This book offers the best solution to gain permanent weight loss! If you want to get rid of fat as well as maintain that weight loss permanently, this book is for you!

The Permanent Weight Loss Solution Review

The Permanent Weight Loss Solution

Product name:The Permanent Weight Loss Solution

Product Author: Geoff Neupert


If you are unable to keep weight off permanently after following almost all the quick-fix diets and weight loss solutions recommended to you by top weight loss gurus, you are not alone! Fact is, those diets are not really made for long-term success, and another fact is that no "diet" can really help you lose weight forever! The answer to permanent weight loss lies within YOU, and this e-book will show you how! Click here for more information!

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* If you are someone who have tried to lose weight and given up, give this book a try! This book is like a secret treasure for those who are interested in weight loss, because it offers you a solid foundation to start your fat loss journey with!

* This book offers a refreshing outlook on permanent weight loss. According to the author, it is not just your thinking and mindset, but also religion, that plays a huge part in ensuring that you get rid of fat easily! I highly recommend it!

* When Geoff recommended this book to me, I still had 5-6 pounds of fat to lose in spite of eating only clean and healthy foods! I have to say that his program WORKS! The results I have gotten by following Geoff's advice are nothing less than outstanding! This book is worth its weight in gold!

* This book has given me a renewed hope about the possibility of permanent weight loss! While others write weight loss books merely to earn a living, Geoff gives you straightforward, no-holds-barred advice, and charges only one dollar for it! Read and then re-read this book! The only negative thing about this book is that it is not as detailed as I expected it to be! Anyway, you cannot get a better deal for just one buck! Get this manual and just DO IT!

* If you want to know about the no-nonsense formula to permanent weight loss, this is it! The author has combined his years of experience in strength training and fitness, with the tried-and-tested advice on nutrition and goal setting the NLP-way (Neuro-linguistic programming), to help you get rid of those obstinate pounds once and for all! Do yourself a favor and buy this book - it costs only one dollar; I would buy it even if it were fifty bucks!

* This book offers the best solution to gain permanent weight loss! If you want to get rid of fat as well as maintain that weight loss permanently, this book is for you!

* As with all the other books of Geoff, this one contains simple and straightforward advice on how to achieve permanent weight loss! Plus, he even has a website where he would personally answer any weight loss questions you might have!

* This book is right on money! Whether you want to lose weight permanently and keep it off for years to come, or just wish to shed a few pounds of fat, this book is for you!

* Buy this book and say goodbye to your love handles! Although this book costs just one buck, the advice contained within is worth at least 1 million, if not more! I was so amazed with the content that I devoured the whole book (not literally, of course) in just one sitting!

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* This book was a good read and gave me some motivation but overall, the advice herein is nothing new and basically same as any of those calorie-counting diets! Although the author covered the aspect of battling with food addiction well, I was not sold on his diet plan because I don't see how can I lose weight by fasting an entire day! Also, there are a lot of additional details missing in the book!

* This book is for those who believe in God with heart and soul; if you are an agnostic or atheist, you won't find much use out of this book!

* The advice given in this book is sound; however, I found a lot of spelling and grammatical mistakes which I take as a sign of unprofessionalism! You get what you pay for!

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I believe that some of the reviews are a bit cheesy and over-the-top! For example, saying that a $1 book would change your life is too far-fetched. That said, it does contain some very good information on weight loss and diet and if money is an issue for you then this is probably the best value you could get out of a buck! Don't forget that religion plays a big role in weight loss (if the author is to be believed), so if you are not "religious" enough, you might want to try out another book!

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Publisher: Integrated Fitness Solutions

Language: English

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