Not only was this not a worthy purchase for me, I am now being harassed by advertising emails from the author! It is not what I expected

Hypothyroidism Diet Tips and Tricks for Women - A Review

Hypothyroidism Diet Tips & Tricks for Women - Fix Your Thyroid & Lose Weight Fast

Product name: Hypothyroidism Diet Tips & Tricks for Women - Fix Your Thyroid & Lose Weight Fast

Product Author: Jennifer Jolan


One more "short" book by Jennifer Jolan, this one dealing on how to lose weight and look like a sexy teenager by following the hypothyroidism diet! If this is something that interests you then read on!

It also deals with how to get rid of your thyroid problems during summer and winter.

There is also a free bonus that you get with it:

"How to Lose Weight Spinning in a Circle Like Kids"

And the good news is - this book is just as short and simple to follow as the original book!


Below is a summary of the feedback we gathered from the product's ACTUAL customers:


* I bought the book expecting the worst. But the techniques discussed in it seem to be quite helpful in normalizing my under-active thyroid. I have not tried all the techniques yet so I cannot share the results, but the one thing I liked about this book is that all the techniques discussed here are free and does not involve purchase of very expensive drugs!

* This book is not only cheaper than most other weight loss books out there, it is also much better than I had hoped! Although I have not lost a lot of weight yet, I am already feeling way better than before, thanks to this book!

* I am a complete noob when it comes to hypothyroidism and this diet book really helped me a lot! I love the fact that it is not filled with a lot of fluff and filler!

* This is not some commonplace book on hypothyroidism! I actually learned three new things from it that I had not found in other books! Its only shortcoming seems to be its short length, but that is actually a good thing for me as I hate to read bulky books!

* I really love this book! For anyone who is looking for new information on how to correct an under-active thyroid, this book is a MUST read! I also liked the fact that it is very easy to understand!

* This is not an authority book on hypothyroidism; rather, it is a short book full of cool tips and techniques on how to correct an under-active thyroid so that you can keep your weight in control. The tips offered here are nothing earth-shattering but helpful nonetheless! In my opinion, it is better to spend three bucks on this book than hundreds of dollars on doctors and medicines later on!

* If you have a sluggish thyroid like me, then this diet book is for you! It is helpful not just for women but also men! Too many thyroid diet books sell regurgitated information that you can find for free online; however, this book offers some great and practical tips that you can start implementing right away!

* This book offers you tips on how to correct your under-active thyroid the NATURAL way!

Even if you don't buy this book, take some time to find whatever information you can find online on the subject! This would take some of your time, but whatever you do, please don't allow your doctor to fill your body with endless drugs again!

* I am someone who did not have the energy levels of a normal person since a long time. After implementing the advice of this book for a few days, while I have not made any significant progress towards weight loss, my energy level has skyrocketed and I am already feeling much better than before!

* I am posting this review to counter the negative review of another person. First off, that person said that she expected more information from the book! Come on, are you kidding me? Do you expect an encyclopedia of information for only 3 bucks? For me, even if I get two-three helpful tips, it is worth the money, and this book certainly offered me what I was looking for!

Also, unlike the other reviewer, I neither found any spelling or grammatical errors in this book, nor anything negative about the free bonus book! I wonder how that reviewer would rate her thyroid doctor on whom she had probably already spent hundreds of dollars!


* I am sure this is good book but the tips offered herein lack clarity. I wish the author had made a video or pictorial demonstration of how to implement her tips. I am trying to follow the tips as best as I can, but am still unsure about whether I am doing it all right!

* Total waste of money; not worth the three bucks I paid for it. Maybe it is worth 99 cents or even worse, nada, zero! I had read all the positive reviews before buying this book but after reading it, I have a feeling that all those "positive reviews" have been written by the author's relatives!

* Full of unintelligible baloney! Even if you could finish reading it in just 5 minutes and paid only $.01 for it, then too it would be a waste of time AND money for you!

* This book does not offer any new or revolutionary information on hypothyroidism that most thyroid sufferers don't know already; you can find most of the information given in this book for free online! In addition, I find some of the information of this book to be misleading and questionable. It is a real shame because I purchased this book after reading so many good reviews and wasted $2.99 on it!

* Not only was this not a worthy purchase for me, I am now being harassed by advertising emails from the author! It is not what I expected. I expected to read about some new thyroid diet, but where is THAT diet?

* Do NOT buy this book! It is full of not only grammatical typos but also unintelligible garbage that is not worth the money. I feel that the author is not qualified enough or have ample experience required to offer advice on something as serious as hypothyroidism! Also, in the bonus book, she seems to be kidding when she says that all you need to do to lose weight is to spin your body like a kid!


Only two words: STAY AWAY! If you value your time and money, find something else to buy but even if you find nothing else, at least skip THIS book! I have already wasted much of my blog's space in bashing this particular author and although I value my real estate too much, I still cannot resist the temptation of writing yet another negative conclusion!

By far, almost all the ebooks of Jennifer Jolan I have reviewed are mainly targeted at the newbie crowd, because almost all of them contain basic weight loss information you can get for free with a quick internet search! Maybe she deliberately targets this particular crowd as it is easier to sell such "booklets" to newbies than the experienced people. This one does not seem to fare any better than the rest of her ebooks! Buy it if you have 3 "useless" bucks lying somewhere in your house, otherwise you better invest your time on your favorite search engine or library.

I really wished Jennifer would stop authoring new ebooks and make her existing e-books better! But maybe, that is not really her end goal?

I am, however, surprised that one reviewer actually commented about being 'hounded by advertising mails' while s/he himself opted in to that subscription form to get the free bonus, ain't it so? Also, I believe s/he cud unsubscribe from that list or even block the emails from the author using filters, instead of whining about it here. Such people do get on my nerves, especially since I happen to be an avid (though honest) email marketer!

About the Author:

I'm just a down-to-earth Midwestern girl who found her passion in life... to help people lose weight and get healthy without starving themselves or making weight loss and improving your health feel like a boring and painful chore.

I love to travel, go to the beach, and watch football (go Chicago Bears). One goal in my life is to travel to each of our 50 beautiful states. I like to be outdoors as much as possible... kayaking, rollerblading, laying out at the beach or pool, hiking, waverunner, walking, and playing with my 2 sons.

I try to avoid watching TV, besides TCM and HGTV... however I do have this strange fascination with watching old movies from the 1940's, 50's, and 60's.

Not sure why, but I think it's because Americans were more connected with each other back then. I like that. I don't like how we all just get in our cars and go our separate ways these days.

I love seeing big changes in the lives of my clients... the things that go beyond weight loss. Losing weight can create a total life transformation... a new more exciting lifestyle, a contentedness with who you are, a more connected personality to your friends, family, and co-workers.

A lot of times, weight loss is the missing piece in a person's life. That's how I look at it. I don't just look at it as someone losing weight and that's it. It's much more than that when done correctly.

I don't like how current diet and exercise books are presented these days. It seems authors make an effort to make the simple, complicated.

What I do is I make the complicated, simple... and not only that, I show you how to lose weight and improve yourself without it feeling like torture.

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