I never use that option myself! Another thing to keep in mind is: always make the opt-in OPTIONAL for the customer; never force someone to

Rapid Action Profits Review

Rapid Action Profits

Product name: Rapid Action Profits

Product SalesPage: RapidActionProfits.com


Rapid Action Profits is a sales management system for selling your digital products (such as ebooks, softwares, scripts, etc.) and managing your affiliates. It comes complete with a one-time offer (OTO) system, split-test system (for salespages), traffic analytics, an internal mailing system to let you email customers or affiliates and MORE! Click here for more information!


* Integrate and Automate your Sales Functions

* Easy Affiliate Management

* Affiliate Tools

* Easy Revenue Sharing

* Fast Viral Traffic Building

* Special Rates for Special Occasions

* One-time Offers

* Professional Looking Templates

* Grow Your List with Quality Customers

* Integration with Paypal's Instant Payment Notification (IPN)

* Theft Protection

* Easy Split Testing to Increase Sales

* User Friendly

* Sandbox Testing

* Easy Squeezy

* Squeeze Bypass

* Affiliate Protection

* Cater to the Big Dogs

* Email Your Partners

* Target Your Emails with Precision

* Easy Filtering

* Customize System Emails

* Discount Coupons

* Easily Identify Your Top Performers

Recommended for:

Intermediate and Advanced Internet Marketers, with Fair Knowledge of Building Websites with HTML (and optionally, some PHP knowledge too)!


* Linux Web Server
* PHP 5.x+ installed on your server.
* (1) MySQL database.

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Below is a summary of the feedback we gathered from the product's ACTUAL customers:


* Rapid Action Profits is not just an expansion of Jon Leger's 7 dollar script but much more beyond that! With Rapid Action Profits, you can sell one or more products through the same domain, build a list of buyers, build a network of affiliates, do joint ventures (JV) with big marketers and pay them a higher JV commission, setup one-time offers and split tests, accept installment payments and membership subscriptions (with extra add-ons), and so much more! I have not seen anything even close to it selling at such a low price!

* As far as I am concerned, RAP (Rapid Action Profits) is still the best software available out there for digital marketers. I know someone who sells 2,000 products through Rapid Action Profits without a problem! The only drawback is that it supports only PayPal as payment processor!

* I just LOVE Rapid Action Profits! The fact that Sid (the creator) offers you critically important security updates and bug fixes quickly and without any extra charges makes the one-time investment on Rapid Action Profits totally worth it! I know at least one software company who is forcing me to pay for the "latest update" of their software!

Secondly, Rapid Action Profits is all about ease of use and time saving. I can add a new product in as little as 30 minutes, or less!

* I am new to Rapid Action Profits and must say that it is the single best investment I have ever made! I get timely support, free updates, etc., all of which makes Rapid Action Profits totally worth the money! Rapid Action Profits is the reason why I have such a huge network of active affiliates, as a result of which, my income has exceeded far beyond my expectations! I also love the fact that if you want more features than what is offered to you out-of-the-box, you can always buy one or more of the certified add-ons!

* Rapid Action Profits is one of the most wonderful ways to sell your product! I am slowly converting all my websites to use RAP. What I like about it is the fact that you can charge a one-time fee for your product and make the download available in a "membership area" (extra add-on required); later on, if you want to add more free bonuses for your members, just upload those bonuses and add an OTO too which the members would see when they login to download the bonuses! The possibilities are endless!

* Rapid Action Profits is a very powerful script. I setup all my resell rights products using Rapid Action Profits! As far as installation is concerned, sure, like everything else, it is hard at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to install it without even consulting the instruction manual, just the way I do!

* I have been ripped off so many times by internet marketing scripts that promised the moon but delivered only disappointments and missing functionalities! I had even convinced myself not to buy any more of them; I thought it was better to invest in creating my own custom sales system instead!

Recently, when a client asked me to install Rapid Action Profits script on their server, I was expecting the same kind of disappointments and headaches I got from the other scripts, but boy, was I wrong! I was totally floored by the functionalities of the software and sold on it!

It is by far the best script of its type that I have ever used! I am not affiliated with the creator of Rapid Action Profits, just a happy customer!

* I like the flexibility of the RAP script. Plus, it offers you more free updates and security patches than even WordPress does!

* I am totally impressed with the support I got from Sid hale, the creator of Rapid Action Profits, as well as the other fellow Rapid Action Profits users! As for it being complicated, the first time you use it, it may seem tricky, but once you get the hang of it, it gets easier and easier!

* Rapid Action Profits is an incredible tool. The setup is easy. The instruction manual is pretty well documented. The few times I have had technical problems with the script, the support was quick to rush to my help. I would highly recommend it!

