This book offers very practical and insightful advice for women who have suffered the loss of their significant other, either through death or divorce! However, I won't recommend it to

Getting Naked Again Review

Getting Naked Again: Dating, Romance, Sex, and Love When You've Been Divorced, Widowed, Dumped, or Distracted

Product name: Getting Naked Again: Dating, Romance, Sex, and Love When You've Been Divorced, Widowed, Dumped, or Distracted

Product Author: Judith Sills


Finally, clinical psychologist and bestselling author Judith Sills comes up with a solution that would apparently help solve the big dilemma that most divorced or widowed women face in their middle-age: the dilemma of pursuing yet another romantic relationship!

In this book, she shares insightful stories of how other women "made it" in spite of being in similar circumstances, and how you too, can once again start dating someone special! Click here for more information!

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* This book offers very practical and insightful advice for women who have suffered the loss of their significant other, either through death or divorce! However, I won't recommend it to women who are under 40, as most of its advice is geared towards middle-aged women only!

* It is a modern guide for a middle-aged woman who is hesitant about getting naked again: physically and emotionally - to a new partner! A must-read for you if you are fresh out of a long-term relationship and are thinking about re-entering into a new one!

* Thanks to this book, I realized that in spite of being a middle-aged widow, I still have several good years ahead of me! I sent this book as a Valentine's day gift to several of my friends who are in the same boat as I am! So far, I have been quite successful by following the advice of this book!

* Highly recommended for its well-written and solid advice! I am a 40-year old shy woman, fresh out of a 19-year old marriage, and I loved this book for the fact that although it does not offer you any information that you don't know already, it distils that information into clear, concise and understandable chunks of text. The stories of women, who managed to hook themselves on to happy relationships in spite of going through the same struggles as I did, helped console my mind to a great extent!

* This book is not just for women; as a 65-year old widower, even I learned a lot from it! I would say that the older guys who want to know about the fears and apprehensions that the women of their age (potential dates for them) face should read this book!

With middle age inevitably comes the issue of finance and estates, and it becomes an even more serious issue when you are looking for a new partner. What if you discover that the old woman you want to spend the rest of your life with spends most of her time taking multiple medications and making visits to clinics or health centers? Or, what if the woman turns out to be someone who just cannot stop talking about her ex?

* In spite of the title, this book does not just address the fears that middle-aged women face about getting naked again - for sex; in fact, it deals with much more than that! The advice offered in this book is universally applicable to anyone, such as:

- a divorced man/woman
-a widow/widower
- a gay man/woman
-a single guy/gal

Basically, people who have struggled all their life to find a partner but could not, or those who are living under a self-denial mode - with the belief that they are destined to remain single forever - would find this book useful! I am glad I ordered this book! I have also sent a copy each to two of my friends who are still single in spite of being extremely beautiful!

* This book offers a wealth of information to help us women polish our dating skills, which is a requirement if we want to connect romantically with the opposite sex! The friendly and chatty style of the author really helps!

* This is a great catchy book that gives you the key to getting naked again for yet another relationship! Dating after college and dating after heartbreak is not the same thing, since things tend to get more complicated for you as you age! Although I don't believe that you have to be over 50 years old to get any use out of this book, it certainly helps if you are a middle-aged woman, as most of the advice of this book is written keeping those women in mind!

If you have just been put of a 'sexual coma' and are struggling to have that 'orgasm' - with a new partner, this is the perfect book for you! However, if you are looking forward to building a long term relationship with a new, old man, there are better books out there!

* Ignore the misleading title. Although this book covers sexual intimacy for middle aged women, it goes much deeper than that, teaching you the value of re-acquiring a hopeful attitude towards romantic relationships after you have been through a great emotional loss! I gave it to my mom to read after she lost her husband last year!

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* Although I found some useful advice in this book, I felt that my existing single life is so beautiful that I would not want to mess up with it! So, although it was a good read, it is not for a reluctant dater like me!

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If you:

- Are a middle-aged man or woman

- Have suffered the loss of your significant other through death or divorce

- Are reluctant to start a romantic relationship all over again

- Are reluctant to get naked again in front of a new partner, for sex

- Are unhappy about being single for a long time, and would like to change your life for the better

- Are a middle-aged person in need some solace and hope

Then this is a very good book for you!

Much of the advice given here is not for youths; however, if you are a young man or woman who has either gone through a break-up, or been single for a very long time, then too you can get some use out of this book!

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Product statistics:

Paperback: 288 pages

Publisher: Springboard Press

Language: English

Product Dimensions: 7.9 x 5.2 x 0.8 inches

Shipping Weight: 8.8 ounces

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