Date Like a Man: What Men Know About Dating and Are Afraid You'll Find Out! Below is a summary of the feedback we gathered from the product's ACTUAL customers

Date Like a Man Review

Date Like a Man: What Men Know About Dating and Are Afraid You'll Find Out

Product name: Date Like a Man: What Men Know About Dating and Are Afraid You'll Find Out

Product Authors: Myreah Moore and Jodie Gould


Are you a woman frustrated with almost every one of your dates turning out to be a dud! Maybe you are disappointed when you check out each of your dates to see if he is "marriage material" and then finding out otherwise!

Hmm, if you said YES to any of these questions then it means you are taking dating too seriously! You need to look at dating as a way of having fun, just like men have been doing for ages. If you don't know how to get your share of fun from dating, this candid and empowering book will tell you that! Click here for more information!

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Below is a summary of the feedback we gathered from the product's ACTUAL customers:


* I love this book and understand it completely! I cannot wait to apply your suggested methods to my own dating life!

* This book really helped me a lot when my 7-year old marriage ended. Whether you are right out of a long term relationship and are hesitant about re-entering the dating scene, or have not had much success with your current approach towards dating, I highly recommend this book to you!

* Every woman should read this book, irrespective of her age. It explains why women fuss over dates while men seem to be having all the fun they can have!

* This book is not only full of honest insights into the dating world but also quite funny and conversational in tone. I loved the fact that it is written in a friendly style instead of the dogmatic 'do this, not that' style!

* This book is backed by solid research on how men think about women, as well as the author's own experience as a dating consultant. This book tells you why dating a man should not mean degrading yourself or dismissing your own needs and desires!

* Although I don't agree with everything the author says here, I believe the book has some great points and tips to offer. Reading this book will not only boost a woman's self-esteem but also inundate her schedule with so many dates that she won't even have time to wait for a phone call from her previous date!

* This book tells it like it is with no-holds barred! I loved the fact that the book revolves around an all-pervasive message that just like men, women can have the upper hand too when it comes to dating! You don't need to allow a man to feed on your self-esteem like a parasite, nor do you need to fall for a troll just because you are lonely and bored - this book tells you WHY!

* I found several funny tips in this book; at the same time, it was a useful read and helped uplift my mood. It advices you about the type of women men get attracted to, as well as the kind of women that tick men off!

* Although this book is filled with a few stereotypes, the author's amazing sense of humor as well as the solid advice she shares in this book kept me from putting it down until I had finished reading the last page!

* This book hits the nail on the head! By following the advice of this book I am able to attract men like a magnet! I suggest ALL girlfriends to have a copy of this book!

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* I wonder why I wasted so much time reading this book! Not only it is filled with a lot of typos, the information given here is inaccurate and the style and tone of the book downright condescending! According to Miss Moore, men are like animals and woman are all insane; I am sad to learn that she is being hailed as America's dating coach!

* The content here is pretty generic but entertaining nonetheless. Read it if you want to be entertained but take the advice given here with a pinch of salt! The section that teaches women the idea of "self love" is good though!

* As a single man, I found the advice in this book to be awfully out-of-date in the present dating scenario. It is like the book was written back in 1940 when the advice given in this book was still relevant. Ladies, unless you want to piss off your guy or let him know what a great gold-digger you are, skip this book!

* This book is for you if all you want is a male friend and a sex buddy; it is not for women who are looking for long term relationship, such as, marriage. I cannot believe this book is filled with so much simplistic filler and stereotypes about men! For example, it suggests women to stay away from dating a "nerd" if sex is of prime importance to you, but being married to a nerd for decades, I could not disagree more!

* This book is totally sexist! It does not tell you how to date like a man; rather, it tells you how to date a "stereotypical" man! In short, it simply does not live up to its title! Oh, and this book is not just for women!

* If you want to know how to date a narcissistic Neanderthal, read this book, because the primary advice given here is: "give a man what he wants and he is yours!" Really? What about what *I* want? Thankfully, not all men belong to this category, and the trick is to find them out!

* This book does not really deliver the information it promises. For example, there is one chapter on how to have sex like a man; however the content within is devoted to teaching you how to "please a man"! Huh!

* This book is dangerous and toxic material for women. Ladies, do yourself a favor and ignore the advice of this book, because book such as this are designed to brainwash you into submitting yourself to the adolescent sexual desires of men, and make no mistake, these predatory men will eventually break your hearts! There are better dating books out there.

* According to this book, it is okay for men to indulge in casual sex but women must wait 4 months for the same; it is okay for men to call us women persistently but we must not respond to those calls; it is okay for men to have all the fun they can get out of dating but we women must learn these stupid dating rules! Reading this book, you would get the impression that it sure pays to be a man! Badly written and the double-standard sucks!

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This is one of those books which land an independent reviewer into a quandary as to whether to recommend it to a woman or not. Now, as a man, I did find the information outdated and honestly a lot of the stuff said about men in this book is stereotypical - the kind of stuff the heroes of the 40-60's Hollywood romances were made of! That said, I am not a woman and so, I don't know if women will find it helpful or not. Judging by the fact that some women actually found the book very motivating and exhilarating, I think I would suggest you to check it out for yourself. You may not get much real-life dating advice from it, but if you are heartbroken after a failed relationship, it should certainly help uplift your mood…to an extent!

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About the Authors:

As "America's Dating Coach," Myreah Moore has helped thousands of women find their soul mates through her personal training sessions and public seminars. Her national television appearances include Sally Jessy Raphael, Leeza, Ricki Lake, Maury, and Geraldo.

Jodie Gould is an author and writer specializing in relationships and popular culture. Her articles have appeared in Cosmopolitan, Elle, Redbook, the New York Times Syndicate and others.

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