This 4GB RAM upgrade was exactly what I needed for my iMac. Installation was a breeze. Now can load all my applications without any trouble!

Kingston Apple 4GB Kit Review

Kingston Apple 4GB Kit (2x2GB Modules) 667MHz DDR2 SoDimm iMac and Macbook Memory (KTA-MB667K2/4GR)

Product name: Kingston Apple 4GB Kit (2x2GB Modules) 667MHz DDR2 SoDimm iMac and Macbook Memory (KTA-MB667K2/4GR)


If you want a high-performing and dependable memory chip for your Desktop or Notebook, Kingston RAM would be perfect for your needs!

Kingston offers extremely reliable, high-performance desktop memory and sells more notebook upgrade memory than anyone in the world. Every module is customized and tested to meet the exact specification requirements of each system. Kingston uses only the most reliable and respected components in the industry to ensure maximum performance and legendary Kingston reliability.

Kingston's KTA-MB667K2/4GR is a 4GB Kit (2pcs of 256M X 64) Non-ECC 667MHz 200-pin Unbuffered SODIMM (SDRAM-DDR2, 1.8V, CL5, FBGA, Gold). This memory is designed for the following systems: iMac Intel Core 2 Duo 17-inch CD (Late 2006), iMac Intel Core 2 Duo 20-inch (Mid 2007), iMac Intel Core 2 Duo 24-inch (Mid 2007), MacBook Pro 15.4-inch 2.2GHz/2.4GHz/2.6GHz, and MacBook Pro 17-inch 2.4GHz/2.6GHz.

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* Lifetime Warranty

* 100% Tested for Reliability

* Free Technical Support

* Easy to Follow Installation Instructions

* Designed to Meet or Exceed Industry Standards for Performance and Reliability


* Model: KTA-MB667K2/4GR

* Item Package Quantity: 1

* Warranty: Lifetime

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Below is a summary of the feedback we gathered from the product's ACTUAL customers:


* If you are noticing that the "Page Outs" exceed more than 20% of your "Page Ins", it is time to consider upgrading to this memory kit! Like they say, buying memory is cheaper than fixing a computer! Installing it on our MacBook was extremely easy!

* This 4GB RAM upgrade was exactly what I needed for my iMac. Installation was a breeze. Now can load all my applications without any trouble!

* If you run memory-consuming programs such as Adobe Photoshop™, this high quality RAM would certainly make a significant difference in the speed and performance of your computer. This memory kit is suitable even for the older Macs!

* This is much cheaper than the ridiculous prices charged by Apple! I installed it easily and it works flawlessly on my MacBook Pro!

* Installing Kingston's RAM is really easy; all you need to have is a small screwdriver! As soon as I added this new RAM kit on my machine, I got the benefits almost immediately! My Mac OS X now loads twice as much fast as before! Overall, I am extremely happy with the results!

* Once I upgraded to this RAM, I noticed a huge difference in the performance of my Mac! From launching and running multiple files and applications, to boot time - just about everything has become much faster than before!

* I purchased this RAM upgrade for my penryn macbook and am very pleased with the improvement in performance. My computer loads faster now, and I can run multiple applications without experiencing any kind of slow-down. This is much cheaper than buying RAM from Apple!

* This memory kit is simply amazing! I noticed an immediate improvement in my Mac's performance after installing the RAM! Whether you have a Late 2006 or Mid 2007 MacBook, you would definitely notice a drastic improvement in performance!

* I installed this memory kit on MacBook and have not encountered any problems yet! My machine operates much smoother than before. Also, you cannot beat the price; it is way cheaper than Apple! Thanks for this deal, Amazon!

* I replaced the old Ram in my MacBook with this one and since then, I am able to launch and run several applications simultaneously!

* Installation of this memory kit was really easy! I am glad I did not have to hire geeky technicians who would charge too much money for such a simple job! It has been serving me really well for me since Day 1!

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* You get this 4 GB RAM kit split into two memory slots of 2 GB each. I purchased this package and within the first two weeks, one of the slots stopped working. I can find no way to contact the seller! Buy it at your own risk!

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Most users seem to be very happy with this memory kit, except one oddball reviewer. Like they say, no matter how hard you try, you just cannot satisfy everyone! The price is good, product looks decent and you also get a lifetime warranty with your purchase, so I have no problems in recommending it to you!

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Product Dimensions: 2.7 x 0.2 x 1.2 inches ; 2.4 ounces

Shipping Weight: 2.4 ounces

Item model number: KTA-MB667K2/4GR


None Available


In 1987, Kingston® entered the market with a single product. Founders John Tu and David Sun fulfilled a severe shortage of surface mount memory chips with a memory module that would serve to redefine industry standards for years to come.

Combining one of the most extensive and stringent testing processes in the memory industry, an exceptional 24/7 free tech support center and a consistent roll-out of innovative technologies, Kingston Technology has continually set industry standards of quality and reliability throughout its history.

Reliability is the cornerstone of the Kingston product strategy. It has played a key role in maintaining the long-term relationships developed over the years with customers. Kingston remains committed to exceeding industry standards with every new development while maintaining the signature reliability of its products.

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Snail mail:

Kingston Technology Company, Inc.,
17600 Newhope Street
Fountain Valley, CA 92708


+1 (877) KINGSTON (Toll-Free)
+1 (877) 546-4786 (Toll-Free)
+1 (714) 435-2600

Best Time to Call: None Available

Fax: +1 (714) 435-2699

Email: None Available


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Ships from and sold by Gift-wrap available.

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