In past, it was impossible for me to lose even 1-2 pounds of fat per week on a steady basis, but thanks to Fat Loss Bible, I managed to lose 80lbs!

The Fat Loss Bible Review

The Fat Loss Bible

Product name: The Fat Loss Bible

Product Author: Anthony Colpo


Well-known fitness trainer, athlete and author Anthony Colpo shares his razor-sharp weight loss secrets with you. From what to do for fat loss, to what not to do, this manual covers almost everything you need to know. You will learn:

* How most diet 'experts' tell you NOT to do the one thing that guarantees weight loss success!
* Exactly how much protein, fat and carbohydrate you should eat.
* The real cause of the dreaded weight loss plateau and how to blast through it like it's not even there!
* How to eliminate diet-destroying hunger pains and cravings.
* Why eating frequent small meals does NOT speed up weight loss!
* The truth about low-carb diets, ketosis, vegetarianism, intermittent fasting, food combining, and more!
* How to smash through all those psychological and social obstacles that derail even the most determined dieters!

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Below is a summary of the feedback we gathered from the product's ACTUAL customers:


* In past, it was impossible for me to lose even 1-2 pounds of fat per week on a steady basis, but thanks to Fat Loss Bible, I managed to lose 80lbs!

* This is a comprehensive guide on fat loss, written by a guy who walks the talk!

* The nutrition industry is full of misinformation, but Anthony Colpo is one of the few free thinkers whose writing is creative, rigorous, well-researched and scientifically accurate!

* This is probably the only fat loss manual that is based on scientifically-proven fat loss formula! If you want to lose fat, this book is a must-have for you!

* If you are confused with all the misinformation about weight loss and diet, read this book. Anthony practices what he preaches - he has the abs to prove it!

* Anthony knows his stuff well. I have known this guy for 20 years and admire his dedication toward cutting through all the B.S. in order to seek out the truth. This book should be on everyone's shelf, as you would need to keep referring to it time and again!

* If you want information on weight loss that is backed by solid experience and science, then get this no-nonsense fat loss guide. From what to eat to what not to eat to calorie ratios, this book has all the information you would need!

* I cannot recommend this book enough! I believe this is the only weight loss book you will ever need!

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* It is no doubt an awesome reference book for a lot of people, but I think that the actual weight loss strategies discussed in this manual (that is, how many calories were burned during your interval training, how much fat is contained in that steak, etc.) should be set aside until you have taken care of the more important issues in your life, such as stress, nutritional deficiencies, sleep, toxins, quality of food, and so on!

* I have two issues with this book! Firstly, it is extremely vague at giving specifics; Colpo gives you the fact and formula about weight loss, but when it comes to offering sample meal plans, he offers only two: one basic and another for professional athletes; I wish he had offered more sample meal plans. My other issue is that it is very heavy on references, making it more useful to the professional athletes than the amateurs!

* This book is not for those who are vegans. According to the author, excluding meat from your diet is "foolish"!

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Well, after reading the reviews, I think you have got an idea about whether this book is for you or not. It is a given that it is a book that is more geared towards the professional athletes who have got money to hire high-end fitness trainers and nutritionists, rather than the layman out there who has to do it all by himself! It is more like a 'medical dictionary' for fat loss rather than a 'how-to' weight loss book. You may still find it useful, and I would in fact suggest keeping a copy on your shelf because you would be using it time and again for reference purposes, especially to understand all the jargon about diet and fat loss that you may not know already! Note that this book promotes non-vegan diets, so if you are a vegan then it may not be for you!

Good luck!

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About the Author:

I was born in Adelaide, Australia in…wait, we probably don’t need to go back that far. Um, how about we fast forward to my 21st year on this planet, when a doctor ordered some blood work and subsequently told me my cholesterol was “moderately high”, and that I needed to bring it down because this allegedly increased my risk of heart disease. Oh boy, did he start something LOL

I started reading everything I could get my hands on about diet, cholesterol and heart disease and of course, it all said the same thing:


Now before I tell you what happened as a result of my newfound quest to battle the non-disease of ‘hypercholesterolemia’, keep in mind that at 21 years of age I was a typically healthy young man with no known organic or cardiovascular health issues. I’d decided to leave the binge drinking to my nightclubbing mates, had never smoked, and had never used any type of illicit recreational drug (and still haven’t, but thanks for asking). Nevertheless, I began cutting out all the fat and banished all refined grains from my diet, and started subsisting on a diet of extremely lean meats, namely chicken breast, tuna, and kangaroo meat (yes, we eat kangaroos in Australia, get over it) and various types of whole grains (primarily wheat, rye and brown rice).

Folks, it sucked. The only fat I ate was from the measly amounts naturally occurring in the chicken, fish and roo I was eating. And labouring through all those whole-grains without any kind of added fat to at least make them partially palatable? Like I said, it sucked like an Electrolux.

But following a boring-ass Spartan diet wouldn’t have been so bad if it at least endowed all the wonderful health benefits that were claimed for it. Well, I experienced health changes alright. And they were all bad. And I mean BAD as in “awful/undesirable/negative”, not BAD as in “Yo, he BAD!”

After a few years of this awesomely ‘healthy’ diet, my blood pressure rose. It had started out at 110/65 – a reading typical of highly trained athletes – but risen to 130/90. Ironically, in my mid-20s I was doing a lot more exercise than what I’d been doing at 21.

And then there was my blood sugar, which started bouncing around like a Wallaby on speed. One minute I was full of beans, the next I felt like someone had slipped a Valium into my steam-distilled drinking water.

Oh, and did I mention the stomach distension after meals, the dry skin, the gas, the mineral deficiencies, the leaky gut symptoms, and an ever-expanding list of food sensitivities? Yeah, it was a fun time in my life.

The most ironic thing about all of this is that I actually felt a whole lot better when I was 21 and didn’t fuss about what I ate. When you’re trying hard to eat and live healthy, and instead see your health worsening before your eyes, you start to get a little pissed off.

Then in 1996, my father died from a second, and massive, heart attack. He was only 55. That’s pretty bloody young to be dying of a heart attack. He wasn’t overweight, didn’t smoke, and was a moderate drinker. And he didn’t have high cholesterol.

What he did have was a poor ability to cope with stress, borderline blood sugar control (just shy of the official threshold for classification as diabetic), and high blood pressure. And while I no longer had a moderately high cholesterol either, I was indeed experiencing worsening blood sugar control and rising blood pressure. Sorry folks, but this is one guy who did not want to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Everyone can look back and identify at least a few moments where, for better or worse, their life changed irrevocably. A few rusty cogs in my brain started squeaking, grinding, and crying out for a few shots of WD40. I gave it to them, in the form of increased scepticism, a greatly decreased tolerance for bullshit, and an eventual promise to question everything I was told and verify information for myself before accepting it as fact.

As a result of my rapidly developing distrust towards so-called ‘expert’ health advice, I started eating more fat, starting tentatively with poncey plant-based stuff like flax oil. Then, noticing that I didn’t feel any worse and in fact felt a bit better, I started hitting the hard stuff. Yep, saturated fat.

Oh, it was g-o-o-o-d. You know how a guy feels after getting out of prison? Well, that’s how I felt after downing my first lamb chop in several years. Fresh, grass-fed, lovingly roasted, mouth-watering Australian lamb, the same glorious stuff that made Sam Kekovich into an Aussie icon, bless his irreverent soul.

And, contrary to the anti-saturate hysteria masquerading as health advice, I continued to feel better.


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