In the mood for some adventure, Quinn embarks on a journey of finding Mr. Right, and in her search, she comes across many a

The Truth About Dating Review

The Truth About Dating

Product name: The Truth About Dating

Product Author: Julie Christensen


It is the story of Quinn, a regular girl who used to spend her evenings at home watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and playing crossword puzzles, until she could no longer bear her loneliness and the ensuing boredom! In the mood for some adventure, Quinn embarks on a journey of finding Mr. Right, and in her search, she comes across many a bad dates - so bad that you are going to find some of them funny as hell! Finally, with the help of some good friends, she goes through the 7 stages of dating. The question is, has Mr. Right been waiting for her all along? Click here for more information!

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* This book tells you the truth about dating. The story kept me engrossed throughout and I was able to identify myself with the main character completely! I highly recommend it!

* I found the story not only funny but also quite familiar - it echoed many of my own awkward and nightmarish dates! It is definitely worth reading!

* I love funny stories such as this one. I can guarantee that as you read through this book you will find yourself laughing out loud!

* If you are looking for an interesting and entertaining book on dating then this is it! I liked the fact that the main character is complex and that her actions were not so predictable. I had whole-hearted sympathy for Quinn, and I said to myself: "I am so glad that I am married!"

* This is a splendid story but if you have never dated online then you might not be able to relate to a large portion of the book. I found the story quite hilarious and loved the fact that its ending was not the typical "happy ending" which is the norm with these types of books!

* I enjoyed reading this book! It was surprisingly good! I found it interesting that through Quinn's eyes, the author shows us the world of dating as it is - filled with not just happy but also unhappy elements. I also liked the fact that the story was told from a mature woman's perspective!

* If you can get past the typographical errors in this book then I am sure you will enjoy the story of Quinn, a woman who has been through it all: be it speed dating, online dating, and even blind dates, and many a time, she has nothing to show us except awful dating experience. I felt vindicated after reading this book!

* Although I am a 55-year old woman married with kids, I was quickly able to identify myself with Quinn. Although she goes through one hopeless date after another, small glimmers of hope here and there keep the things interesting for the reader. Get this book, and I can guarantee that you will not only find yourself rooting for Quinn all the way to the end, but also enjoying a few laughs!

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* Too many typographical errors in this book! I wonder where its editor was! I wish I had read the reviews before buying this!

* I felt like I wasted my days reading this book. My problem with the book is not its realistic take on dating, which I am sure can be very frustrating; my problem is that Quinn, the protagonist, is so close-minded. At the end of the book you feel like it is not the men she met but she herself - who is the reason behind her single status!

* I purchased the newest edition of this book and even then there were so many typo errors that I gave up! More importantly, the story was quite incoherent and boring, what with Quinn falling for one sleazebag after another with no end in sight.

* This book is written by a liberal woman and it shows in the way Quinn's character shapes up. She has trouble getting along with and dating men because she won't let go of her political views. There is nothing realistic about her dating story. She meets great guys but manages to dump them all one by one for even the smallest of defects. This book is just plain annoying and irritating to a single girl like me. Don't buy it!

* The summary of this book was very misleading. Quinn is hardly a likeable character; she is too boring and negative. When I somehow managed to finish this book after putting it down several times, I was sorry that I wasted my time on this disappointing piece! You will get very little entertainment out of it!

* I cannot believe that this book got 5-start reviews! Not only is the main character incredibly annoying and edgy, the narrative is also quite boring!

* I am a single woman who has experience with internet dating, and I cannot believe that someone like Quinn who calls herself a liberal can be so closed-minded! She is at one time unbearably arrogant and at another wretchedly insecure! I have read many a bad book but this is so awful that I posted a review for the first time in my life, because I believe it my civic duty to warn people against wasting their precious time on this book. If you are thinking about buying this, stop!

* There is nothing funny, interesting or enlightening about this book. It is just plain awful. Even the editing is horrible! I think my time would be better spent in banging my head against the wall, rather than reading this book!

* This is not the truth about dating; this is the truth about wasting your dollar! I was hoping for an interesting read but all I got instead is a disappointing lecture that is poorly edited! The protagonist is so close-minded that she is annoying, what with her hatred of men who are either conservative, have children, or are not wholly fit! Don't waste your time or money on it!

* Don't waste your time on it. Besides being poorly edited, the thing I disliked about this book is that the character is so narrow-minded, whiny and mean - so much so that instead of empathizing with her, you actually start hating her!

Besides, her liberal political views are mentioned on almost every page of the book, and she dumps anyone who does not share her views - so much so that even I who shared many of her political views wanted to tell her to shut her mouth! It is a complete waste of time and money. In future I would avoid buying books written by this author!

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If you can ignore the spelling errors (hard if you are a "grammar puritan") and the main character's liberal political views (hard if you are a conservative), you might get a little entertainment out of this book. Although I am not someone who would hold a gun to the head of anyone for making grammatical mistakes (I make many of them myself), even I found the grammatical errors quite annoying!

As for the story itself, yes, I would rather remain single all my life than date a woman like Quinn. She is not the typical woman you would want to spend the rest of your life with; she is the typical nightmare you would want to forget about, even if you might have known her only for a few hours! I am not 100% sure I can recommend this book to you; if you are a liberal and a misandrist, read this and see if you can get any entertainment out of it!

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About the Author:

Julie Christensen is the author of Searching for Meredith Love and The Truth About Dating. A native New Yorker, she studied painting at Pratt Institute and worked briefly in advertising on Fifth Avenue before she realized that her "creative" job was sucking the life out of her soul. Julie worked as a live-in Au Pair in Brooklyn, taught preschool, and lived in Barcelona and New Mexico before finally going back to school to get her Masters in Audiology. She wrote Searching For Meredith Love while living in New Mexico. After graduation, Julie did her fellowship at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota before moving to Omaha to work at a center for pediatric audiology. It was in Omaha that she discovered how hard dating is when you are an old thirty-something. She began writing about her horrible dates to amuse her single friends and make her married friends appreciate their husbands. The Truth About Dating is based on these experiences. Julie was introduced to her future husband by an acquaintance who, after reading a draft of The Truth About Dating, realized that she knew the perfect man for Julie. One blind date led to marriage less than a year later. They now have two children, ages 2 and 3. Julie continues to paint ( and write ( She is currently at work on her third novel, a mystery set in Brooklyn.

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Product statistics:

Paperback: 402 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace

Language: English

Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.9 inches

Shipping Weight: 1.5 pounds

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