* Before I found RAP, I was with Clickbank™ - plagued by issues like lack of control over affiliates and commission hijacking. Rapid Action Profits came to rescue me in shining armor and I have totally fallen in love with it! It has all the features I need in a neat, shiny package! The downsides are that you have to rely solely on PayPal for processing your sales, and that your affiliates are responsible for refunding customers. Overall, I believe this is a very robust and flexible sales system!

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* Although Rapid Action Profits is a nice software that can manage product sales and affiliate programs, the learning curve that comes with it is extremely steep! To add, if you want to build a strong sales management system, you need to buy some extra add-ons too, which makes the product even more expensive. I am looking for an alternative!

* Sales used to go smoothly and everything looked good until PayPal started freezing the accounts of my affiliates! While PayPal was okay with my salespage (when I made them review it), the PayPal accounts of 4 of my affiliates were frozen for promoting my product, due to violations of PayPal's acceptable use policy!!

* I wished there was a way to setup a traditional affiliate program which is not based on "instant commission" payout system. I also wished it would accept more payment processors other than PayPal!

* I tried Rapid Action Profits and feeling that it was not a suitable product for me, asked for a refund. It has been several weeks since I sent my refund request to them and they are yet to respond. However, when I feign to be a new customer asking for more information on the product, they are quick to reply! Are they ignoring me or what?

* The learning curve that comes with Rapid Action Profits is so steep that I ended up hiring someone to install it. The frequent patches and updates make it quite time-consuming for me to maintain the script!

* A reputed marketer had a domain meltdown because of the Rapid Action Profits script and he lost his affiliate data as a result. The issue is yet to be fixed! Moreover, the script is not newbie-friendly at all; it is as complicated to setup as Amember: you have to have a lot of knowledge of PHP and HTML to make it work for you!

* Rapid Action Profits is pretty good at what it does. If you want a huge number of affiliates to promote your product, then definitely go for Rapid Action Profits! What sucks is that its "security" is easy-to-bypass: meaning that people can download your product for free! That is why I believe it should not be selling for more than 30 bucks!

* I used to have Rapid Action Profits on two of my websites, but gave up after a while, due to its clunky user-interface and lack of flexibility. The user manual reads like it has been written for programmers rather than the "non-techy" end users! Installation was complicated enough to make me outsource it! I would say that Sid is very helpful, but not enough to keep me from dumping the script! At the price it is selling for, you have plenty of alternatives. I definitely do NOT recommend it!

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I have used Rapid Action Profits myself and I would definitely recommend it, but you must keep a few points in mind:

1. Price: It is fair, but not suitable for every pocket. I purchased it for $67 or so when it came out the first time and I have more than tripled my investment back! However, at $200, you have to decide whether it is worth your cash or not. Keep in mind that if you want more than a typical sales-and-affiliate system - complete with dimesales and membership sites, you would need to purchase extra add-ons too! I have mentioned the list of certified add-ons below:

a) Affiliate Notifier: Use this add-on if you want to notify your affiliates/JV partners/Equity partners of sales/refunds.

b) Bonus Item Manager: Lets you add extra bonuses to your product (s) and even setup independent sales/ download pages for those bonus items!

c) Cloaker Add On: Helps you create cloaked or search-engine-friendly links for your affiliates!

d) Cookie Jar: Allows your affiliates to send visitors even to non-RAP pages (such as articles, blogs) and still get credited for any sales occurring through RAP!

e) Dime Sales Management: Lets you setup dimesale products through RAP. You can choose to set the dime sale based on either time or quantity!

f) Mass Pay: Allows you to mass pay your affiliates and JV partners through PayPal!

g) Membership Plus: Lets you setup either one-off or recurring membership sites through RAP! WordPress-based memberships are also supported

h) Payment Table: Lets you calculate the number of alternating payments made to 1st and 2nd tier affiliates, and export the data in HTML format!

i) Paypal Subscription Payments: If you want to accept subscriptions payments through Paypal, you need only this add-on. Note that it does NOT support creation of memberships!

j) Price Spinner: With this add-on, you can allow your visitors to choose their own price for your product, but only on certain conditions! 😉

k) Product Cloner: With the help this add-on, you can easily setup new RAP products by duplicating your existing products!

l) Reseller Bonus Manager: With the help of this add-on, you can let your resellers add their custom bonuses to your product. Your customer would get those bonuses only when they buy through the affiliate link of the respective reseller!

m) RSS Feed Generator: Generate an RSS feed of all the RAP products - for your affiliates. I believe this functionality is now available with RAP by default!

n) Terms of Service (FREE): Force buyers to agree to your purchase agreement before they proceed with the payment!

o) Token Plus: Lets you personalize your salespage by adding the name of the referring affiliate to it!

2. Instruction manual: To be honest, at 150+ pages, it reads more like a long, boring novel! However, I have never felt the need to discuss it, mainly because I learn better through trial and error. I must say that for me, the installation of Rapid Action Profits was much easier than setting up the first product, but even that was not complicated enough to convince me to read the long, boring manual!

