Oh boy, not again! Yet another crap from Ms. Jolan, backed by ostensibly fake reviews! I wonder when she would stop!

The Ultimate Diet Guide Review

The Ultimate Diet Guide - For Busy Women! No Starving, No Food Restrictions, No Gym Workouts Required!

Product name: The Ultimate Diet Guide - For Busy Women! No Starving, No Food Restrictions, No Gym Workouts Required!

Product Author: Jennifer Jolan


In this book, Jennifer Jolan - "America's #1 weight loss queen" - tells you how all the weight loss books that teach women how to lose weight fast are actually making them stay fat!

Here are some of the secrets inside this 'bestselling' weight loss book:

-A common food that stops ALL overweight women from losing more than a few pounds no matter what you do!
-A psychological "trick" that is almost guaranteed to permanently keep lost weight off.
-How a simple "twist" on the old low carb diet can speed up fat loss without losing muscle or energy.
-The #1 most effective way to burn body fat ever invented.
How to make sure you don't self-sabotage yourself when you start to lose weight.
-How to instantly boost your energy levels higher than you ever thought possible - without consuming coffee, soda, caffeine or other stimulants that are bad for your health.
-The world's 18 most fattening foods. (Are you eating any of these? If so, they are making you bloated, weak and unsexy!)
-What you can do with your teeth (starting today!) that burns up to 11 calories per hour.
-Four surprisingly delicious foods that are perfect for dissolving inches off your waistline.
-An "almost magic" (healthy!) sweetener that can help reduce your cravings for other (unhealthy!) sweets.
-The best snack to eat in the mid-afternoon for rapid weight loss!
-The best snack to eat at night for rapid weight loss!
-A secret food that slows down the absorption of bad, "stick to the hips" carbs that go right to your belly.
-Two common foods that (if eaten daily) almost guarantee you'll drop pounds fast!
-Why some diets for women actually cause birth defects. (If you are pregnant, or think you will try to get pregnant later, this is must-reading!)
-How to "flip" your fat deposits into pure energy.
-Why even women who don't eat very much are still overweight!
-Two supplements that destroy cravings for sweets!
-Dangerous medications that slow down weight loss to a screeching halt!
-The big reasons why it's harder for women to lose weight than men.
-Why eating less and exercising more can actually make you fat!
-A popular "health food" that can harm your immune system, lead to cancer, and cause your thyroid gland to stop working! (The scary thing is, many so-called diets that work fast for women teach you to eat this. Don't even touch it, it's pure poison!)
-Simple "diet accelerators" that speed the weight loss of ANY diet.
-Two unusual ways to NEUTRALIZE carbs from turning into body fat.
-The popular "vegetable" you should avoid if you are trying to lose weight.
-The 24-minute body sculptor technique that works so fast, you can sometimes see real results in an hour or less!
-How to burn fat while watching TV. (No joke! Doing this "activates" your fat deposits which will flood into your bloodstream and be eliminated.)
And much, much more!

There is also a free bonus that you get with it:

"How to Lose Weight Spinning in a Circle Like Kids"

And the good news is - this book is just as short and simple to follow as the original book!


Below is a summary of the feedback we gathered from the product's ACTUAL customers:


* I have been following the tips of this book and I am getting great weight loss results - FAST!

* This book contains plenty of innovative tips and information I have not found in other weight loss books, and on top of that, it is cheap too! I had hit a weight loss plateau but thanks to this book, I am back to losing fat again!

* I have just got off reading this book and I am quite impressed with it. With so many other books, the information I read makes no sense to me. The tips in this book, on the other hand, are extremely easy-to-follow!

* This is a very concise book with unique tips on weight loss. It contains a lot of tips that you have not probably read elsewhere!

* This is a very concise book with tips that are to-the-point. I am yet to try out the tips but I am already so impressed with the book that I would give it 5-stars!

* I have been on a lot of well-known diets: NutriSystem, Weight Watchers , Jenny Craig, you name it! But none of these diets hold a candle to this diet book!

* This book contains diet and exercise tips that are more useful and practical than you get from all the best-selling diet books out there. I am really happy with my purchase!

* This book is written in a bullet-point style so that it is easy to get the information you need from the book. Jennifer certainly knows her stuff: it seems that she has done a lot of hard work and research before writing this manual! Highly recommended!


* The diet tips contained in this book are either too common or gross! All in all, it is at least good enough to help you get started on your weight loss journey!

* The tips in this book are interesting but I wonder why I could not download the bonus book! Is the claim about bonus a fake one?

* I wonder if this book is a scam, and if Jennifer is even a real person. I mean, isn't she the one who wrote an entire book on how to lose weight by jumping around in circles? The only picture I ever get to see is one and the same: the Amazon picture. The information in this book is ridiculous, though mixed with some common sense!


Oh boy, not again! Yet another crap from Ms. Jolan, backed by ostensibly fake reviews! I wonder when she would stop!

It is just a basic weight loss book for the novices - not much different from her other four books I have reviewed so far; you can say - regurgitated/rewritten information! So, in essence, you can buy any one of her books and get most of the info she shares in her other books. One thing you'd notice is that a lot of the 5-star reviews that claimed that this book offered them the results they wanted, failed to share those results in their views (in spite of other commentators asking for the same)? Fake reviews by shill? I think so. You decide!

What? Still lingering here? Do I really need to tell you to go, get a life if you were thinking about wasting your money on this sh*t!!

I do disagree with one of the reviewers who commented that this book is a scam. It is definitely not a scam. You do get a "weight loss book" after you paid those 3 bucks; if it were scam you would either get nothing or get something very different. But I do believe that this book does not offer very helpful information. That is of course, just my opinion. Who knows, you may/not find this information helpful!

About the Author:

I'm just a down-to-earth Midwestern girl who found her passion in life... to help people lose weight and get healthy without starving themselves or making weight loss and improving your health feel like a boring and painful chore.

I love to travel, go to the beach, and watch football (go Chicago Bears). One goal in my life is to travel to each of our 50 beautiful states. I like to be outdoors as much as possible... kayaking, rollerblading, laying out at the beach or pool, hiking, waverunner, walking, and playing with my 2 sons.

I try to avoid watching TV, besides TCM and HGTV... however I do have this strange fascination with watching old movies from the 1940's, 50's, and 60's.

Not sure why, but I think it's because Americans were more connected with each other back then. I like that. I don't like how we all just get in our cars and go our separate ways these days.

I love seeing big changes in the lives of my clients... the things that go beyond weight loss. Losing weight can create a total life transformation... a new more exciting lifestyle, a contentedness with who you are, a more connected personality to your friends, family, and co-workers.

A lot of times, weight loss is the missing piece in a person's life. That's how I look at it. I don't just look at it as someone losing weight and that's it. It's much more than that when done correctly.

I don't like how current diet and exercise books are presented these days. It seems authors make an effort to make the simple, complicated.

What I do is I make the complicated, simple... and not only that, I show you how to lose weight and improve yourself without it feeling like torture.

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