The use of intermittent fasting to lose weight is very easy to do. You start your fast after dinner on one day and end your fast right before

Eat Stop Eat Review

Eat Stop Eat Review

Product name: Eat Stop Eat

Product Author: Brad Pilon

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For centuries, fasting has been used to purify the body and losing body fat. Brad Pilon fine-tunes fasting by introducing "Intermittent Fasting" (IF) in his program. Coupled with exercise, this plan rids your body of fat and brings you to peak health.

The concept is very simple - if you burn more calories weekly than are contained in the foods you eat, you will lose weight. Pilon has you fasting certain days each week and this makes it easy to keep your calorie consumption less than your calorie expenditure, as long as you don't overeat on the days you aren't fasting. And you can do this without tracking every little thing you eat.

The use ofintermittent fasting to lose weight is very easy to do. You start your fast after dinner on one day and end your fast right before dinner the next day. You never, ever go a full day without eating.

When he was just 17, Pilon started working at a health supplement store. He has had a lifelong interest in health, nutrition, and physical fitness since he was very young. Anything that had to do with nutrition interested him.

In college he studied nutrition and went to work at a leading supplement company, as a research analyst, when he graduated.

After several years of working in the nutrition supplement field, he applied his common-sense approach, backed by scientific knowledge, to nutrition and weight loss, and makes the benefits of fasting very clear.

There are two free eBooks you can download from his website, "The Zen of Nutrition" and "The Elimination Workout." I've read them both and they give you a lot of information.

He also offers, entirely free, two reports. One is for men and the other is for women. These reports give you good information on how you can begin to lose weight with his plan.

All of his conclusions are backed by scientific studies and he goes into detail about why fasting is healthy. He also cites his qualifications for developing this program. You will find a list of the scientific studies he cites in the back of the book.

Pilon doesn't go into a lot of detail about strength training, but maintains that it is a necessary element in your life for muscle retention. There is an abundance of strength training resources online.

He offers three versions of the Eat Stop Eat Diet:

Basic - a 91-page guide which gives you all the information you need to have success with this plan

Delux - an additional 121-page eBook that talks about protein and building muscle

Advanced - an additional guide, the "Ten Day Diet Solution" which gives you ten eating habits. He advises you to pick the three that you prefer and use them to accelerate your weight loss.

Once and for all, he puts to rest five diet myths and lies that can sabotage your fitness goals:

Myth #1 - A good weight loss programs needs to be complicated, with calorie cycling and special charts and graphs telling what to eat and when to eat based on your specific metabolic type / blood type / birth stone / horoscope sign.

FACT: A true weight loss plan does NOT have to be complicated. In fact, the simpler the program the better the results will be. The more restrictive the diet, the more likely it will fail you.

Myth #2 - You must be in total control of what you eat. After all, weight loss comes from WHAT you eat, not HOW MUCH you eat.

FACT: The bottom line is that to lose weight you MUST create a caloric deficit (eat less calories than you burn off). As soon as you find a simple way to eat less calories you've won the battle, stressing over special ways to eat and special types of food to eat will NOT improve your weight loss.

Myth #3 - Intermittent Fasting is only for young people and it's just another type of diet fad

FACT: Flexible Intermittent Fasting is supported by a large amount of research and is effective for many people of all different ages and walks of life. From professional fitness models to 53 year old Doctors, an amazing amount of people are switching to the Eat Stop Eat lifestyle every day.

Myth #4 - Some macronutrients are better than others for weight loss, because of the effect they have on rare or recently discovered 'fat burning hormones'.

Fact: Fat is not BAD, protein really isn't that special, and carbohydrates are perfectly fine to eat, even sugar!

Myth #5 - You lose significant amounts of muscle if you don't eat every two to three hours.

FACT: You will not lose muscle if you miss a meal. In fact, you won't even lose muscle if you miss an entire day of meals as long as you follow a well designed workout plan.

Refund Policy: 60 days unconditional
Delivery Method: Digital download

This well-researched program is based on sound scientific princles. You can adapt the principles to your lifestyle and stay slim and healthy for life.

Conclusion: NOT recommended, due to a ridiculous-looking salespage!


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