On top of that, Getright is rather outdated. The web changes constantly, so you would want your download managers to keep themselves up-to-date with the changing environment! In short, I DO NOT recommend Getright!

GetRight Download Manager Review

GetRight Download Manager

Product name: GetRight Download Manager


GetRight download manager has been the leader of internet download managers since 1997, during which time, it has been used by billions of satisfied users! GetRight can resume a broken download from where it was left off, so that you no longer need to worry about downloads getting interrupted in case your internet connection fails!

Also, if you enjoy a fast internet speed, you will be able to take advantage of GetRight's Download Acceleration, Automatic Downloading, and Server Synchronization tools! GetRight works even for those who are on dial-up or wireless connection!


* GetRight can download not only from web and ftp servers, but also BitTorrentâ„¢ downloads.

* It integrates with your web browser, so using GetRight is as easy as clicking. You don't have to do anything special for it to do your downloads. Works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape, AOL, and MSN.

* Huge files are no problem--download DVD-sized files (many Gigabytes).

* Build a big list of everything to download, and set the order for downloading to just what you want so the important files come first.

* Set it to turn off the computer when it is done getting the files so you can just leave it alone to do the work.

* GetRight's History will let you easily find files you've downloaded.

* You can schedule a time when GetRight should start downloading to get your files...so it can do all the work in the middle of the night while you sleep.

* GetRight includes several ways to scan a website to quickly grab batches of files.

* If you listen to Podcasts, GetRight can automatically download them for you, even adding the files into a playlist in iTunes or Windows Media Player.

* If you need to get the same files every day (like web log files) GetRight's Daily Downloads let you schedule files to be downloaded every day.

* Its options let you make GetRight work just how you want. Make categories to organize your downloads, or just put them all in one spot. Tweak how it operates for many features, or just download without changing a thing. The choices are all yours.


Windows Me/Windows 98/Windows 95/Windows 2000/Windows Vista/Windows XP/Windows NT


Below is a summary of the feedback we gathered from the product's ACTUAL customers:


* This is the most stable download manager I know of! I have been using it since ages! It is easy to use, lets you limit/increase download speed at will, as well as offers you the GetRight browser to download stuff from websites!

* It is simply the BEST download manager out there! I am on a dial-up connection but GetRight makes me feel as if I am on DSL! I have been using it for two years and am very happy with the performance! Firefox users are suggested to install the free Flashgot add-on along with it!

* GetRight download manager is way faster than others! It lets you take complete control of your downloads. It also offers you several parallel mirror servers to help increase your download speed even more!

* GetRight download manager is a must-have software for anyone who downloads stuff constantly from the internet. Even the trial version is awesome, and unlike other companies, they don't inject your computer with spyware in order to force you to upgrade! This is definitely the best download manager out there!

* In spite of the availability of several download managers, GetRight continues to be the best! Not only it is extremely easy to use, it is also able to handle multiple file downloads with ease! You can even tell it to shut-down your computer after all the downloads are finished!

* I have tried a lot of download managers out there and this has to be the BEST one! Don't let the simplistic interface fool you! So far as I am concerned, it has never failed a single download!

* This is the best download managers out there. If you are a Firefox user, replace the pathetic Firefox downloader with the combo of Getright and Flashgot!

* It is an excellent download manager. I have noticed that the download speed has improved a bit since the older versions. It is not without its flaws; for example, it crashes, but that happens very rarely!

* This is a good, helpful program! The speed of download is 200 kbps on an average, but even at that it is better than the others!


* It is a good download manager that is built mainly for internet explorer users! However, if you are on a slow-speed, dialup connection, this is not one of the best downloaders out there; for that matter, all the download managers I have tried so far on a dialup connection download files at the same slow speed, in spite of using the several parallel mirrors! If you are on a DSL then go for it!

* I wished the browser integration were a bit better, but thankfully, there are add-ons to take care of that. Also, the software has too many configuration options that can confuse newbies!

* It does not work at all unless you purchase and register the full version. Heck, it won't even let me configure anything unless I purchase! In short, it is not what it promises to be!

* It does what every other download manager out there does; hence, there is nothing special about it! On top of that, its clumsy user-interface sucks! Overall, it is so annoying that it made me switch to another download manager!

* Although it integrates with internet explorer, sometimes it fails to recognize some of the downloads even in IE! As far as Firefox is concerned, it is just a better option than the default Firefox downloader!

* The software is almost free but with limitations. For example, there is the annoying nag screen that asks you to buy the full version; also, you get fewer proxy mirrors with the trial version.

* The new version of GetRight is very complicated. It still helps me download stuff from the internet without troubles, but I liked the older version more because it was much simpler!

* Right-clicking on a link does not work, neither does the "Download with Getright" option. Seems to be a very outdated software!

* It claims to work with several browsers but does not work with Opera, so it is useless to me!

* With Getright, it gets worse with each new version. I wonder how that is possible! The new version misbehaved with my PC to such an extent that I reverted to an older version of Getright!

* It won't download anything for me! The interface is way too complicated and not newbie-friendly at all! You are limited to downloading only 4 files simultaneously unless you are lucky enough to find mirrors (which is rather rare)! I won't recommend it!


Tell you what, save your trouble/money and get both the Free Download Manager (along with the Flashgot add-on, if you are a Firefox/Seamonkey user) and JDownloader. This should cover all of your downloading needs! Why compromise with the limitations of the trial version of GetRight when you can get much more speed, efficiency and options WITHOUT any limitations - all for FREE!

On top of that, Getright is rather outdated. The web changes constantly, so you would want your download managers to keep themselves up-to-date with the changing environment!

As for the customer service, I asked them a pre-sales question and it took them 12 days to answer it. Would that motivate anyone to even use (much less buy) their stuff? I don't think so!

In short, I DO NOT recommend Getright!


Download File Size: 3.18MB


None Available


About GetRight:

Michael is the creator and programmer of GetRight. He originally had the idea for GetRight way back in 1997, after a game demo download failed several times.

"If only all these pieces could be put together, I'd have the whole file and wouldn't be starting from scratch--again!"

He immediatly started programming and has been improving GetRight continually since then...and never did finish that game demo download.

There were 24 sharks in the aquarium pool with Michael during this dive!


Snail mail:

Headlight Software, Inc.
PO Box 30473
Spokane, WA 99223 (USA)

Phone: 206-985-4431

Best Time to Call: None Available




help [at] getright [dot] com
help3 [at] getright [dot] com
mjburford [at] gmail [dot] com

Website: http://www.getright.com/support.html


Terms of Service: http://www.getright.com/legal.html

Privacy Policy: http://www.getright.com/privacy.html

Refund Policy: No risk 90 day money back guarantee.


Most of the above information regarding this product has been collected by us through various sources (apart from the information offered on company's website), such as:

Source #1-GetRight | Screenshot

Source #2-GetRight 5.2d - Download.com | Screenshot 1 | Screenshot 2 | Screenshot 3

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