You may want to seriously consider the safety of only eating 500 calories a day before you decide to try this rather skewed eating plan. I cannot recommend it due to

Simeons Weight Loss Drops Review

Simeons Weight Loss Drops Review


In the early stages of pregnancy, women produce a hormone known as Human Choriogonadotropin (HCG), which is what these drops purport to contain. Some people who use these hormones as part of Dr. Simeon's HCG Weight Loss System, and follow a low calorie diet, claim that their metabolism is increased and their body burns fat more quickly. You MUST follow this program exactly as it is outlined in order to get the best results. The key, of course, is the 500-calories a day diet plan which is not considered safe by some weight loss experts. Click here for more information!

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Below is a summary of the feedback we gathered from the product's ACTUAL customers:


* This product does what it says it does. However you must read the diet and cleanse information and follow it to the T
* I am losing the weight and inches where I most need it
* The first day I had a slight headache, but after that I have been fine
* I would recommend trying this
* I'd definitely invest in this homeopathic HCG product!
* I'd recommend this product to anyone interested in Simeon's HCG protocol
* I am down 7 lbs in 5 days...and I'm not hungry
* Works just like the products that are up to 5 times as expensive
* I have been on the Dr. Simeon's HCG weight loss plan for 23 days now and have lost 22 lbs
* I have lost 18 lbs in 17 days
* These drops work!! I lost 18.1 pounds in 25 days

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* With this diet, you will lose weight, but YOU ARE ON A 500 CALORIE DIET FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. The HCG is merely a placebo
* My HCG drops were in a glass bottle. It arrived utterly smashed
* The bottle was shattered
* I did not receive the booklet that was supposed to be included
* I bought HCG drops in the past and none were made with alcohol like these
* They taste so horrible that I can't even take them without wanting to vomit

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You may want to seriously consider the safety of only eating 500 calories a day before you decide to try this rather skewed eating plan. I cannot recommend it due to the low calories you are restricted to consuming.

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Natural Health Labs for Dr. Simeon
Natural Health Labs is a private label contract manufacturer of nutritional supplements, dry powder drink mixes and encapsulated formulas. They practice high standards, produce Kosher and Organic products, and follow FDA regulations
Natural Health Labs values exceeding their clients expectations in quality, value, and customer service.
Natural Health Labs Inc.
10790 W.50th Avenue, Bldg 600
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033 Phone: 303.388.7122
Fax: 303-274-6621
Email: support [at] naturalhealthlabs [dot] com
Office Hours:
Mon-Fri 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM (MST)

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Green Web Properties

Green Web Properties Customer Service Contact
Phone: 661-295-1245

Green Web Properties has received a rating of 4.4 stars over the past 12 months averaged from 10,076 reviews

Customer feedback on Green Web Properties (not necessarily on this product):

*Fast shipment
*A+ seller
*Very fast shipping and discrete packaging
*Would order from them again
*Quick and discreet. Thanks.
*As advertised

*Took a little longer to arrive
*Did not receive order until I contacted the seller 10 days after the expected arrival date.
*Didn't arrive on time

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