This toilet-paper holder looks very good in my bathroom. However, it is of a very large size so make sure that you have plenty of space to spare in your bathroom!

Skeleton Toilet Paper Holder Review

Skeleton Toilet Paper Holder

Product name: Skeleton Toilet Paper Holder


This bony fellow is grinning every time the paper is spinning. Spooky toilet paper holder is a most unexpected addition to your bathroom; a daring decorator's dream come true! Polyresin. Toilet paper not included. 8 1/4 inches x 41/2 inches x 8 inches high. Click here for more information!


* 8 1/4 inches x 41/2 inches x 8 inches high.

* Polyresin

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Below is a summary of the feedback we gathered from the product's ACTUAL customers:


* This is a very cool item. I love it! It adds spice to your bathroom!

* This is an awesome item; it is not made of cheap plastic! For the price, it is a real steal!

* I am quite impressed with this ceramic piece and have fallen in love with it. I feel like I have gotten an awesome deal!

* Everyone who uses my bathroom tells me how much they love it! Plus, it fell from my hand once by accident and still did not break!

* Unlike the cheap stuff you find these days, this product is well-made and sturdy. I wish they'd sent some nails and screws along with!

* This is simply a marvelous item. I love it! I am very happy with my purchase from the amazing Amazon!

* This toilet-paper holder looks very good in my bathroom. However, it is of a very large size so make sure that you have plenty of space to spare in your bathroom!

* Every time I look at this toilet paper holder, it makes me laugh. I haven't had the chance to install it yet, but am loving it already!

* I like the fact that this item was shipped early to me. It is much bigger than I expected but then again, bigger is better, right? All in all, I think you should buy this!

* I think that it is a very durable item. It is made of hard resin. I believe that this product would out-last you and even your relatives!

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* It is very large. I did not know it had to be affixed permanently on to your wall, or I won't have purchased it! It is a cool item no doubt but you would need screws and nails in order to install it!

* It is of enormous size and while I did not care so much about its size, my boyfriend thought it was ugly and an eyesore. It is so heavy that I needed to use three fat screws to fix it on my wall; when I finally took it down, there were large holes on my wall that needed to be patched-up!

* Although I love this piece, I think asking for $1,000 for such an item is far from fair. Is it made up of gold or what?

* It is a cool item but installing and removing it are difficult. Also, material-wise, it is made up of cheap plastic, except for the hanging plate on the back which is made of metal.

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It's cool no doubt but like the other reviewer said, I think that the $999 price is not quite justified. Then again, it is a free market out there run by hardcore capitalists - what else can I say!

I also doubt its durability - heaviness of an item does not necessarily equate with its durability! But regardless, would you want such a large item in your bathroom (unless you have a really large bathroom)? You decide!

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