people wait until they are 40 or 45 years of age before engaging in sexual relationships, due to the 'emotional nakedness' of the activity.

Dr. Browne hosted a TV show on the Discovery Health cable channel in 2005 which was a live one-hour simulcast of her weekday show on WOR. She previously hosted a King World-Eyemark weekday syndicated TV advice talk show in 1999 for one year.

She has written numerous books on life and dating, including It’s A Jungle Out There Jane, Dating for Dummies , The Nine Fantasies That Will Ruin Your Life , Capitalizing on Incompetence, Getting Unstuck , and Dating Disasters.

On September 30, 2010, Dr. Browne joined the cast of the off-Broadway play My Big Gay Italian Wedding for three performances. [Source: Wikipedia]

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Product statistics:

Paperback: 432 pages

Publisher: For Dummies

Language: English

Product Dimensions: 9.2 x 7.4 x 1 inches

Shipping Weight: 1.2 pounds

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