I definitely wished the manual was split into several short PDF ebooks so that users can decide what to read and when; this both saves user's time and reduces the number of support issues the owner is likely to have from people who don't have time to read long manuals.

If you are technically-oriented like me, Rapid Action Profits is definitely worth investing in; if not, then you may need to hire experts from time to time until you get "techy" enough yourself!

3. Setup: While it is not true that you need to have extensive knowledge of PHP and HTML in order to use Rapid Action Profits, you do need to know enough HTML to be able to write your salespage and insert RAP's PHP tokens in it; you also need to have some knowledge of FTP and Linux's directory structure. Then again, I think that if are a webmaster on a tight budget, these are things you should definitely learn, whether or not you use the Rapid Action Profits script!

4. About PayPal freezing your account: It is not specifically RAP's fault; rather, it depends on how the user handles it:

If you operate an affiliate program that is "closed-door" - that is, available only to your customers, or a 2-tier affiliate program (both of which are possible with RAP), PayPal can freeze your account. As a matter of fact, newbie RAP users are very likely to make these two mistakes unless they are warned in advance!

Also, you should not discuss anything about your affiliate program in your product salespage: the salespage should be all about selling your product, NOT your affiliate program. If you operate a "customer-only" affiliate program, keep it a secret until the customer reaches your product's download page; otherwise, it is likely to be misconstrued by PayPal as a "MLM" which they strongly hate!

5. Paypal can be unpredictable, and is known to shut down accounts at will! I wish RAP would support multiple payment processors; if it did, the issue of PayPal freezing users' accounts would not bother people as much! Of course you can also sell your products on Clickbank through the Rapid Action Profits system, but that requires an extra add-on purchase, and let us face it, Clickbank has its issues as well!

6. The instant commission payment structure may look convenient on the surface, but it is not without its disadvantages. If you plan to pay your affiliate using the instant commission structure (it is the only option available in RAP by default anyway), you should tell your affiliates upfront that they are responsible for refunding the customers they receive money from (as a matter of fact, Rapid Action Profits rotates the commissions by paying the admin first, then the affiliate, and so on).

But even doing so does not mean that you would not get dishonest affiliates refusing to refund the money, in which case, there is nothing you can do, except to ban those affiliates from your system and bite the bullet by paying the refund out of your pocket (if you care about your reputation, that is)!

If you want a more "traditional" type of affiliate program where you pay affiliates manually, then you need to invest in yet another add-on! :) On top of that, if you do that, you would not be able to take advantage of the huge affiliate network of RAPBank, a marketplace exclusively devoted to instant commission products sold through Rapid Action Profits!

7. I wish the software had an in-built email bounce feature for protecting the user against their server getting blacklisted (it can happen if your server gets too many bounces from RAP and repeatedly fails to process them). Whatever you do, I would not recommend using RAP's in-built mailing feature, except for very special occasions, such as emailing a new download link to your customers (and even for that, you should use an external SMPT server rather than the one provided by your hosting provider!

Let us face it - people forget stuff! Some of them may forget that they ever purchased anything from you, assume that you are spamming them, and mark your emails as such; on the other hand, people also keep changing their email addresses from time to time, which may result in bounces. RAP has an option to let people change their contact details and/or unsubscribe themselves from the list, but in reality, very few can be bothered to scroll all the way to the bottom of the email to find that link! So, if email people too often through RAP, it may get your server/domain blacklisted (either through bounces or spam complaints)!

I would also advise against using RAP's "auto optin" feature, as a lot of people (myself included) don't like being added to a mailing list (even if it is double optin) without their permission! I never use that option myself!

Another thing to keep in mind is: always make the opt-in OPTIONAL for the customer; never force someone to opt-in before they could download your product! Doing so will only lead to refund requests, PayPal disputes (even PayPal looks down upon this practice) and bad reputation for your business!

In spite of all its shortcomings, Rapid Action Profits is still good at what it does, and perhaps more affordable than some of the other high-end sales systems out there! To top it all, it is more or less bug-free and even when bugs do appear, you can expect to get a very quick patch by email! The support is really decent, and you get free lifetime updates (NOT just the promise, the ACTUAL updates - for FREE, something rare in the internet marketing community)! Therefore, I would definitely recommend it!

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About Sid Hale/ad-CLiX.com:

None Available

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Snail mail:

Sid Hale
8947 Salamander Rd
N. Charleston, South Carolina 29406
United States

Phone: +1.8043050572

Best Time to Call: None Available

Fax: None Available

Email: sid [at] ad-CLiX [dot] com

Website: http://rapidactionprofits.com/helpdesk/

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Terms of Service: http://rapidactionprofits.com/index.php?action=terms

Privacy Policy: http://rapidactionprofits.com/index.php?action=privacy

Refunding Your Purchase:

You have a full 60 days to try this program, and, if you are not completely satisfied, you can email the author and get a full refund.

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