The Green Smoothie Detox Diet: Cleanse Your Way to Weight Loss- Simple & Easy Recipes For Beginners! Below is a summary of the feedback we gathered from the product's ACTUAL customers

The Green Smoothie Detox Diet Review

The Green Smoothie Detox Diet: Cleanse Your Way to Weight Loss- Simple & Easy Recipes For Beginners

Product name: The Green Smoothie Detox Diet: Cleanse Your Way to Weight Loss- Simple & Easy Recipes For Beginners

Product Author: Jordan Bolduan


Whether you are interested in:

- Losing weight using an easy-to-follow detox cleansing program

- Having lots of energy throughout the day

- Making tasty green smoothie diet recipes

This e-book is for you! In this e-book you will learn how to make great and tasty green smoothies that would keep you energetic throughout the day as well as make you feel great! Best of all, you can make these smoothies without any kind of "brain exercise" or spending a lot of time! In other words, even if you are a busy professional, you will be able to start making and eating yummy green smoothies in no time! This e-book includes 36 delicious, energy-producing green drink recipes, such as:

1. Fruity Green
2. New Green
3. Detox Smoothie
4. Green Sweets
5. Popeye's Drink
6. A New Shade of Green
7. Super Green
8. Savory Green
9. Dessert Drink
10. Drink to Balance
11. Baby Green
12. Sweet Greens
13. Spicy Green
14. Green Adventure
15. Green and Mean
16. Green Waters
17. Basket of Green
18. Simple Green Snack
19. Green Tree
20. Seed Green
21. Green Dreaming
22. Green Berry
23. Green Team
24. Tart Green
25. Celebration Green
26. Sweet Green Relief
27. Quick Greens
28. Got a Salty Tooth?
29. Spice Up Your Life
30. The Healthy Elixir
31. Gotta Drink It
32. Terrific Tang
33. Diet Drink
34. Ginger Snap
35. Beet-Tastic
36. Green Margaritas

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Below is a summary of the feedback we gathered from the product's ACTUAL customers:


* I would say that: do yourself a favor and buy this book because it is way cheaper than spending money on Smoothie King! Thanks to this book , not only I am able to make green smoothies twice a day, the smoothies taste much better than even the Smoothie King Detox Smoothies!

* I tried a three-day detox cleanse using the smoothie recipes in this book and lost 3 pounds of weight, which I think is just great, not to mention that the smoothies taste yummy! In addition, I did not have to spend a lot of money on making the smoothies either!

* The smoothies in this Green Smoothie Detox Diet will help balance and normalize your body's PH level. Several medical studies have found out that abnormal levels of PH/acidity in body could lead to illness and even death!

* I have been basically a meat eater so green smoothies never interested me. However, now that I have decided to go veggie, I picked up this book! This is an amazing book and I really liked the easy-to-make and tasty green smoothies of this book. Another advantage is that you will also learn exactly what kind of fruits help detox your body!

* I was very particular about eating only the healthiest foods possible as well as exercising a lot, and while I have been successful in losing weight for a while, I recently hit a plateau. Thanks to this book, I have lost 4-and-a-half pounds of weight in just 10 days, using its detox diet smoothies!

* Most of the diet programs out there ask you to cook your own meals; however, I don't have time for that! This book has been quite an eye-opener for me. For one, I learned about stuff such as smoothie diets and alkalizing diets - stuff that is new to me! For another, the smoothie recipes of this book are so simple that it takes only 5 minutes to make a smoothie! I not only feel better, my energy level seems to have skyrocketed as well! My favorite part is this:

Here's what you need:

- Organic veggies
- Organic fruties
- Blender/juicer
- Water

* Whether you are interested in weight loss or just keeping yourself healthy, detox dieting is one of the best ways to achieve both of those goals! I have not found a better smoothie recipe book than this one: the recipes in it are not only unique, they are also easy to make and taste great!

* This book offers you a great way to lose weight - using tasty smoothie recipes! What could be a better way to achieve weight loss? I have tried so many other diets but none of them worked for me; then I followed the detox diet of this book and was able to lose weight much more easily compared to the other diets!

* The recipes are extremely easy-to-follow and all of them taste great! I was able to lose 15 pounds by following the detox diet of this book!

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* I wonder if all the positive reviews I read about this book are over-hyped! To call this a diet book is simply an overstatement! This is NOT a diet book; all it gives you is a list of smoothie diet recipes. The recipes taste great, but there is no information on how to incorporate them into your diet, or whether certain recipes would work better than others in helping you lose weight fast!

* The list of smoothies is great, but there is no information on how to start a great detox diet! The book is so short that I finished reading it in less than 3 minutes! I wonder if all the positive reviews are fake; after all, I am the first person to rate this book below 5-star! I think, that for the content of this book, it deserves no more than 3-stars!

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I believe that the positive reviews which claim that you can lose weight successfully - and even as much as 3-15 pounds - just by fasting and following this detox diet - are all fake! After all, if you drink nothing but these green smoothies throughout the day, on one hand it is simply impossible not to feel hungry at all within the 24-hour period, which in turn raises the risk of binge-eating; on the other hand, the weight you lose this way is usually water weight, NOT fat!

What I would suggest is that: buy this book if you want to, but also follow a legit diet program/continue your existing diet (if it has been working good for you), and then incorporate these green smoothies within that diet; if in doubt, do not forget to ask a qualified nutritionist!

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