The results are no doubt very easy to read, but only IF you get an actual result! The tests themselves are quite unreliable; half the time I end up getting an error message!

Clearblue Easy Digital Ovulation Test Review

Clearblue Easy Digital Ovulation Test, 20 Count

Product name: Clearblue Easy Digital Ovulation Test, 20 Count


Every woman goes through an unique menstrual cycle; as a matter of fact, a lot of women don't know that there are only a few days in a woman's cycle when she has a high chance of getting pregnant after intercourse; out of these, a woman is most fertile on two days: the day of ovulation and the day before that! To maximize their chances of conception, women often turn to ovulation tests (rather than doing the guesswork themselves). This is basically an ovulation test kit!

The Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test is an easy-to-use home ovulation test, and is over 99% accurate at detecting the luteinizing hormone (LH) surge. The optical reader interprets your result and gives you a clear smiley face in the result window when the LH surge has been detected, identifying your 2 best days to try for a baby. For women whose cycles vary from month to month, it can be especially challenging to accurately detect the timing of the two most likely days to get pregnant. This 20 count test kit will give you the highest chance of detecting your most fertile days whenever they occur.

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* Gives women a greater chance of detecting their fertile days, even if their cycle lengths are variable.

* Completely clear result: A smiley face in the indicator window pinpoints your 2 most likely days to get pregnant.

* Over 99% accurate at detecting your LH surge.

* Take the test any time of the day.

* 20 Clearblue Digital Ovulation Tests included.


1 test holder, 20 test sticks and 1 English/Spanish insert.


Read complete instructions before use.


Certain medications or medical conditions, including but not limited to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) may affect the reliability of this test for predicting ovulation. For details, see the enclosed instruction insert or visit our website: Store at 36°-86°F (2°-30°C). Do not freeze. For in vitro diagnostic use only (not for internal use). Keep out of reach of children. Read instructions before use.

Recommended age:

All Adult Women

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Below is a summary of the feedback we gathered from the product's ACTUAL customers:


* I will swear by this product time and again! This is the best thing I have ever used. Probably one of the best inventions of science!

* This is very easy to use. The first time I tried this ovulation kit, it correctly detected my ovulation! I'd love to see that smiley face again soon!

* I was skeptical at first but it works flawlessly indeed! I highly recommend this product!

* This is a great product; no more guesswork or comparing lines (of the pregnancy test stripes) that are hard to read; the smiley puts a huge smile on my face!

* I have been trying to conceive for the last 3-4 months and used this product for 4 months. I was surprised on two counts: first on finding out that I am now 5 weeks pregnant and also that I still have a few sticks left from the ovulation kit!

* It is an extremely user-friendly product, but a bit expensive on our budget to buy a kit every month. So what we did was to reset the batteries of the tester so that we could reuse this product for another month!

* I simply love these ovulation tests. They work perfect each and every time for me! Those smiley faces really make me happy!

* I got the smiley face after testing for 4 days. If you are trying to conceive and don't want to go through the additional stress of guessing your ovulation, then I suggest you buy this product!

* This is an extremely easy to use ovulation test; all you need to do is to look at the happy, smiley face and act accordingly! I used this test kit only once and now I am expecting!

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* The results are no doubt very easy to read, but only IF you get an actual result! The tests themselves are quite unreliable; half the time I end up getting an error message!

* This product works but you need to make sure that you have taken the pink cap off before inserting the stick into the reader, otherwise you may get error messages and waste your stick! Another thing to note is that you should run the test at least twice per day to make sure you don't miss your LH surge!

* I purchased three of these ovulation kits and neither of them lasted long enough. Don't waste your cash on this dud!

* This ovulation kit sure worked for my sister but not for me. Even after 20 tests, I got no results. I ended up trying out the 'strip' type of pregnancy tester which is cheaper, and that is what really worked for me!

* This kit is okay but it did not really work for me. It missed my LH surge! The cheaper pregnancy test strips work better for me. I would never buy this expensive kit again!

* The results offered by this ovulation tester are extremely unreliable. It worked only 50% of the time for me; that is, it offered me great results during the first 3 months of usage but subsequent tests showed me error messages. For the price, I would expect a much better kit!

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Well, it seems that the results offered by this product are pretty unreliable and even at that, it does not even work for a lot of people. I won't recommend it, but you can check it out if you want to!

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Product Dimensions: 3.5 x 2 x 7.2 inches

Shipping Weight: 4.8 ounces


None Available


None Available. For further information about Clearblue Easy, please call the Clearblue Easy Helpline.

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Snail mail: None Available

Phone: 1-800-321-EASY (3279) (toll free)

Best Time to Call: 8:30am – 5:00pm Eastern Time Monday–Friday

Fax: None Available

Email: None Available


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