If you want to learn the art of sexual seduction so that you can attract any woman, ask her phone number, and make out with her - all within the SAME night - irrespective of your looks or income, then you should

Secrets of the A Game Review

Secrets of the A Game: How to Meet and Attract Women Anywhere, Anyplace, Anytime

Product name: Secrets of the A Game: How to Meet and Attract Women Anywhere, Anyplace, Anytime

Product Author: Logan Edwards


The book has been described as "A Master Pick-Up Artist reveals the new Secrets of Seduction"!

If you are the kind of guy who gets nervous when meeting women face-to-face, says and does stupid things to women - thereby sabotaging your prospects of having a date with ANY woman at all, this book is just what you need!

According to the author, if you want to learn the art of sexual seduction so that you can attract any woman, ask her phone number, and make out with her - all within the SAME night - irrespective of your looks or income, then you should definitely pick up this book! Click here for more information!

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Below is a summary of the feedback we gathered from the product's ACTUAL customers:


* I highly recommend this book. It does the impossible thing of describing what women really want from a guy - that too, in meticulous details; in addition, it also tells you how to use that knowledge to your advantage! So, whether you are looking for a one-night stand or a long-term relationship, this book is for you!

* I liked this book because it is not as "cocky" as the other dating and seduction books out there! Best of all, the tips offered in this book really WORK! I read the book twice and also bought a copy for my brother!

* Excellent formatting with a thorough blueprint on how to pickup women! What more could you ask for? Granted, the book is a bit bulky, but the time and effort that goes into reading it is worth it! I especially liked the section on confidence and attitude!

* Before I bought this book, I was a complete introvert with no idea of how to approach women! Thanks to this book, my calendar is now booked with dates! Moreover, I am no longer shy like I used to be!

* The first half of the book describes the basics of proper dressing and manners that would make you the kind of guy women are attracted to! If you already know that stuff then simply skip to the second half of the book which is pure gold - it talks about how to approach a group of women, pick up and attract one woman from the group, create a rapport with her and then close (closing could mean anything from asking for her phone number, a second date, a kiss, etc., depending on what you want).

* I got a lot out of this book. The one thing I severely lacked was self-confidence, and that is where this book helped me a lot. I am still working on it, but things are starting to look better for me. I am attracting women, getting dates, phone numbers, etc., all thanks to this book!

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* I feel this book is more realistic and down-to-earth than Mystery Method because unlike the latter, this book does not promise that you will be able to sleep with each and every woman you encounter. However, I believe this book was written strictly with beginners in mind. If you are advanced then you won't find anything useful here!

* This book is pretty basic, and does not offer enough examples of "smart openers" to use when dating a woman! Good for a teen who is new to PUA (pickup artist); if you already have enough knowledge, this is just a waste of time and money! The Mystery Method is a better book!

* This book is total junk and written for jerks! I am proud to say I burned this book as well as its complimentary book in a bonfire!

* I did not like this book very much. It only states the very obvious things over and over again, like how you should 'dress properly', 'brush your teeth' or 'take a shower' before gong out on a date. I found only a few good tips out of this book, that too, towards the very end of it!

* it is just a copy of the other two great books which are a heck lot better than this, and on top of that, the author does not even give proper credit to the sources!

* All that this book offers is a bunch of baloney. If you closely follow the advice in this book, you can have a nice chat with a girl at the most; any chance of your getting her on to your bed is very slim indeed!

* Waste of money and time. Totally worthless book! The few "tips" that the author talked about made me laugh out loud. If you want a fun read, or need someone to state the obvious things to you - such as how to groom yourself and have lots of self-confidence, this book is for you!

* This book is just a piece of repetitive trash! Better get off your couch and start meeting women and be yourself, than waste money on this book. I gave it five stars only so that people read my negative review because, usually, people ignore bad reviews!

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I believe that this book is good for those who are new to the "pickup artist" scene; even then, it is doubtful whether, by strictly following the advice of this book, you will be able to get a woman to your bedroom. The most you can get out of this book is knowing:

a) How to groom yourself and act right on a date

b) How to stay clean and dress well before going out to meet women

c) How to act confident when talking to a woman

d) How to have a nice chat with a woman and make friends with her

If (d) is your ultimate goal, then this book is definitely for you; for anything beyond that, look for another book. Also, if you are too much of an introvert and shy person, the first half of the book will help a lot in building your self-confidence, which is a MUST for attracting women!

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About the Author:

Logan Edwards has written a masterpiece of the pick-up arts that teaches you all of the theory AND all of the techniques you need to meet and attract women. Over the past ten years, he has devoted his life to unlocking the secrets of the male/female mating dynamic. Part psychologist, part salesman, part ladies man, he is currently traveling the world, working one-on-one teaching men how to better attract beautiful women.

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Product statistics:

Paperback: 411 pages

Publisher: Sweetleaf Publishing Inc

Language: English

Product Dimensions: 8.8 x 6 x 1.1 inches

Shipping Weight: 1.6 pounds

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